Mom to triplets Jax, Stella and Beck

Dallas, Texas

May 2, 2015

When we found out we were having multiples, we were immediately placed at high risk. We picked an MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) Doctor and hoped and prayed we would make it to full term with healthy babies. The statistics we against us. They weren’t pretty to look at, so I chose to ignore them.

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Mom to McGown Triplets & Orion Michael McGown

March 2012 & November 10, 2012

Green Bay, Wisconsin

I met my husband in the fall of 2008. We were married in December of 2010 and started trying to have our family immediately. After 7 or 8 months of trying the “old fashioned” way without success, we visited a fertility clinic. We both went through the typical testing, and they could not find anything wrong. Since I was 36 at that time and considered advanced maternal age, we knew we wanted to take an aggressive approach. Our doctor felt IUI would be a good solution for us and they suspected that we weren’t getting pregnant on our own because of a LEEP procedure I had in early 2007.

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Mom to Allison, James, and Colin

December 31, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA

After one year of trying to conceive on our own, my husband and I turned to a Reproductive Endocrinologist.  We quickly learned that I had PCOS and started medications right away. Four months later after our first round of injectable hormones, we learned we were expecting triplets!  We were overjoyed to be pregnant, but concerned about the potential complications. The next four months were beautiful.  We were able to see our babies at 9 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks and 19 weeks during routine high-risk visits. They were growing great, placentas looked awesome, and we learned they were all fraternal, so we didn’t have to worry about twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I grew quickly and loved every moment.  I was anxiously awaiting the day when I would feel the first kicks, instead of just little flutters.

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Mom to triplets

Evie, born and died December 14, 2009,

Jack, stillborn December 22, 2009,


Will, born January 1, 2010 and died January 14, 2010

Currently Tampa, Florida (military family)

Time to Tell Their Story (written February 3, 2012)

I have never written about the details of losing Evie, Jack, & Will. It’s been over two years now since we lost the pregnancy and tonight is the first night that I’ve actually felt like I could write about how they were born.  I don’t know how this is going to go, but I feel ready to give it a try.  I am going to ask for patience, please, as I search for the words to tell this story.

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Mom to Andrew Noah, Benjamin Levi, and Caleb Thomas

Born and died December 30, 2009

Bakersfield, California

We had fought for so long for those babies. Years of infertility. IVF worked almost too well. I ended up with triplets! I was so sick even from the beginning. From ten weeks on I had the worst morning sickness. Nothing stayed down very well.

On December 23rd, 2009, when I was about 16 weeks pregnant, I went on home IV hydration since I had been puking up everything in sight. That night, I managed to clot up my IV and had to go in the next day to get a new one placed. The next morning my head was killing me with a hideous headache that wouldn’t respond to anything. [Read more…]



Mom to Ben Harrington Butler: November 6, 2007


Brady Winston Butler: November 6, 2007–March 29, 2008

Nashville, Tennessee

I was told from the time I was a teenager with irregular periods that I may need some help getting pregnant in the future.  I got married when I was 25 and from the first day of our marriage we never did anything to prevent pregnancy as I knew it might take a while.  After a couple of years and several unsuccessful rounds of Clomid, I was sent to a fertility doctor to take more drastic steps. I was diagnosed with PCOS and needed fertility meds to help me ovulate. The first fertility doctor I went to told me that I needed to do invitro fertilization. We did and I did not get pregnant and ended up in the hospital for hyperstimulation.  It was a horrible experience and the doctor was just awful to me. I finally went to another fertility doctor when I was 28 and he told me that he thought IUI and fertility injections would work just fine for me. So we tried IUI with the lowest dose of the meds available and I got pregnant on the first try. However, once I finally got pregnant —-I got really pregnant! My first ultrasound revealed that I was pregnant with triplets. We were so happy, excited, and scared all at the same time. I was sent to a high risk pregnancy doctor and our journey began. [Read more…]



Mother to two angels

Miscarried April 26th, 2010

and July 26th, 2010

and triplets Cadyn, Adalyn, and Mikayla

Born and lost January 7th, 2011

Burlington, Iowa

My husband and I were high school sweethearts who got married in June 2007 after five years of dating. In 2009, we made the decision to try to start a family. I knew that there may be some difficulties because I had extremely irregular menstrual cycles. I decided to set up a pre-conception visit with an OB-GYN so that I could find out what steps to take to ensure a healthy pregnancy. At the visit, we discussed my concerns about my cycles and I immediately received a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist.

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Mom to Angel Garcia
Born and Passed on April 30th, 2010

On October 28th 2009 I took a home pregnancy test because I was a couple days late and knew pregnancy was highly possible.  I had my Mirena removed in July as Tim and I decided we would like to have another baby.  In November I had my first prenatal appointment and Tim and I were SHOCKED when the ultra-sound technician told us there were three heartbeats.  This was supposed to be number four, now we were learning it would be number five and six as well!

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Mom to Boe
April 22nd, 2010
Huntington Beach, California
229 days.  That is how long I carried my precious baby boys.  My husband and I found out 14 weeks into our 2nd pregnancy that I was carrying spontaneous triplet boys.  It was a set of identical twins and a singleton.  A,B and C; then, once we found out all 3 were boys, Adler, Boe and Cameron.  My pregnancy was a pretty easy one, all things considered.  I had weekly doctor’s visits and always got good reports.  Boe was always a bit smaller, but the doctor said he was still within normal range, and it is to be expected that there will be a smaller one in a multiple pregnancy.

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Mom to
Avery Mae,
Trinity Noel
Langston Todd
Born Still on November 7, 2010
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Mom to Triplets
David, born still on April 12, 2008
Lucas, April 12, 2008 to May 9, 2008
Chilhowie, Virginia

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Mom to Charlie Douglas
Born Still on September 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm
Akron, Ohio

Our story began almost 16 years ago. I met my husband when I was 16. He and I remained friends while we went off to college in different states and through several boyfriends/girlfriends. We decided to start dating at the tender age of 22.

We couldn’t stand to be apart, so I moved to be with him 615 miles away from any family and all of my friends. We were married in September of 2003. We decided in November of 2007 to try and have a family.

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Mom to Grace Ann, Stillborn August 27th, 2008
and Olivia Thay, August 28th, 2008 – October 4th, 2008
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
After struggling for three years to have a baby, my husband and I turned to in-vitro fertilization (IVF).  It was our only chance at this and since I was told my egg quality wasn’t really that good, my fertility doctor transferred three eggs and gave me a 60% chance of having one baby. Two weeks later I had my blood test. I was pregnant. With very high HCG levels. Possibly more than one baby. Two weeks later was the ultrasound. Triplets. We were shocked but really excited. I always wanted multiples. 
My pregnancy went great. I felt wonderful. I was getting big. I was so happy. At 22 weeks we had our “big” ultrasound. This is the ultrasound we were most looking forward to. We would find out the sexes of our babies. This is the ultrasound that changed our lives.

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Mother of Penelope Grace, Griffin James, and Rosalie May
Born November 17th, 2009
Somerville, MA
My husband, Brendan and I met when we were in high school.  We dated through college and got married in October of 2006.  The following December we decided it was time to expand our family of 2.  After a year of trying on our own, we turned to fertility treatments.  We were prepared for this because I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 23.  After a few cycles, we hit the jackpot!  There were 4 sacs, but only 3 had heartbeats.  We were pregnant with triplets!

Naturally, we were nervous about raising three babies.  However, we knew could do it.  We made some sacrifices when we found out.  We moved back to our hometown to be closer to family because we were living an hour away.  We also found a new home for our dog, a great dane named Lucy.  She was a great dog and we loved her, but we were anticipating THREE babies and we didn’t want her to be neglected.

At my 17 week ultrasound, my high risk doctor noticed that my cervix was getting dangerously small.  After an emergency cerclage, I was put on home bed rest.  At follow up appointments however, my cervix continued to shorten.  We all remained optimistic.  I told my family not to cancel the baby shower even though I couldn’t go because that would be like giving up, and we weren’t giving up.  I stayed in the hospital for 5 days on bed rest when my cervix was only millimeters long.  After 5 days of no contractions, I was sent home for bed rest with the hopes of coming back to the hospital when I hit 23 weeks.  I didn’t make it that far.

After just hours of being home in bed, my water broke.  I called my husband who was out filling a prescription for me, he rushed home and drove me to the hospital.  We knew nothing could be done.  The doctor told us over and over, if you go into labor before 23 weeks, we can’t do anything for the babies.  We heard it, but we didn’t process it until we were in that moment.  I was only 20 weeks and 5 days.  We were losing our babies.

After hours of crying and thousands of questions, the inevitable was upon us. 
On November 17, 2009 we delivered our three, precious, beautiful babies.  Penelope Grace, Griffin James and Rosalie May.

They were perfect.  They were our babies.  They made our family of two into a family of five.  Even now, almost exactly a year later, I am overwhelmed with love for them.  

I still don’t know how I made it through that day and the days that followed.  Brendan and I are so lucky to have an amazing support system of family, friends and co-workers.  We know that our angel babies, Penny, Griff and Rosie are so loved.  

We have cried a thousand tears, and I know we will cry some more.  It constantly amazes me how these three precious babies have changed my husband’s life and my life.  They have filled us with enough love to last a lifetime.

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Mom to Triplets
Miscarried triplet #1 at 12 weeks in January 2010
Avery, born still on March 23, 2010 at 23 weeks
Alexander, March 24, 2010 – March 24, 2010 at 23 weeks
Derry, New Hampshire

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Mom to Triplets
Tristan, July 25th, 2007, lived for two minutes
Izabella, August 3rd, 2007
Tyler, August 3rd, 2007
Savage, MN

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