Mom to Avie Lee

August 19, 2017

Bristol, Tennessee

My husband Alex and I have been married for over 3 years. We found out in December 2016 that we were expecting our first child. I have three generations of miscarriage on my side of the family, so needless to say during the entire first trimester, we were on our toes. It went perfect, and we found out that we were expecting a little girl to be named Avie Lee Elizabeth.

Our entire pregnancy went perfect, we never had any issues whatsoever. My husband is 6’5″ and the doctors told us that we were going to have a big girl. At our 32 week checkup Avie Lee was measuring in the 97th percentile so they wanted to keep a close eye on her growth for the rest of the pregnancy. They had us come back 4 weeks later for a repeat ultrasound on August 16th 2017 to recheck her growth; they were planning on an early induction if she was still measuring that big. On that day she was phenomenal, curling her toes, and rolling her tongue. Alex and I were thrilled because we knew in a month or less we would have our daughter in our arms. Little did we know that day was the last day we would see our daughter alive.

I woke up on Friday morning, August 18th and was getting ready for work as planned, and I wasn’t feeling any movements from the baby. I shook my belly and did everything to try to get some movement from her. I called my doctor immediately and went in first thing that morning. I remember the ultrasound tech snapping 3 pictures and told me they were going to get the nurse practitioner. My husband and I burst into tears. We knew that something was very wrong. She came in and said Avie Lee was gone. I was 37 weeks pregnant when she passed away.

I was sent over to the hospital to be induced immediately. After over 12 hours of labor on August 19, 2017 at 2:57 a.m., Avie Lee Elizabeth was born weighing 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20.5 inches long. She was absolutely perfect in every way possible. She had the most perfect heart shaped lips, auburn hair, and huge feet like her daddy. We spent as much time with her as we could but sadly her little body deteriorated very quickly. She is buried about 5 minutes from our home so we go visit her often. We still to this day have no answers as to what happened to our little girl; there was no explanation. I still don’t understand how I could have had the most perfect pregnancy and still lose my baby girl 3 weeks before she was supposed to be born. She is our world and we love her more than she could ever imagine. We know she is in heaven and we never have to worry about if she is safe. Somehow, I guess the Lord needed her more than we did. [Read more…]



Mom to Ember Dalca

October 12, 2015

Rocky Top, Tennessee

My story begins in another state, actually. My ex-fiance and I lived in Land O Lakes, Florida, for the past almost 3 years. He and I had our ups and our downs just like every couple, but it came time for us to move. It was near August when we moved. The place we were living then was unfit for any human being, let alone two or three. At the time, he and I were very much in love, and just trying to make ends meet and make our lives as people better. We both moved to Tennessee, hoping for both of us to find jobs quickly, find a place to live, and get on with our lives and be better people and truly be part of the ‘adult’ world that we felt we had not yet joined, despite being 22 and 24 respectively.

At the time, I had absolutely no idea I was pregnant at all. I didn’t know that in August, I was already two months along. I didn’t have any real ‘classic’ signs or symptoms of being pregnant, I even got what I thought was my period each month. But as it turns out, I was not aware that our baby was still there. I was nauseous sometimes, and sometimes my back hurt, and every now and then I felt something strange in my stomach, but I kept ignoring it, thinking it was just all in my imagination. But, it wasn’t. And from here on out, I would like to dedicate the rest of this story as if I were talking to our unborn daughter.  [Read more…]



Mom to Rebecca Anne

September 4, 2015 – September 5, 2015

Millington, TN

My first pregnancy was textbook, perfect.  No morning sickness, no surprises.  I actually delivered a beautiful, healthy daughter on my due date.

When I got pregnant again, I expected more of the same.  I was so excited I began telling everyone as soon as I found out.  A few weeks later, I had a persistent lower backache one day at work.  I didn’t think much of it, but when I got home, I discovered that I was spotting.  I panicked and called my doctors office, but it was after hours so I wasn’t able to speak to anyone til the next day.  I spent that night completely terrified, researching miscarriage online.  No one I knew had had a miscarriage, or so I thought.  I went to the doctor the next day, still hoping everything was ok.  They performed an ultrasound and my worst fears were confirmed. [Read more…]


Mom to Raven, aka “Baby Bird”

April 1, 2014

Kingsport, Tennessee

My story is short, but certainly not very sweet. On March 9th of 2014,my boyfriend and I found out that we were pregnant with our first child. As the days went by, our happiness grew and grew. We were so excited to see our baby. On March 11, 2014, we went to the health department to get it confirmed. Sure enough, we were pregnant. As soon as I found out, my emotions went crazy. I was scared, nervous, excited, and worried; worried about how I was going to tell everybody. Soon the fears went away, and I got up the strength to tell everyone; all except for my boyfriend’s family. To this day they still do not know.

[Read more…]


Mom to “My Little Potato”

Went to be with God on October 14, 2012

Gray, Tennesse

On Wednesday, October 3rd my dream came true when I found out I was pregnant. I only got to enjoy my little potato for a week. The OB doctor told me something was wrong. He couldn’t find the baby, and the sharp pains I was feeling in my stomach were not looking good. The phone call I got a couple hours later broke my heart. [Read more…]


Mom to Kaiden Gray, stillborn November 10, 2005

Miscarriage December 2008 at 4 weeks


“Burger baby,” Madilynn, miscarried August 2010 at 6 weeks

Cleveland, Tennessee


My story begins in 2005 at the ripe young age of sixteen. I met a boy who I thought I was going to be with forever. I found out I was pregnant with my son May 10, 2005 and my life as I knew it was about to turn every way but right. His father left me when I was just three months pregnant for another girl…so it was just me and my family. [Read more…]


Mom to Gunner Cruz

Born still April 19, 2012 at 27 weeks

Morrison, Tennessee

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks on November 10, 2011. It was the most exciting day! I took 3 pregnancy tests just make sure I wasn’t imagining it. I surprised my husband when he got home by leaving the pregnancy tests on the bathroom counter. We were both so excited and already making plans for our future with this new chapter of our lives. We told our families we were expecting on Thanksgiving Day, 2 weeks later. I’ll never forget the feeling of telling everyone else, pure joy! [Read more…]


Mom to Gentry Ann, born and died February 25, 2012
Savannah Elizabeth, born and died February 26, 2012

Memphis, Tennessee

I found out I was pregnant on November 9, 2011, after our first attempt at IVF. We found out we were expecting twins on November 28. After almost two years of trying to get pregnant, we were so excited to be expecting two babies. At the first ultrasound it was found that I had a subchorionic hematoma (SCH) next to Baby A, but it was small enough to not be much of a concern. The day after I was released from my fertility doctor, I was in the ER for heavy bleeding. But, an ultrasound showed both babies were doing great. The bleeding was from my SCH. We ended up at the ER again a month later for more bleeding, but again both babies were fine. At that time I was ordered to bed rest for three weeks. After about 3.5 weeks the bleeding quit, for the first time my entire pregnancy (at almost 17 weeks pregnant). [Read more…]


Mom to Ben Harrington Butler: November 6, 2007


Brady Winston Butler: November 6, 2007–March 29, 2008

Nashville, Tennessee

I was told from the time I was a teenager with irregular periods that I may need some help getting pregnant in the future.  I got married when I was 25 and from the first day of our marriage we never did anything to prevent pregnancy as I knew it might take a while.  After a couple of years and several unsuccessful rounds of Clomid, I was sent to a fertility doctor to take more drastic steps. I was diagnosed with PCOS and needed fertility meds to help me ovulate. The first fertility doctor I went to told me that I needed to do invitro fertilization. We did and I did not get pregnant and ended up in the hospital for hyperstimulation.  It was a horrible experience and the doctor was just awful to me. I finally went to another fertility doctor when I was 28 and he told me that he thought IUI and fertility injections would work just fine for me. So we tried IUI with the lowest dose of the meds available and I got pregnant on the first try. However, once I finally got pregnant —-I got really pregnant! My first ultrasound revealed that I was pregnant with triplets. We were so happy, excited, and scared all at the same time. I was sent to a high risk pregnancy doctor and our journey began. [Read more…]


Mom to Faith Elizabeth

Born sleeping on September 28, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee

On Tuesday, September 27, at 1:30pm, my husband and I went in for our “big ultrasound,” also known as the anatomy scan, where all of the baby’s organs and growth/development are checked, and where we would find out if baby was aboy or a girl. I was 2o weeks 6 days pregnant. The tech began the scan, took a few measurements and pictures, and then said she “needed to get one more thing” and would be right back. I knew immediately that something was wrong. I sat up and looked at her screen and saw a blank spot under heart rate. It felt like she was gone forever and my husband tried to keep me calm, but then the nurse walked in and said, “The doctor will see you today.” Everything for the next few minutes is a bit of a blur, but I remember saying, “No, no,” my husband holding me, and the doctor coming in to tell me how sorry she was and explaining how we would proceed. I knew that I was too far along for a D&C and that I would actually have to deliver my baby. The doctor gave us the option of going home for a bit and then coming back to labor and delivery when we were ready, but that seemed pointless to me. I decided we needed to go to L&D now and get the process going, as horrible as it would be. [Read more…]


Mom to Lauren

Lost at 37 weeks Gestation on October 3rd, 2011

Stillborn on October 5th, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee

This is the story of how my husband Ken and I lost our first child, our baby girl. Lauren died before she ever had the chance to be born, and we went from being expectant parents to being bereaved parents without ever having had the chance to meet our daughter face to face. I share our story in the hope that others who have suffered a perinatal death may find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone in their grief. I also hope to pass on the greatest lesson that Lauren taught us: take nothing for granted, for the future you imagine is never guaranteed. [Read more…]



Mom to Michael James, miscarried March 20th, 2011

and Cale Rogan, September 4th, 2011

Morristown, TN

My husband and I embarked on our journey to have children thinking it would nothing but excitement and the next step in our marriage. We had been trying for about a year when in February of 2011 I found out I was pregnant. Ecstatic doesn’t begin to describe what we were.

Sarah Willits

Mother of Carter James Willits

September 15th, 2010

Spring Hill, Tennessee

In March of 2010, we found out we were pregnant with our second child.  We were more than excited.  Our little girl Isabella was very excited to have a sibling. Everything was going great, just as “normal” as it could possibly be.  Later, we would find out on the 20 week check-up we were having a BOY! We soon named him Carter James. It was then we began buying all kinds of clothes, bedding, and all the things that go along with a baby. We could absolutely not wait until his arrival. But to our dismay came way too soon… [Read more…]


Mother of Lucian Xavier

Born April 15, 2011

Died April 22, 2011

Chattanooga, TN

I went to my OB on Friday April 15, 2011 because I had been having contractions all night and I was planning on having a c-section on the following Monday.  My due date was April 27th but since I had to have another c-section, we planned it earlier.  My doctor checked me and said “well, congratulations! We will be having a baby today, you are 2 centimeters dilated!”  My entire pregnancy was great, not a whole lot of morning sickness, didn’t gain very much weight, all around healthy baby as far as they could tell, we were excited.   [Read more…]


Mom of Caroline Elizabeth

Born sleeping October 20th, 2010

Knoxville, Tennessee


I decided that I thought it would be a good thing if I went ahead and told my whole story.  Maybe sharing this will help me; maybe it will help someone else who is questioning God’s involvement in such a tough world.  If nothing else, maybe someone will learn that they are truly not alone. [Read more…]


First Miscarriage at 8 weeks in May 2008

Second Miscarriage at 5 weeks in February, 2010

Mom to Cameron Xavier

April 6th, 2011

Memphis, Tennessee

As soon I found out I was pregnant I was ecstatic. I thought maybe this will be when I get to hold my baby. Everything about this pregnancy seemed to be going well. He was developing right on schedule, I had been eating right and things in general were going well. March 10th i found out I was having a boy. My significant other was not surprised and was happy he was right. I started to dream about the day I’d have my son in my arms. [Read more…]


Mom to Edy Charlotte

August 31st, 2010 – September 16th, 2010

Germantown, Tennesssee


This is a brief recollection of Edy’s story, I will be adding more details when I remember them, and can see to type past all of the painful tears that sting my eyes like battery acid. You may or may not personally know me, you may see me smile, you may see me cry, you might see me in the grocery store with a blank stare on my face… if you do, this is the reason why. [Read more…]

Mama to a 7 Week Miracle
Lost July 20th, 2009
Nashville, TN
On the morning of July 9, 2009 I took a pregnancy test. I didn’t really think I was pregnant, but I was late, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to be sure. Imagine my shock when it was positive! I ran in to tell my husband…we were thrilled and terrified. I took 5 more tests just to be sure!

[Read more…]

Mom to Zoe Elizabeth Wood, March 21st, 2007
and Addie Kate Wood, March 25th, 2010
Sevierville, Tennessee
Zoe’s Story
We had just found out the sex of our 2nd child when we had our 17 week ultrasound.  A little girl.  Then, I began to have some bleeding a few weeks later and at the ultrasound when Zoe was 20 weeks, her heart had already stopped beating. We chose to be induced and had to wait several days for the hospital to do the induction.  I carried her for 1 week and then was induced & delivered her body. 

[Read more…]

Mom to Kristen McKenna
Became an Angel September 5th, 2008
I was told for most of my teen and adult life that I would never be able to have children… This news broke my heart… The one thing in life that I always wanted to be was a mommy… I had given up all hope… After all I was almost 30 and beginning to think that maybe God’s plans for me didn’t include having children… 

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