Mom to Jonah
February 14, 2016 – February 15, 2016
Houston, Texas
I lost my beautiful son Jonah on Valentine’s day of this year. I found out he had an omphalocele at 12 weeks. An omphalocele is a fairly rare birth defect in which some or all of the abdominal organs are in the baby’s umbilical cord and do not go into the abdomen. Sometimes the birth defect is related to chromosome issues such as Trisomy 13.

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Mom to Rory Benjamin Halpern

August 19, 2011

Alexandria, Virginia

David and I had our first date a little over three years ago.  I began to fall madly in love with him each passing day and I knew in my heart this was the man I would spend the rest of my life with.  I was overwhelmed with love for him and I had never been happier.   

We did things our own way, on our own timetable.  In less than a year we bought our first home and a little more than a year after that he asked me to marry him.  There was so much love between us that we didn’t want to wait to get pregnant. We were ready to start a family before our second anniversary passed.   Rory likely had other plans though as it wasn’t until a week after David put a ring on my finger that we found out we were pregnant with our sweet baby. [Read more…]


Mom to Lily Grace
Lost at 19 weeks on July 4th, 2010
We found out we were expecting in April, 2010. We were not planning on getting pregnant but were happy none the less. This would be our first baby and number 5 in our little family. I have one son and he has three daughters. His three live with their mother so I was excited that my son would have a sibling of his own. We were waiting to tell people until after the first trimester was over. At 14 weeks we told my parents first since we share a house with them. They were happy but apprehensive since 5 is a lot to handle. 
I told them on a Saturday. The next day, Sunday, I was just feeling yucky, nothing abnormal just yuck so I spent the day on the couch. Early Monday morning, Memorial Day, I woke up to pee and when I wiped it was red! I freaked out and stood up only to have blood pour down my leg. I screamed for my fiance. He is an EMT so I knew he would know what to do. He took one look at me and said looks like we are going to the ER. We got to the ER and they told me that I was having a miscarriage and that I would have to go home and wait for it to happen.My old OB told me to go to a different hospital, because the one I was at would not do a D&C if the baby had any heartbeat at all. I was devastated. I went to work the next day feeling OK but tired. Inevitably, early Wednesday morning I woke up to a gushing feeling. I knew that it was happening so I got up and went to the bathroom. That’s when all hell broke loose. I started to bleed very heavily, throwing up and had a mini-seizure. The ambulance had to take me back to the Catholic hospital because it was closer to my house. After fighting with the ER (they didn’t want to admit me) they gave a room in L&D and given 2 blood transfusions. A MFM doctor finally came to see me and she diagnosed me with a total previa. She said my options were to terminate the pregnancy or to stay on bed rest and try to get to 25 weeks, viability. She said that they did not know why I was bleeding so early since previa usually doesn’t create a problem until late in the 2nd trimester and 3rd. So they sent me home the next day with phone numbers in case I wanted to terminate.

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