Mom to Jonah
February 14, 2016 – February 15, 2016
Houston, Texas
I lost my beautiful son Jonah on Valentine’s day of this year. I found out he had an omphalocele at 12 weeks. An omphalocele is a fairly rare birth defect in which some or all of the abdominal organs are in the baby’s umbilical cord and do not go into the abdomen. Sometimes the birth defect is related to chromosome issues such as Trisomy 13.

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Mom to Isaac Lee
Miscarried April 4, 2011
(EDD August 24, 2011)


Kinslee Nicole
Born and died February 24, 2012
(EDD June 29, 2012) 

Crooksville, Ohio

June 22, 2012. This was supposed to be one of the greatest days of our lives. Instead it will be another day out of the year that’s filled with tears and sadness for my husband and I. This is our story. [Read more…]



Mom to Victoria Joy

Born December 28th, 2009 at 36w 1d, survived only about 2 hours

Bronx, NY 

I was 12 weeks when I had my first sonogram appointment. Most people go to their first appointment excited, not imagining something may be wrong with their baby.  The technician pretty much immediately found something wrong with my baby, specifically the tummy.  They measured the nuchal fold and everything else which looked fine.  They weren’t sure if it was omphalocele or gastroschisis.  They explained the difference and that they would be sending me for more tests and ultrasounds, etc.  I was devastated that something was wrong with my little girl.  I was the last patient to leave the office and I just didn’t know what to do but cry.

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Mom to Beatrix Elizabeth

December 13th, 2010

2:05 a.m. – 3:50 a.m.

Upstate New York

My name is Sarah, and my daughter, Beatrix Elizabeth was born on December 13, 2010. She lived for almost two hours after she was born, and was so very beautiful. I miss her so. [Read more…]



Mom to Angel Garcia
Born and Passed on April 30th, 2010

On October 28th 2009 I took a home pregnancy test because I was a couple days late and knew pregnancy was highly possible.  I had my Mirena removed in July as Tim and I decided we would like to have another baby.  In November I had my first prenatal appointment and Tim and I were SHOCKED when the ultra-sound technician told us there were three heartbeats.  This was supposed to be number four, now we were learning it would be number five and six as well!

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First Baby, Miscarried @ 5.5 weeks, September 2009
Second Baby, Miscarried @ 7 weeks, January 2010
Paislee Ann born still at 24 weeks, September 2nd, 2010
Louisville, Kentucky
Nick and I had been happily married for nine months, when we decided that children were our next step to becoming a family. So in August of 2009, we started trying to conceive and lucky for us we were immediately pregnant. I had never even thought about miscarriage. My friends had never talked about it and I thought, it can never happen to me. Well I was wrong. I started having brown spotting about a week later after getting our BFP and went to a festival five hours away only to start bleeding heavily. That night I stood in the shower crying and crying over again.

We went to the doctor and she told us to wait one cycle, so that is exactly what we did.  We got a BFP in November of ’09. We were pregnant again, but this time tried not to get to excited. I read the odds of reoccurring miscarriages weren’t too high so I was expecting a healthy August ’10 baby. Not so much. At 10 weeks I started spotting brown again and went in to the doctor where they told me the baby died a 7 weeks and 1 day. I was scheduled for a D & C five days later. I woke up the day before by D & C to horrible cramping and sat on the toilet only to pass so much blood I wasn’t sure what to do. I ended up having an emergency D & C due to the heavy blood loss and drop in blood pressure.

Again we sat at the doctor’s office where we were told, wait a cycle and you can try again. We ended up getting our BFP April 2010. I would go to the office very three days to get blood work to make sure my HCG counts were doubling and they were.

We went in for an US at 7 weeks and there she was beating heat and all. At 8 weeks I woke up from a nap only to be welcomed by bright red blood. I remember crying and calling my husband home to go to the ER. The baby was healthy and had a heartbeat of 181. Every week after that until 12 weeks, our doctors brought us in to do US to make us feel better. Baby girl was moving every time we saw her. She looked perfect!

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