Mom to Jaycee Elaine

December 26, 2012

Cleveland, Mississippi

I lost my sweet Jaycee Elaine at 6 weeks gestation due to the start of birth control before I knew I was pregnant. During this time, my fiance and I broke up and he moved out. On December 26, 2012 I went to the bathroom like normal. When I wiped, there was what resembled a tadpole on the toilet paper. I immediately went to the doctor and it was confirmed that I had a miscarriage. I don’t know why, but I’m positive that my little tadpole was a girl. So, I named her Jaycee Elaine for so many reasons. Jaycee means moon and Elaine means sun. That way, I know she’s always looking down on her mommy day and night. I also tell everyone that “I love them to the moon and back.” Elaine is also my cousin’s middle name. Rest in peace, sweet baby. I’ll see you again someday. 
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 Amber R


Mom to Carter 

Stillborn May 17, 2013

Ypsilanti, MI

I had an uneventful pregnancy. I had no morning sickness, and my biggest complaint was that I was tired in my first trimester. I never had any bleeding, and had no questions for my OB doctor. The appointments were uneventful, and as of 26 weeks everything sounded great.

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Mom to Lilyan Cayla

January 6 – January 29, 2012

Picayune, Mississippi

On January 5, 2011 I went to my scheduled doctor’s appointment, which also had a scheduled sonogram (ultrasound). The sonogram technician put the wand on my stomach and her face was a little puzzled and she didn’t say anything to scare me and put me in the room to see the doctor. I used a midwife and after the sonograms, we have to see the doctor who works with them. She was in the room quickly and decided to check to see if I was losing fluid. Sure enough, I was leaking! All that time I thought I was pottying on myself. [Read more…]



Mom to Andrew
Died November 30, 2011, and born December 12, 2011



McComb, Mississippi

I found out I was pregnant with Andrew a few days before Innocent’s due date. I had not been expecting it because I had been disappointed so many times. I was very happy, but was, of course, worried as well. We hadn’t known what happened to Innocent, so I worried the same thing would happen to Andrew. [Read more…]



Mom to C.R.

Born May 18th, 2011

Died May 19th, 2011

Biloxi, Mississippi

To say that I never thought this could happen to me– to us– my family–  is a gross understatement.  I was happily pregnant with my second son who was to be delivered 5 days prior to his due date via a repeat c-section.  My pregnancy was, for the most part, fantastic.  I had no issues with my health and each and every ultrasound showed a thriving (and big!) baby boy.  Our sweet C was the perfect was to complete our family.  The RCS was easy– I laughed and joked with the CRNA and chatted during the surgery.  I still remember that swelling in my heart and the welling of tears in my eyes as my wonderful doctor rumbled around behind the curtain.  My husband and I laughed with each other and he snapped a silly picture of my face.  Moment later, Collins was born, all 9 lbs 1 oz of chubby perfection!  He yelled and I just knew my world was complete.  He hollered and grabbed the OB’s gown as she lifted him from me.  He began grunting– having breathing issues– almost immediately.  I kissed his sweet lips 3 times and he was whisked to the NICU.  I sensed something was wrong but tried to talk myself out of it.  Even the doctor, in a loving way, told me to hush and that it would all be okay.   [Read more…]




Mom to Innocent

Lost sixth child, third son, at 12 1/2 weeks gestation and

Delivered at 15 weeks on April 10, 2011

McComb, MS


I found out I was pregnant during the second half of January. It chokes me up to remember how happy I was. Innocent was to be our sixth child. [Read more…]


Mom to Joanna Katherine – October 12th, 2010
and Rita Elizabeth – October 15th, 2010
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
(Born in Pensacola, Florida)
It’s time to share my story. Part of God’s story in my life. I want to share my story with you. I pray that it will reach into your heart and awaken your soul. I pray that as a result of my story, YOU will remember your first love.  

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Suffered First Trimester Loss
May 25th, 2010
Olive Branch, Mississippi
My Husband and I have been together since January 2003, and we married on November 30,2005. We decided that we wanted children from day one. I knew that there would be some obstacles, like the fact that I have PCOS. 

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Mom to William

I am 32, will be 33 this year. Originally from Arkansas, I now live in Mississippi. I have three living sons, one son in heaven, and my first pregnancy was a miscarriage (and I don’t know the sex). I was so excited to have my fourth son, you would think after so many boys that I’d be crazy, but I was more than ready to have my team all together. My older two sons are 9 and 7 and they live with their dad about an hour from us. We get them as often as we can, but for now only our 18 month old son lives full time with us. So my emotions were on call pretty much all the time even before William.

I have been a stay at home mom for going on two years now. My second wedding anniversary to my best friend in the world was June 21st. He was my true first love from when we were 16, and then I found him again a couple of years ago after my divorce. We found out we were preggo with William when we were on a camping trip to a river that we’ve both gone to since we were kids. I remember exactly when I “knew.” We were taking the tent down, and I just seemed to be starving. We came home and I took a test and sure enough it was positive.This was my early birthday present! My birthday was August 29th and we found out we were expecting again on August 14th. 

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