Mom to Carter Michael

Born and died on June 25, 2012

La Plata, Maryland

Our story begins February 2012…TWO pink lines! It didn’t take long at all and we became pregnant with my second and his first! At 25 years old, we were both young, healthy and full of energy! We were ecstatic to bring a new life into this world, a brand new baby (hoping for a BOY) to raise together. We found out right away, literally 6 days before my missed period! We were off to happily planning our future! Picking out names, outfits, registry info for the shower, just young, happy, to-be parents! [Read more…]


Mom to Ashley Antoinette

Born and died April 22, 2011

Rosedale, Maryland

It was St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2011 when I went to the hospital from getting the WORST pain in my life to find out after the hospital nurses took samples that I was pregnant.

I was so shocked and thrilled at the same time. How was I pregnant for so long and not really know? I’m pregnant?! Yay! Wow! [Read more…]


Mom to Angel Baby 1 – August 2, 2010,
Angel Baby 2 – May 6, 2011, and
Angel Baby 3 – January 6, 2012


About a month before A’s first birthday we got an unexpected BFP. Although we had not been trying, we had not been preventing a pregnancy either. We were shocked, scared, happy, you name it, we felt it. Days before her birthday I began to spot, since it was so early in the pregnancy the doctor did not think anything of it. In the very early hours of August 2nd 2010 we said good bye to our first Angel Baby.

That marks the beginning of our TTC journey. [Read more…]


Mom to baby

Miscarried January 14, 2012 at 12 weeks

Mount Airy, Maryland

January 18, 2012

Fear, Sadness, Anger, Emptiness. This is how I felt when I heard the news that my baby I had been carrying for 12 weeks did not have a heartbeat. This was the worst news I had ever heard.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year. Finally, in mid-November on a Saturday evening I went to the bathroom and there it was… two lines showed in the window of a pregnancy test. The happiness and joy running through my body was overwhelming. I showed the miracle to my husband and we started to tear up with joy. Our dream had finally come true after many rounds of Clomid and nights of crying endlessly.

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Elkton, MD

So here it goes, I’m ready to break the silence on something that is so common yet, so many women keep it inside and to themselves. And I need to do this, more for myself, and my husband, then for anyone else. I’ve told this story, I feel like a thousand times, already. But getting it here, will help put all those thoughts an emotions into some sort of sense. I do understand why so many women keep it inside. All the feelings of loss, hurt, anger, confusion, pain, and just being lost. I can’t deny myself those feelings, it’s grief. Like any other normal grieving process. It’s something you have to go through. And, simply put, it sucks. But with each new day, it gets better. That doesn’t mean I’ll forget about it, or it doesn’t matter to me anymore; but, just like any other loss, each day becomes a little easier. [Read more…]


Momm to Bentley Charles

October 18th, 2011 Stillborn at 38 Weeks

Hagerstown, MD

Blake and I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bentley Charles Nalley. We had been preparing so much and we were so ready. It was October 17, 2011, and I woke up that morning and said goodbye to Blake as he left for work. I decided to go ahead and stay awake instead of sleeping  in. I showered, ate some waffles, and got all “pretty” and no place to go really. I walked through my check list of things to take to the hospital and to ensure that Blake and I had bought and packed everything that we would need. I knew we had everything, but I am a control freak when it came to Bentley because I wanted him to have the best. I wanted to ensure that Blake and I were the best parents we possibly could be.  I had an OB appointment scheduled at as a routine 38 week appointment at 4:10pm that day. 
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Mother to Julia Isabel

April 13 – April 14, 2011

Kensington, MD

When my partner came back from a couple of months of studying in Spain in July 2008, we started trying to have a baby.  Along the way to getting pregnant, we got married and bought a house with good space for kids and a nice yard.  We had a lot of patience and did not go see a doctor for a fertility work-up until we had been trying for 16 months.  In the end, we had to do IVF to get pregnant. [Read more…]


November baby

November 2, 2005

Faith Elisabeth

December 5, 2007

Westminster, Maryland


I always thought that baby loss was something that happened to other people.  No one in my family had suffered any type of pregnancy loss, so why would I have anything to worry about?

When our son was about a year old, my husband and I decided to try for another baby.  We conceived our firstborn easily and our second pregnancy wasn’t much different.  I got pregnant within 4 months of trying.  I went in for a dating ultrasound and I knew something was wrong when the technician said to me, “Oh!  You’re very early.  Are you about 6 weeks?”  I was 8 weeks pregnant. [Read more…]

Mom to Arianna Naomi Foster
December 14th, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
Arianna had Turner Syndrome. Not full blown Turner Syndrome, but Mosaic Turner Syndrome (45x 47xxx). Doctors called it sporadic. Doctors said it’s rare. Called it an “error” in cell division. Happens in 1 out of 2500 births. That’s a .0004% chance of happening…and it happened to me. I am the statistic. I will never look at probability the same ever again.

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Mom to Avery Michael Davis
February 10th, 2010
And Multiple Miscarriages
Pasadena, Maryland
My story began about 5 years ago, my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Abby and in hopes to have another baby one day.  Our hopes were to have 3 children.  When my daughter was around 1, we found out I was pregnant.  We are overjoyed, happy, and excited.  Then on February 14th I had my 1st miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant.  

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Mother to Isaiah 
August 4th  – August 10th, 2004
and Stacey Jr.
Born and Died July 19th, 2005
Capitol Heights, Maryland

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Mom to Hunter Joe
January 31st, 2011
Laurel, Maryland
I can honestly say that the day that I lost Hunter was THE worst day I have ever had in my entire life!  No exaggerations.  I was mostly numb that day, due to pain meds and preparing for it for almost a week.  

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Baby Harris
July 12th, 2010
Lothian, Maryland

My husband and I decided 2 months after we got married that it was time to start a family. After over a year and a half of trying, with the help of Clomid, my 3rd cycle we got our BFP, June 25,2010.  I was happier than I had ever been.  And then the bleeding started.  

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Mom to Adam James
November 13th, 2010 – January 11th, 2011
Adam had a cold a few days before the hospitalization that led to his death. He was our fussy little guy, but with his cold, his fussiness increased. He slept a lot and when he was awake, he fussed. He had a lot of congestion, which made it difficult for him to eat. We were constantly using the bulb syringe to help him breathe better. Around 10:30 pm on 1-9-11, I fed Adam and then gave him to my husband so that I could go to bed. Adam was smiling and coo’ing away with my husband, and we both sat back and enjoyed it for about a half hour since this was the first time we saw Adam be so happy in a few days. We both even asked him if he was feeling better. Around 11:30 or so, I headed to bed and my husband stayed up with Adam.

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Mom to Elise Renee Tagliaferri
April 6th, 2009
Whiteford, Maryland
My name is Kelly.

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Mom to Zachary Jonathan
Left on October 28th, 2010 at 21 weeks, 6 days gestation
On Friday, October 8th, My boyfriend Jon and I went for our first ultrasound appointment. We had just gone to my regular OB for the second pre-natal visit. We listened to our baby’s heartbeat; it was perfectly healthy. Because I found out very late that I was pregnant, this was only the beginning for us. I had been on birth control and did not expect to become pregnant, so I had not been taking vitamins or trying to get myself into “baby-making” shape. But of course once I found out I began right away and got the first appointment available to make sure everything was going well.

Because my second appointment was scheduled for when I was 18 weeks, my doctor referred me to another office to have my first ultrasound. She said if we went right away we might be able to get an appointment for that day. We were so excited! This would be the first time we saw our baby, and I was bouncing up and down in anticipation. We got to the other office at about 11, and they told us we could come back at 12:45. We went out to lunch and then back to the office. Once we were in the room, I laid on the table and the tech put the cold goo on my belly. I was actually so excited, I really didn’t care. And then on the screen on the wall, we saw our son for the first time. She just moved the device back and forth a few times so we could see him, and asked if we wanted to know the sex. We both had decided before hand that we did, and she told us it was a boy. We had been thinking it was a girl (my mothering intuition was off), so looked at each other and he just held my hand and said, “I guess we need to think of other names!” After a few more minutes of awe-inspiring pictures, the tech told me she was having trouble seeing his head because it was so far down. She asked me to turn on my side and face her, but that didn’t make any difference. She then asked me to undress from the waist down so she could try an internal sonogram. I did as I was asked and a few minutes later she came back in and tried again. She still was having trouble. Then she got up, grabbed all of the pictures, told us she’d be right back and left the room. Jon and I began talking about name possibilities for our future son. When the woman came back she told us our baby’s head didn’t look right, and that the radiologist was looking at the pictures and trying to get a hold of my OB. She told us not to worry and then left the room again. I immediately started crying. What was wrong with my baby? His heart rate was perfect and all of his measurements were right where they should be. Jon got up and hugged me and told me not to worry until they figured out what was wrong. I couldn’t help but worry, I was so scared. I had no idea the worst had yet to come.

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Mom to Jennyfur Angel, Due June 8th, 2002, Grew Wings December 26th, 2001
Glory Michelle
Baby Bean, September 10th, 2010
and 10 unnamed Angels
Bowie, Maryland

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Mom to twins, Chloe Danielle and Zoe Grace 
Stillborn at 22 weeks on August 20th, 2007
Due to undiagnosed Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome
Frederick, Maryland
I was 39 years old, working full-time and trying to divide myself between two toddlers, two high school seniors and a full blown (and quite ugly) custody battle over my two elementary school aged daughters who had been kidnapped by their father (my ex) two years prior. My marriage wasn’t exactly the Rock of Gibraltar sort of relationship during that time and honestly having a baby wasn’t exactly in the forefront of my mind. But there I was. Pregnant. Again. 

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Mom to 1st Baby miscarried at 10 weeks

Maryland by way of Illinois

May 29, 2009 marks one of the worst days of my life. It was the day that I found out I was never really pregnant. My body had been paying a cruel trick on me for about 10 weeks. I found out I was pregnant in April 2009, at that time it was one of the best days of my life. However, things were strange from the beginning. My hormones levels would rise every time I would have my blood drawn but they would never double like they were supposed to. I kept hearing things like “maybe the dates are off” or “everyone is different” but I knew something was not right. Then came May 29, I remember that day like it was yesterday. My entire world came crashing down in a matter of seconds. The doctor did an ultrasound, he was able to see a sac but there was no baby. There never was a baby. The was the day I learned the term blighted ovum.

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Mom to Baby September, miscarried at 5 weeks, 3 days in January, 2009
and Baby Boy, miscarried at 14 weeks, 3 days in May, 2009
Ellicot City, MD
My husband and I started trying for a baby in 2008. I got my first positive test on December 31, 2008 and drank sparkling juice at the New Year’s party. I had a bad feeling right from the start, though.  I took more pregnancy tests and noticed that the super dark line had been replaced with a faint line, almost no line at all. When I miscarried on January 10, 2009 – 5 weeks and 3 days – I was terribly upset, but not surprised. I thought that was the worst day of my life. My husband had been out of town for the weekend and I had to tell him when he got home. 

 I went into the doctor to verify the miscarriage. She did an ultrasound and couldn’t tell that I had ever even been pregnant.  The doctor advised us to wait one cycle and to try again.

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