Mom to Simon Maurice
August 16, 2010
O’Fallon, Illinois

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Mom to Logan Timothy
May 16th, 2010 
5:27 p.m. – 6:40 p.m.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
My husband, Tim, and I were married in May of 2005.  Around our 4 year anniversary, we decided we were ready to start our family and assumed it would happen quickly – everyone on either side of our families seems very fertile.  Well, 9 very long months later, we FINALLY conceived our first child.  We were cautious, but SO excited.  I had horrible morning sickness practically all day every day from weeks 6 to 18, but was thrilled – everyone kept assuring us this meant a healthy baby.  At our 20-week ultrasound, we found out we were having a boy.  I have had a name picked out for a boy for a very long time and my husband was neutral on it, but immediately after the tech said “it’s a boy!,” I burst into tears and begged that we name him Logan.  How could my husband say no to his crying pregnant wife?!?!  We also found out that he appeared to be perfectly healthy.  We were thrilled and went off to Baby’s R Us that day to buy him his first outfit and a few books.  We also started our registry.  We finally felt “safe” and that we’d be bringing home our little boy at the beginning of September.

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Mummy to Catharine Ellen 
Born too early on June 11th, 2005 at 17 weeks
and Isla McKenzie 
Born sleeping on September 9th, 2010 at 23.2 weeks
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Three weeks ago last night I gave birth to my second baby girl too early for life outside the womb.
Five years previous my waters broke and I delivered our second child, Catharine Ellen.

Catharine’s Story written in 2005.

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Mom to twin sons Emmett and Everett
Born too early on August 4th, 2010
Puyallup, Washington
My husband and I married on August 12th, 2006 after having been engaged for 7 years. It was truly one of the best days of my life. Soon after being married we began to try and start a family.  [Read more…]


Mom to Matthew James Phillips
Born June 30th, 2010 at 21 weeks, 1 day
Columbus, Georgia
After taking 5 pregnancy tests and seeing positive results on each February 28th 2010, the shock finally started to tamper off.  I started bleeding on March 10th and panic set in.  My sister endured a loss at 20 weeks with twins and another at 26 weeks with a girl, and I was so scared I would endure the same fate.  I didn’t think I could handle it. 
After spending a whole day with my husband at the ER, the doctor labeled it as a “threatened miscarriage” and said everything seemed okay; they couldn’t explain the bleeding.  The bleeding stopped about nine days later.  I couldn’t go to an OB until I had insurance so my first ultrasound ended up being on April 15th.  I instantly fell in love with the little image moving around on the screen.  My baby was very active, and I was so relieved to see him.  My midwife put me on baby Aspirin because I have Lupus, but other than that, everything seemed alright.  She called him a “miracle baby” because of the Lupus.  Also, I had terrible morning sickness from March right up to delivery, and that was supposedly a great sign.  I really regret ever complaining about it because Matthew was definitely worth every minute of it. 

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Mom to Harper Grace
Born too early on June 25th, 2010
Columbus, GA

Our daughter, Harper Grace, was born prematurely at 26 weeks and 1 day due to preterm labor caused by an infection of my placenta and amniotic sac called chorioamnionitis. It is a very rare infection, only affecting 2% of pregnancies. This infection can be fatal to mother and child, the only cure is delivery. Most premature infants with this infection will not live long after birth.

Here is the story of Harper’s birth taken from my blog:
My hubby and I had been trying for over 2 years to get pregnant. We had finally given up on natural methods and were scheduled for an IVF in March. January was to be our “month off” before we started the IVF process. We decided to take a week and go to the Bahamas to relax. Two weeks later, I discovered that I was pregnant and naturally so. As you can imagine, we were in total shock and disbelief when we saw the positive pregnancy test! Our prayers had finally been answered, this was our miracle baby!

Up until my 25th week I had the most wonderful, uneventful pregnancy. My girl was healthy and I was loving it. Maybe my body took a little while to get here, but I truly felt that I was made to have babies. I was a part of a miracle, growing a life inside of me. A baby that my husband and I created out of so much love. Life was so good!

At 25 weeks exactly, on my birthday, I started spotting and cramping. We were in DC on vacation and were told by my OB to go to the nearest ER. They worked me up and decided that I was just having premature contractions since my cervix had not changed. We decided to cut vacation short and go straight home, we didn’t want to take any chances with our little one. The whole drive home from the airport I was having painful contractions about every 3 min. We went straight to our hospital and I was admitted. I was put on procardia and when I broke through with that, I was put on a Magnesium drip to stop the contractions and to get steroids on board. At this point, my cervix was still closed but I was 80% effaced. I was to be on strict bed rest in the hospital for as long as our Harper would stay put. Hubby kept calling me the “little red hen” sitting on my egg. I had no signs of infection, just an elevated white blood count. They were really not sure what caused the premature labor, maybe placental seperation, maybe infection…no real answers. We would just have to wait and see. The whole time I was in the hospital, Harper was doing wonderful…strong heartbeat, great movement. We were confident that she was a strong girl and that she would do well if she came early! I stuck it out on bed rest in the hospital for a week and then on Thursday night, I started contracting again…3 min apart. Friday am they put in the epidural. I was contracting hard core at this point and dilating. We were still supposed to hang out, wait and see, try to keep her inside as long as we could. Then we lost her heart beat and when we found it, it was extremely low (90’s). We decided we had to deliver her. When they broke my water, it was meconium stained (meaning fetal distress). This was the scariest moment of my life, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I didn’t believe it was real, how could we lose the heartbeat? She had been so strong until now.

I delivered our daughter, Harper Grace, on June 25, 2010, at 2:39 on a Friday afternoon. I could tell by my husbands face that she didn’t look good when she came out. I will never forget the look on his face that day, so sad, so devastated, so lost. The NICU team tried to resuscitate her but she was too weak. I can still hear the sound of them trying to breathe for her, the silence was so painful, I wanted so badly to hear her cry. I prayed she would be ok, I screamed. How could this be real? I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare…she was gone and so were our hopes and dreams. How could this be happening? I would have given anything for her and I still would to have her in my arms.
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Mommy to James (J.T.)
Born and passed May 31st, 2010 at 18 weeks
Vandenberg, AFB, California

Everything started May 30, 2010 with what I thought was just round ligament pains. I had been at the mall with my husband walking that day and thought the pains were just from walking so much. As the night went on and we were at a friends for a BBQ I noticed as I stood the pains worsened but I really paid no attention to them. They kept on through the night and were still there in the morning.
As May 31 started I was not too worried. But after realizing that I had lost my mucus plug I decided it was time to call my OB’s office to see what was going on. Fortunately, my OB was the one on call that day and I told him about the pains and the tiny spot of blood in the plug but he said not to worry. My husband came home and I told him what had happened so we just hung around the house. A few hours later I was in the bathroom and knew something was just not right. I didn’t know it at the time, but my membranes stripped and I was dilating. We rushed to the ER around 3 or 4 pm that day, I can’t really remember. I got there, got checked in, was taken to a room in the ER and waiting. I was so angry for waiting. I was 18 weeks pregnant, I needed to be seen I wanted to know my baby was ok. And to top it off, once I got to the hospital I started to bleed. The doctor comes in to do a pelvic exam, he isn’t 3 seconds into it and says okay we need to get you an ultrasound. He then goes on to tell me that it looks like I am aborting my child. I couldn’t grasp this since I was already in my second trimester. I didn’t realize that this thing happened.
I go for my ultrasound and I see the most beautiful baby wiggling all about. This was the most I had ever seen him move, and we found out at that moment it was a HIM. I was a week and a half away from having my anatomy scan. But I find out at the hospital the day I lose my boy. The whole time I am having the ultrasound I can’t help but have some hope that things will be ok, I see him moving and waving and his daddy and myself and I love him. But the other side of my brain is realizing the pains I’m having are coming more frequently, so my husband starts to time them. They are about 6 minutes apart. The ultrasound is over and I am back into a room when a few minutes later they take me over to the labor and delivery part of the hospital. Things were bad…so bad. My OB comes into my room where I am laying upside down in a bed and sits me up with such a grim look. He uses his portable ultrasound machine and it says that I am 3cm dilated. He does an exam…I’m actually fully dilated. It felt like it happened so fast. But in all actuality, the contractions had started the night before. I had been in labor basically for a day and didn’t even know it.

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