Mom to Tyson River 3/28/12-3/28/12 stillborn
and Skylar Jones 7/14/14-10/10/14 Complex CHD
New Madrid, Mo

My name is Tori. I am the face of stillborn & CHD Loss. I was expecting our second baby in 2012. Pregnancy was going great. I was 34 wks & 5 days on March 38, 2012 when I wasn’t feeling Tyson moving. Those words “I’m sorry we can’t find a heartbeat” are engraved in my mind. [Read more…]


Lesley Grobler

Mom to Emma Hayley “Emma Kalema” 

June 10, 2014 – June 12, 2014

Triangle, Zimbabwe, Africa

When I found out I was pregnant with our first child in January, I was already 14 weeks along. I didn’t know because when I first went for a pregnancy test, they found nothing, however they did see that I had some fibroids, one of which was as large as a woman who is 4 months pregnant. I was so happy as my older sister was also pregnant, and we were both due within a couple of weeks of each other. We were even more excited when we found out that my sister was having a boy and I was having a girl.

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Mom to Amara Jocin Newland

August 12, 2005 – March 7, 2006

Columbus, Ohio

My name is not important, but her name is.  She was Amara Jocin Newland.  And I am, and forever will be, Amara’s Mommy.  [Read more…]

Mom to Harley Elizabeth 

Born June 24th, 2009 and Died August 10th, 2009
Coral Springs, Florida
Twin to twin transfusion syndrome or TTTS is a disease of the placenta that affects only identical twins sharing a placenta…this is Hannah’s and Harley’s story.. 
Chris and I found out we were pregnant 28th of Dec 2008..We were not planning it but we were very happy!!! Our first sonogram was the first week of January and since fraternal twins run on both sides of the family we knew at least that kind of twins were possible (Chris has a twin sister as well) the sonogram tech assured us that there was only one baby one heart beat. When I was 12 weeks I had an apt with a perinatologist ,the tech put the wand on my stomach and after a few minutes said, there’s 1 and there’s the other– I said “other what”? she said other baby!!! i said “what other baby”? she said ‘oh you didn’t know you were having twins”?  I told her matter of factly “does it look like I know I was having twins???  This I regret saying every day and wish i didn’t freak out as much as i did.  After the scan the doctor talked to us about all the twin things that can happen and confirmed that they were identical sharing a placenta.  She told us of TTTS and said, but don’t worry about it its very rare, it probably won’t happen but we have to tell you about it.

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