Mary Kate

Mom to Charlie Valor

October 29, 2015 – December 22, 2015

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“A honeymoon baby!!!” My mom had the best reaction when we told her I was pregnant. It was May 2015, six weeks into the pregnancy. I was glowing and couldn’t hide it.  I remember looking in the mirror saying to myself, “You are a mother.”

I travel for my job, and over the next three months, I had two meetings in Europe and another meeting in Asia scheduled. I saw the OB and had my first ultrasound 2 days before I left for my business trip to Europe. At that 8 week ultrasound, we found that there was a vanishing twin. This saddened me, and it gave me my first taste of fear in my pregnancy.  I could have been Mommy to twins, and it scared me to think about how the surviving baby would be affected. At the eleven week ultrasound, I was reassured that the baby was ok, measuring on target. [Read more…]


Mom to Dakota Blakely

Born to Angels May 24th, 2011

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

I suffer from a serious condition during pregnancy called Cholestasis. I found out I was getting it again with my daughter a few days from my doctor appointment, so I waited. I went in and they did the blood test and called me back a few days later to come in for a NST. [Read more…]

Mom to Shreya Asha Draggon
July 1st, 2010 – July 30th, 2010
Orlando, Florida
My journey with my daughter Shreya begins like most other baby stories, with a pregnancy test, or in my case with five pregnancy tests.  I took the first on February first.  It showed a light blue line, very faint.  I tried not to get excited since it was way too early to be very accurate. So I waited and took one every day for the next three days, light blue.  Cautiously optimistic, I finally took a digital pregnancy test, PREGNANT!  We were so excited, it wasn’t long before our parents and friends were told the good news. I called my ob/gyn to make my first prenatal appointment.

[Read more…]

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