Mom to Zeke

November 18, 2001 – January 30, 2002

Sometimes life isn’t easy. I was nineteen when I found out my son had birth defects and might die.  Doctors and nurses urged us to end the pregnancy, but I couldn’t do that to my son.   [Read more…]


Mom to Shannon Elizabeth January 16th – January 19th, 2007
and Peanut Shelbe – EDD April 10th, 2008
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In the summer of 2006, I hadn’t been feeling good a lot. A pregnancy test revealed my first pregnancy was starting! We went for an ultrasound in the fall. We were so excited. By this time we could already feel the baby kicking. I just wanted to know what I was having so I could start buying outfits, toys, and all that good stuff. We went to have the ultrasound that morning without a care in the world. The tech started doing the ultrasound. She was taking a long time, like she was having trouble. She said she couldn’t find her stomach and I might have to go to a different hospital. I didn’t care; I just wanted to know what it was! The baby had its legs crossed and she couldn’t tell. She finished up and told me to go back downstairs to my OB’s office. My doctor came in the room and was asking if I could get to a downtown hospital right now. Then he asked Steve and me if anyone had mentioned anything about a hernia. We told him no, but he didn’t reply, just told us to get down to the other hospital and he would call ahead. On the twenty minute ride down to the hospital, I wasn’t scared, just disappointed that I still didn’t know what I was having. Steve, I think, seemed uneasy.

As we walked into the ultrasound waiting room, we noticed that it was packed! So many people were in there. We walked up to the counter and I signed in. “Oh, the doctor called for you.” was the response I received from the secretary. People all around us were complaining about their long wait. Ten minutes later, my name was called. We followed the technician back to the room. As she prepped me, a doctor walked in. He said “I am not going to talk to you throughout this. When I am done, we will talk.” I replied “That’s fine, while you’re there, do you think you can see what it is, the other lady couldn’t tell.” He did that first, got a straight shot between the legs. “It’s a girl.” I just wanted to scream with excitement. A little girl, my little girl. I started thinking about everything I was going to do with her, what she was going to be, what she was going to play, how she was going to dress.

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Mom to Baylee Grace
February 26th, 2010
Winston-Salem, NC
I found out that I was pregnant with Baylee in July of 2009. My husband, Adam, and I already had 2 wonderful boys, Tyler and Noah. Tyler was 10 and Noah was at the time. I was suffering from a pretty bad case of “baby fever”. We were very excited when the test came back positive.

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