Mom to Odin Jimi

Born March 15, 2016 and Died March 18, 2016

Brisbane, Australia

Hi there men and women of the world. Thank you for reading, on the subject of the loss of a baby. I’m not going to lie, losing a loved one in any way, shape or form is horrible. It’s actually pretty shit… that is the best way to sum up the loss of a loved one in a few simple words. It’s completely shit. But to lose a tiny human that you’ve prayed, cried and taken many, many, many pregnancy tests for is beyond a feeling or emotion that I can describe. [Read more…]



Mom to Joel

Born sleeping March 30, 2011

Croydon, Victoria, Australia

My husband and I started trying to conceive in March 2010. It took us five months to conceive Joel. I tested on the first day my period was due and it came back negative. I waited five days and tried again on the 13th of August and it came back positive. I showed the positive test to my husband who was half asleep and obviously he couldn’t go back to sleep [after finding out]. We immediately started thinking of names. It took me awhile to get used to it as I have anxiety and depression and take a while to adjust to change.

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Mom to Justin & Baby #2

Born and died February 23, 2012 & Early 2013

Laidley, Australia

It was on the morning of the 20th December, 2011 that I noticed that I was pregnant with my first child and my initial reaction was one of joy and adulation, mixed with a certain amount of anxiety and apprehension regarding the pregnancy at the thought of breaking the news to family and friends around me and the ‘unknown’ in terms of how they’d receive the news. I also didn’t want to go getting too excited too early on in the pregnancy given that it was still only early days. [Read more…]



Mom to Poppy Kate
Born still December 15, 2011,

Five tiny angels, each lost at 5 weeks
April 2009, April 2010 and November 2010,


Heterotopic twins (one ectopic, one uterine)
Lost at 6 weeks and 11 weeks in January 2011

Melbourne, Australia

From Rebecca’s blog post: 2011…the year that, well, sucked:

It seems as though the best place to start is to get all of the terrible, awful stuff that happened last year out on the table, so you know what you’re getting into.  It gives you some perspective as to where I’m coming from.  Don’t get me wrong, my life is definitely not crap.  I have a wonderful husband, let’s call him G, and he’s my soul mate and my strength.  Not to mention the love of my life :). We have a little boy, Xavier, who is known by many nicknames, including ‘X’, ‘Xav’, ‘Xavi’ and ‘Trouble’.  He took a bit of work to get, 2 years of TTC and 6 months of the fertility drug, Clomid, before we fell pregnant with him.  Xavier is now 5, and about to start school.  We have a great extended family; G’s parents and my dad and his partner all live nearby, along with a couple of our siblings.  Everyone else lives near enough that we see them often and we have an array of nieces and nephews (even a grand niece!) who Xav loves playing with.  We have great friends and workmates, who are a big support to us and lots of fun to hang out with! [Read more…]



Mom to Tayla Lee

Born sleeping March 6, 2012


My Name is Hayley and I am 30 years old. My husband of 3 years is Glenn. We have a little boy who is two named Cooper, who we love and adore more than anything. We have always said that we would like 2 or 3 children and not to far apart in age. So, not long after Cooper turned 1, we decided to start trying again for a second child. It took me by surprise to not fall pregnant straight away as we had only tried with Cooper for a month and then discovered that we were pregnant. We had been trying for couple of months before we discovered that we were pregnant which we were very excited about. I made an appointment with our GP to confirm it and get a letter to get an appointment at the hospital with the midwives. [Read more…]



Mother to Nicholas John

Born in the arms of angels 19 March 2012

Gold Coast, Australia

I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks and 3 days since it happened, it feels so much longer – certainly longer than the entire 9 month pregnancy! [Read more…]



Mummy to Ava Madison

Born February 25, 2012

Passed February 25, 2012

Queensland, Australia


At 39 weeks and 2 days I went for my routine check-up. My daughter’s heartbeat was 145 bmp and she was kicking up a storm. As I walked out of the doctor’s office his last words to me were “Next time I see you, I’ll get to meet your baby.” That turned out to be anything but the truth. This is my story. [Read more…]



Mom to Grace

December 16th, 1998 – December 17th, 1998

Tasmania, Australia

After many months of trying to fall pregnant after a miscarriage we were thrilled to learn we were expecting a new baby. This baby was due February 22nd, one day after Granddad’s sixtieth birthday. The whole family was excited to be getting a new arrival. [Read more…]



Mom to Lily Natalie Anne, miscarried at 10 weeks August 10th, 2006

and “Little Speck”, miscarried at 6 weeks October 13, 2009


Lily Natalie’s story:

Ever since I knew the meaning of being a mother, I knew that was what I wanted to be. Even my chosen career path as a teacher involves me utilising my maternal feelings in guiding students through their education. As cousins, friends’ babies and other family members were born, I knew that, even at the age of 11, the feeling of a newborn baby in my arms was just…right. I dreamed, imagined, visualised myself holding a baby, mothering a baby, raising a tiny life. [Read more…]



Mamma to Spencer Ty

October 19, 2011

Perth, Western Australia

My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first in March 2011. We have been together for 16 years (since the early days of high school), so it was about time and we were elated. It was a very long, complicated pregnancy (Downs Syndrome scare, some baby kidney and heart problems – all of which turned out to be fine), but at 29 weeks they told us we could finally relax and start to enjoy the pregnancy. We did and went out and got everything we needed for our little boy, and oh how exciting it all was! [Read more…]



First Loss December 2010

Second Loss July 2011

Third Loss September 2011

Sydney, Australia

My Husband and I met very early in life and wasted no time starting a life together, we bought our first home when I was 18 and got married a year later in a beautiful Summer Wedding witnessed by 200 friends and Family. The cluckiness quickly set in for me soon after the wedding. A little over a year later we found ourselves stepping up to be full time foster carers of a relatives children. Over the year they were with us we learnt how much love, joy and understanding children can bring to your life, even under difficult circumstances. My Husband and I knew we were ready to have a child of our own and were excited for what was to come. [Read more…]




Mom to Our Bub

Miscarried on July 13th, 2011

Queensland, Australia

My husband and I got married in early October 2008. We always spoke about children, but it wasn’t until New Years Eve in 2010 we decided that 2011 was going to our year to create our own little family. So I went off the pill in early January 2011. After going off the pill I had been on for around 10 years, my cycles were all over the place. I then got reading books and reading about charting my temperature as well as using ovulation kits to work out when I was ovulating and when my period was about to arrive. [Read more…]



Mom to Tyson Zammit

July 7th, 2009 – October 30th, 2010


My son Tyson Zammit, was brought into this world on the 7th of July 2009. 7th of the 7th….I always thought there was something lucky and special about that date. I would always look at my little boy as any proud mother would with such awe knowing he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. He was such a smart boy so alert and intrigued in anything he would see his mumma doing. At 5 months he was crawling and walking at 9months. It was so weird to see such a little person walking around so small! I loved everything about him. His cheeky ways, his infectious laugh, and his glowing face when he smiled and waved at a stranger. I believed he touched everyone’s hearts where ever he went. [Read more…]



Mom to Savanna

Lost to miscarriage at 12 weeks on March 8th, 2011

Melbourne, Austalia

I have a beautiful and healthy 2 year old daughter who we tried for 2 and a half years to conceive and that was so hard on myself and my husband, so many things went through our heads “Maybe we are not meant to have a child?” “Are we strong enough to get through this?” [Read more…]



Mom to Marin Louise

Born and Died March 2nd, 2011

Sydney, Australia

I conceived my daughter whilst on holidays where her father lives and works as a fisherman. I went there for a week to escape the world and process the heartbreaking things I had seen whilst on deployment in Asia with a humanitarian mission. [Read more…]


Miscarriage April 2009 at 5 1/2 weeks
Miscarriage December 2009 at 6 weeks
Missed Miscarriage December 2010 at 10 1/2 weeks
Melbourne, Australia

I am 33 years old and my husband and I have been trying to conceive our first child since January 2009. For a long time I thought I would never be married.  I have mild cerebral palsy which affects my left side and I was always aware that this might put some guys off.  But my biggest obstacle to meeting someone was myself – I didn’t have much confidence.  

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Mom to Pania Kylie McBrydie
Lost February 21st, 2009 at 19 weeks 4 days
Rockingham, Western Australia
On the 21st of February 2009 our baby girl grew her wings.  The day before our nightmare began when I went for a routine scan at 19wk 3days. I had arrived at the clinic 30 minutes early because I was so exited.  I was taken through almost straight away as they where running on time. I sat up on the table and the ultrasound began, I knew straight away something did not look right my heart started to sink but there was a strong heart beat and kept telling myself that with all medical breakthroughs there are today that they would be able to fix it. I was wrong.

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Mama to Julia Rose
Miscarried at 17 weeks, November 24th, 2008
Logan, Queensland, Australia
Everything was going right. We just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary (a huge milestone for any couple) and found out we were pregnant after my first month of being off the pill. (I stopped it on our anniversary in June, had my period in July and didn’t have one in August.) 

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Mom to Angel Baby
Melbourne, Australia
I was so excited to find out that i was pregnant! It’s what my husband and I wanted, we wanted to start a family.  All was going well, and when I was 7 weeks I went and had a dating scan done.  There was my tiny baby, growing inside of me and it’s little heart was beating strong :)  I couldn’t contain my tears, I was so happy to know that my little one was alive and growing.
My next scan was booked in for when I was 12 weeks. So from 7 weeks to 12 weeks, all seemed good. I still had all the normal pregnancy symptoms.. nausea, tired, growing belly, tender breasts etc.
I was so excited that I was reaching the 12 week mark, so I could finally tell the world my exciting news!
Then during my 12 weeks scan, I was given the devastating news… my baby had died…
So many things were going through my head all at once..why, how, when! And so many different feelings all at the same time.. upset, angry, confused, denial, heart ache.

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Mummy to Catharine Ellen 
Born too early on June 11th, 2005 at 17 weeks
and Isla McKenzie 
Born sleeping on September 9th, 2010 at 23.2 weeks
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Three weeks ago last night I gave birth to my second baby girl too early for life outside the womb.
Five years previous my waters broke and I delivered our second child, Catharine Ellen.

Catharine’s Story written in 2005.

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