Mom to Cale – Ectopic Pregnancy Lost at 5 weeks on August 5th, 2010

Lydia – Miscarriage Lost at 6 weeks on October 20th, 2010

and Harper – Miscarriage Lost at 6.5 weeks  on March 10th, 2011

Mogadore, Ohio

I am a mother of a 2 year old son, so I feel  guilty writing about my losses as I already have a living child, but I have come to learn that any loss is painful so I am here to share my story.  My husband and I decided that it seemed like the right time to start trying around June of 2010.  We had no issues with our son so we assumed this would be a breeze and I was, at the time, uneducated and unaware of any situation involving any kind of pregnancy loss.  However, that changed all too quickly.  [Read more…]

Mom to
Baby, May 2009 at 5 weeks
Baby, November 2009 at 7-8 weeks
Glory Angel born still on September 14, 2010 at 19 weeks
Orlando, Fl
I am currently 36 years old and have been blessed with Three.

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Mom to Baby #1, miscarried at 5 weeks on June 13th, 2010
and Baby #2, miscarried at 5 weeks on July 16th, 2010
Vancouver, WA
We have been trying to have another child for almost a year now. I was so excited when I saw that second line on the pregnancy test – finally! A week later, I began spotting but thought nothing of it, this happened with my first pregnancy with no complications. The next day, we were about to share the news with my family, and I went to the bathroom to find out that I was bleeding. I knew right away that I was having a miscarriage. The cramping and bleeding got worse, and when I got to the doctor’s office the ultrasound did not show a sac. My hcg level was a 4 – barely anything. I felt completely drained for the next couple of weeks, my hormones were all over the place and I had horrible migraines. I was devastated, and scared that something was wrong with me. My husband didn’t say much, except that he was sad.

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Mom to an angel lost at 5 weeks
May 2009
Maple, ON, Canada
We were so excited. This pregnancy was more than two years in the making. Suddenly, I began to spot and was ordered home from work to bed rest. It was the Mother’s Day weekend. In spite of all my prayers and tears, the bleeding worsened and a trip to the emergency room confirmed what I knew was true. The short time that my baby was inside of me was the happiest I have ever felt. No reason was ever given for the loss. The pregnancy was strong and then suddenly, it wasn’t. It just wasn’t the right time…

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