Mom to Maggie Lee
May 16, 2017
Meadowview, VA

My husband and I had only been married for 4 months when we found out we were pregnant. We couldn’t have been more thrilled. We were both a little older, I was 32 and he was 37 and we didn’t want to wait too long to start our family. I had the most amazing pregnancy from the start. I had no morning sickness and everything went just like it should. We went for our 20 week anatom scan and were very excited to learn that we were having a girl! All my dreams were coming true! Everything looked good with the ultrasound, no problems. The rest of my pregnancy went like the first half. Other than some crazy heartburn and going to the bathroom every 30 minutes, it was perfect.  [Read more…]





Mom to Austen Elizabeth

Louisville, Kentucky

November 11, 2015

My pregnancy was not perfect by any means  – but, I knew the whole time, it would be worth it in the end. Every time I complained about being tired, uncomfortable or how I didn’t have anything that fit, somebody was always there to remind me how it would all be worth it in the end.

My husband and I had been married for about a year and a half when we decided we would stop not trying to get pregnant. We had been through the rough first year of marriage, came through closer and happier and we decided that we’d let the universe take over and see what happened. My very first cycle, BAM, pregnant. And before I could even wrap my head around that, I started to bleed. I’m not sure you can even call that being pregnant, because the stick was barely dry before I began to miscarry.

We didn’t let that get us down, and the very next cycle, again, I peed on a stick and it was positive. I was in shock, to say the least. I had read so many stories about how it sometimes takes couples months of trying to conceive before it happens and with what had happened only the previous month, I was a little apprehensive, but thrilled at the same time.

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Mom to Finnley Joseph Charles

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

February 12, 2015

[This is] the story of our angel baby, Finnley Joseph Charles. Although this is not the story we had planned in our imagination on the days leading up to our due date, we still feel that our story needs to [be] shared and our baby boy be celebrated. Born still but still born.

On June 13, 2014, my life changed forever. I had been feeling so tired, sleeping all the time and [having] tons of headaches. Shawn had said to me multiple times, “Babe, you’re pregnant!” but I was in denial. I couldn’t be pregnant. When I finally decided to take a pregnancy test on Friday, June 13th at 3:15 p.m., I couldn’t believe my eyes. The test was POSITIVE!! I was filled with so many emotions. I was so happy but so nervous to share the exciting news with everyone. Shawn was working until 4:00 p.m., so I had 45 minutes to come up with a game plan to break the exciting news to him. I decided to write him a long love letter and wrap the test in the letter.

I remember it like it was yesterday; my heart was racing.  It was 3:59 p.m. and Shawn would be home any minute! I saw him pulling up, so I went to the back door to meet him. I handed him the rolled up letter and I ran outside crying (LOL). He didn’t even read the letter; he just glared at the test and ran outside after me [yelling] “You’re pregnant!” and I shook my head yes. We hugged and cried tears of joy for what felt like hours. He was so excited too!  I’ve always wanted to be a mommy and this was my dream come true. We were so excited but nervous to break the news to our parents. When we did, we got the reaction we had hoped for [and] they were all SO excited to be grandparents to our first born child.

I had an amazing pregnancy. The first 12-16 weeks were a little bit rocky with lots of migraines. I also had quite a bit [of] “morning sickness” that seemed to last all day! We had originally decided we were going to find out the sex of our baby. But as our 20 week anatomy scan approached, we decided that we were already half way through the pregnancy and we would wait for the amazing surprise!

From the day we found out I was expecting, I just had a weird feeling we were having a baby boy. Shawn (along with many others) said we would have a girl.

By the time I was 6 months pregnant, we had the nursery all painted, decorated and set up! We were so ready for our little bundle of joy. I have always loved looking at “baby gear” and I was so excited that I could finally buy it for myself to use as a mommy. I did so much research on the safest carseats and the best stroller for our active lifestyle. We had almost everything we needed for our baby by the time I was 7.5 months pregnant.

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Mom to Lydia

Stillborn November 6, 2014

Columbus, Ohio

On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, I was driving to my regular OB check-up. My 34 week check up. I enjoyed some extra time with my toddler son that morning, thinking how our time was limited since his sister would be here soon.  It had started to hit me how soon the baby would be here – with a planned c-section date of December 12, it was just over 5 weeks away.

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Mom to Wyatt Joseph

April 9, 2014

Brunswick, Maine

I’m writing to you because I’m a grieving parent of a stillborn. I was due to have a little boy May 20, 2014. We decided to name him Wyatt Joseph. He was my second child and my boyfriend and my first son. We were very excited at the fact that our 19-month-old daughter was going to be a big sister and we finally having a boy. I was working about 50 hours a week my first and second trimester. Once I hit my third, my hours decreased to 20 hours a week.

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Mom to Poppy Kate
Born still December 15, 2011,

Five tiny angels, each lost at 5 weeks
April 2009, April 2010 and November 2010,


Heterotopic twins (one ectopic, one uterine)
Lost at 6 weeks and 11 weeks in January 2011

Melbourne, Australia

From Rebecca’s blog post: 2011…the year that, well, sucked:

It seems as though the best place to start is to get all of the terrible, awful stuff that happened last year out on the table, so you know what you’re getting into.  It gives you some perspective as to where I’m coming from.  Don’t get me wrong, my life is definitely not crap.  I have a wonderful husband, let’s call him G, and he’s my soul mate and my strength.  Not to mention the love of my life :). We have a little boy, Xavier, who is known by many nicknames, including ‘X’, ‘Xav’, ‘Xavi’ and ‘Trouble’.  He took a bit of work to get, 2 years of TTC and 6 months of the fertility drug, Clomid, before we fell pregnant with him.  Xavier is now 5, and about to start school.  We have a great extended family; G’s parents and my dad and his partner all live nearby, along with a couple of our siblings.  Everyone else lives near enough that we see them often and we have an array of nieces and nephews (even a grand niece!) who Xav loves playing with.  We have great friends and workmates, who are a big support to us and lots of fun to hang out with! [Read more…]



Mom to Eliza

Stillborn December 6, 2010

St. Louis, Missouri

In early December of 2010, I was thirty four weeks and three days pregnant with my first child, a little girl. We called her our “Baby Duck.” I’d had an easy, uneventful pregnancy, and even in my third trimester, I felt good. The timing seemed to be perfect for our baby, who was due in January, and I joked that the only people more excited about this baby than my husband and I were my parents. I remember thinking at my baby showers how lucky my baby was to already have so many people who loved her. I couldn’t wait for her to meet all of our friends and family. [Read more…]



Mom to Eli Fred Lyman

Born Asleep September 20th, 2011

Payson, Utah

Our sweet baby boy passed away at 34 weeks gestation and was born asleep on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011.

Let me prefix this by telling you that from the beginning of this pregnancy, I knew he would be born early. I didn’t imagine it would be anything like this, but I knew. I was absolutely sure of it. Call it premonition or wishful thinking; call it what you want, but I knew.  I didn’t tell many people because the initial reactions I got were that of either ridicule or doubt. Not that people were rude, but they probably were thinking I was nuts so I stopped insisting. I simply figured I’d have him around 37/38 weeks and not have to be miserable the last couple.  [Read more…]



Baby Sala

Early Miscarriage April 2010

Cooper Michael

August 19th, 2011 – August 28th, 2011

Wichita, Kansas

My husband, Michael, and I had been married for a little less than a year when decided wanted to start our family.  We decided we would let nature take its own course, we weren’t ‘exactly’ trying but we weren’t preventing either.  When it happened it would happened. We were extremely surprised to get a positive pregnancy test the next month. We were so excited; we called everyone we knew to tell them the exciting news! Less than a month later we were devastated to discover that the baby had never developed. It was extremely heartbreaking to have to tell everyone that we had lost our baby. [Read more…]



Mom to Beatrix Elizabeth

December 13th, 2010

2:05 a.m. – 3:50 a.m.

Upstate New York

My name is Sarah, and my daughter, Beatrix Elizabeth was born on December 13, 2010. She lived for almost two hours after she was born, and was so very beautiful. I miss her so. [Read more…]


Mom to Charlie Douglas
Born Still on September 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm
Akron, Ohio

Our story began almost 16 years ago. I met my husband when I was 16. He and I remained friends while we went off to college in different states and through several boyfriends/girlfriends. We decided to start dating at the tender age of 22.

We couldn’t stand to be apart, so I moved to be with him 615 miles away from any family and all of my friends. We were married in September of 2003. We decided in November of 2007 to try and have a family.

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Erin and David
Parents to Rosalynn Patricia Foster
Grew her wings on April 20th, 2010
Columbus, OH

I say “We” because both my husband and I lost our precious girl. He is my rock and without him I could not have made it through this!! So,yes, “We” are the faces of stillbirth. This story comes from 4 separate excerpts from my blog.

Rosalynn Patricia Foster
On April 20th 2010, my perfect life came crashing down. The most vivid parts of my pregnancy are now the last 24 hours of it.

Monday morning I woke up not feeling well. I talked to my Aunt on the phone that morning complaining that I felt weird but really could not put my finger on why I was feeling like that. I did my fetal kick count, and made myself some breakfast. I started some loads of baby clothes, because I had just celebrated my baby shower with friends and family the Saturday prior. I still did not feel right, so I called off of work, and decided to lay down for a nap. At 2pm I woke up with the overwhelming feeling something was wrong. I called David to see if he would be home early, but he said he had a lot of work to do, so it would be the usual time. To this day I wonder if I had just gone to the hospital myself, if I could have prevented what happened. Around 5 pm I noticed I had only felt one movement since 2, a slight movement of Rosie’s head next to my ribs (she was breach). However, I had not felt any kicks, rolls, or her little hands in my ribs that I had gotten so used to over the past few weeks. I called my friend. She happens to be a nurse, and also pregnant. She had a fetal heart monitor at her house, and only lives 4 miles away. She told me to come over and we would find the heartbeat. Around 9 o’clock, after searching for the heartbeat with no success, Foster and I headed to the hospital.

Our drive to the hospital was pretty lighthearted. We talked about the possibility that we may become parents that night, but neither one of us brought up the conversation we did not want to talk about. We checked in, and got to the Labor and Delivery Triage room. The nurse brought in the fetal heart monitor. When she found a heartbeat, it was 125 beats per minute. I let out a sigh of relief. Until I realized my heartbeat was abnormally fast. Sure enough, when the nurse compared the monitor to my pulse, they were one and the same. Then everything started moving in slow motion. The Ultrasound tech came in, started searching, stood up and said “I need someone else to look at this.”

Now, when an US tech says that you KNOW there is something wrong. They do this for a living, so they are probably better qualified than most doctors to let a patient know how the baby is. However, after closer examination by the doctor, there was no heartbeat. I heard someone scream, a low, hurting scream, almost animal like. I realized it was me. My husband was squeezing me so tight and sobbing into my shoulder. We had lost our baby. The nurses exited the room, and allowed us to process this news as a couple, a set of grieving parents. “What was it?” I demanded of my husband. I had decided at the beginning of the pregnancy that I wanted the sex to be a surprise on that wonderful day I gave birth. However, David had decided he wanted to know. So for the last part of the pregnancy, he had kept this big secret, and now I needed to know more than anything what the name of the child within me was.

“It’s a girl.” He told me after much hesitation. I started sobbing. My poor Rosie. She had been picked way before her time.

It seemed like people came out of the woodwork. Jess, Kate, Kyle and Matt all were in my triage room within minutes of David and I finding out we had lost our baby girl. My Mom and Dad were there within 45 minutes of finding out. Nurses were coming and going in a steady stream and I don’t even know what they were doing, because it all was a blur. My sister, Kate, stood over me with a helpless look on her face. She is a Neo-natal intensive care unit(NICU) nurse, so all she deals with is little sick babies. She put her hands on my belly, and said “I want them to take her out now! I feel like we could still save her! I feel so helpless.” She didn’t understand why babies of 27 weeks gestation can survive, but her niece who was a healthy 34.5 weeks gestation didn’t make it. Everyone cried with me. Everyone felt my pain, because each and every one of them had hopes and dreams for this baby. Rosie was the first child amongst this family we had created. She was going to be, and is, the loved niece and the spoiled granddaughter.

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