Mom to Samuel

Born and Died on October 1, 2015

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I married the most wonderful man and my best friend in September 2013. We decided we’d start trying to have a baby in January 2015, with the thought it may take awhile to get pregnant. I was so anxious and excited to get pregnant that I would take so many pregnancy tests. When I saw that first positive stick, I couldn’t believe it. Mark and I were supposed to take a vacation in Saint Martin in December 2015 and I remember telling him that I didn’t think we would be able to go. He said “why not”. That was when I showed him the positive test and said “Because I’m pregnant!” That was a happy moment.

I was so blessed not to have morning sickness or anything too severe. Smelling beer, charcoal grilling, and the dishwasher made me feel nauseous but that was nothing compared to some mamas. Mark swore we were having a girl because I craved sushi, couldn’t stand the smell of beer and charcoal grilling. Our plan was to not find out the sex of the baby. We all know that plans don’t really work out the way we intend though.

At 10 weeks, I bled. I bled a lot. I woke up early that morning and went downstairs to feed the cat and get some cereal. While downstairs, I felt something warm dripping down my legs which turned out to be blood. I thought I miscarried. I woke Mark and we laid in bed and prayed. I was so scared. I went in for an ultrasound that morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Our little squirming coil (as my husband liked to call the baby) was wiggling around and with a strong heartbeat. I was told I had Placenta Previa and was put on pelvic rest for 5 weeks. 

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pic of me


Mom to Benjamin Ray

May 1, 2013

Sterling Heights, Michigan

We lost our son, Benjamin Ray, on May 1st. I was one day shy of being 31 weeks.

Around 28 weeks, I began to notice my son’s change in movement. He had been a very busy baby but then suddenly just wasn’t. I kept trying to tell the doctor, but she told me I was just being a first time mom and overreacting. I called the hospital and they kept telling me it was normal for him to not really move around 29-30 weeks.

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Mother to Keaton Scott

Born September 6, 2012 and passed September 10, 2012

Bellingham, Washington

My name is Kim and I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, Keaton Scott. I am sharing our story in hopes to encourage other mothers to listen to their “inner mama voice” if they have any concerns or worries during their pregnancy. I also want to let other families impacted by congenital CMV know they are not alone. 

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Mom to Jeremiah D’Andre

Born May 12, 2012 and died May 15, 2012

Miami, Florida

I don’t even know how to start my story…it just brings tears to my eyes, but in a good way. I think it is good to tell my story.

My name is Andrea. This was my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy was great with no complications at all, with a healthy little boy who is turning 7 years old. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, it was around November 2012. I was excited and surprised that I was pregnant. It wasn’t planned, but I had already fallen in love with the little person growing inside of me. Something told me that it was going to be a boy, and before I even knew that I was pregnant I already had his name planned out (since2010). I chose from the Bible Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations,” and I chose Jeremiah. [Read more…]



Mom to Noelle Kathryn 

Born still March 1, 2012

Rock Island, Illinois

I gave birth to my second child, our beautiful daughter, on March 1, 2012. She was already in Heaven with our Savior.

I found out I was pregnant in August of 2011. We had been waiting to try for our second child because my husband had gotten a new job at the end of 2010 and we were without insurance for 7 months. As soon as that probation period was up, we started trying to conceive, and we were elated when it happened so quickly. As with my first pregnancy, I had quite a bit of “morning” sickness (that came at all hours of the day and night) and honestly felt reassured by it. I had many people tell me that sickness is a sign that things are going well. Though I had lost some weight and was having a hard time keeping food down, the baby was growing right on track. [Read more…]



Mom to Ryan

Born into Heaven July 3, 2008

Roswell, Georgia

Everything was going well with my pregnancy, even though I was of advanced maternal age (i.e. old).  Four months into my pregnancy I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid).  I was sent to have a level 2 ultrasound, which I received weekly throughout my pregnancy.  I was lucky to spend up to an hour each week watching my baby grow inside me.  They looked him over head to toe and could only find that he was perfect in every way.  Usually with polyhydramnios the excess fluid can mean that the baby isn’t swallowing or peeing the amniotic fluid, which can be caused by a hole in the esophagus, kidney issues, etc.  They found none of that, so I never worried.  I thought everything was going to be fine and I was meant to have this little boy. What I didn’t know was that because of the excess fluid, cord accidents can happen.  Because of my size, I didn’t feel him move as often as a pregnancy without polyhydramnios.  I had my last level 2 ultrasound on Thursday, June 26th 2008 and as soon as I saw Ryan he had his palm up in the air facing me like he was saying “Hi”.  Again, everything was perfect.  I was 30 1/2 weeks and the only worry I had was making it full term. [Read more…]



Mamma to Spencer Ty

October 19, 2011

Perth, Western Australia

My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first in March 2011. We have been together for 16 years (since the early days of high school), so it was about time and we were elated. It was a very long, complicated pregnancy (Downs Syndrome scare, some baby kidney and heart problems – all of which turned out to be fine), but at 29 weeks they told us we could finally relax and start to enjoy the pregnancy. We did and went out and got everything we needed for our little boy, and oh how exciting it all was! [Read more…]



Mom to Angel Eternity Stewart

Stillborn on August 11, 2011

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


My name is I have hesitated in writing about Angel’s story for a long time now. Not because it isn’t important. In fact, it was probably the most important time of my life to date, and has forever changed me. There are so many things I’d like to be able to articulate about meeting Angel, however I am not sure I can fully describe the feelings in a way that can be understood. The only way to understand this journey is to walk it in your own shoes – and this I do not wish on any other person.

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Chelsea Wallis

Mom to Lainey Grace 

Stillborn on October 29th 2010

Mom to Evelyn Juliet

Stillborn August 11th, 2011

Buford, GA

The Birthstory of Eveyln Juliet


I have been wanting to write this for a long time. But as I’m sure some of you may know, writing the birth story of an Angel can be quite the task. So many things you want to say and express. So much you want people to feel and understand. All needing to be wrapped into a pretty box of words tied with love. I’ll do my best to make this birth story worthy of an angel. [Read more…]



Mom to Oliver James

June 14th, 2011

Poulsbo, WA

My husband and I found out we were expecting our fourth baby in the beginning of December 2010. We were so excited! I couldn’t wait to tell the kids.

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Mom to Griffin

Died June 12, 1993

Born June 13, 1993



January 1994

Greensboro , NC

I cannot believe it has been 18 years since my son, Griffin, was stillborn. I guess when it all happened, I was pretty sure that I would not be thinking about it nearly every day for the rest of my life, but I do. His 18th birthday is just ahead and it stirs up all the feelings from that weekend. [Read more…]


Mom to Andrew John
Born Sleeping on May 14th, 2009
and 2 Miscarriages
February 26th, 2010 and November 19th, 2010
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Mom to Maaike Rose 
Born still October 27, 2009
Patterson, CA
I “officially” found out I was pregnant on May 6, 2009. Of course, I knew I was pregnant before I went to the doctor – they just confirmed my fears. I was scared and had no idea what I was going to do. I was raised to be pro-life, and I was wholeheartedly…until I was faced with that choice. I didn’t think I could face the shame that I was sure would be coming. I set an appointment for an abortion. About four days before I was scheduled to go in, I had the overwhelming urge to tell my cousin that I was pregnant. Being a person of faith, I took that urge as a bit of a divine intervention. Once it was out, that was it. I knew that I could not kill the life growing inside me. I was going to have a baby.
For the first bit of my pregnancy, everything seemed to be going well. My baby was growing and I was healthy apart from the fact that I wasn’t gaining much weight. That fact nagged at me, but I asked my doctor about it and he told me I was doing fine and ­ not to worry about it too much.
Things started to take a downward spiral around my 20-week ultrasound. The technician said that the baby was a little small, but that it was nothing to worry about. The doctor told me the baby was only measuring at about 17 weeks, so the he wanted me to have another U/S done a few weeks later to see if anything changed. At 23 weeks I got another one done and at that point the baby was only measuring at 19 weeks.
I was sent to a perinatologist to get a more thorough U/S in order to see if they could determine what was causing the baby to be so small. They found that the flow in the umbilical cord wasn’t very good, and it was assumed that the baby was probably not getting all the nutrition needed from it. That day I was given some of the worst news of my life…that my baby was probably going to die, and that there was a good chance it wouldn’t even make it another month.
I could not believe what was happening. Hadn’t I made the choice to keep my baby? It was very loved and wanted. I couldn’t understand what I had done to deserve all of this.

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Mom to Sienna Jeane
Stillborn on January 7th, 2010
Amelia, OH
My story begins on the morning of January 7th 2010.  I was 31 weeks pregnant.  We were scheduled for a Level 2 ultrasound because of my fluids being on the low side since my 23 week ultrasound appointment.  We were the first appointment of the day and thought nothing of it when the tech said she was going to go see if the doctor had arrived.  They returned to the room and began looking around again.  After about 10 seconds the doctor said “that’s enough, I don’t know how to say this, but I am sorry, your baby has died”.  Those words will never leave me.  I called my dad and hearing him on the phone was heartbreaking. Everyone was on their way.

I had just seen the doctor 9 days before and everything seemed perfect.  I would be induced by 11 am. They took me down to the corner room at the very end of the hall.  I know now this was so I wouldn’t be around any other women in labor. They also took 20 vials of blood for testing.  It took 6.5 hours to get to 10 centimeters.

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