Mom to Chad Michael

February 13, 2016 – February 14, 2016

Chicago, Illinois

So this pregnancy was a surprise to my husband and I because we thought I couldn’t get pregnant. In October we found out we were; Steve wanted to tell everyone that day I told him to wait until we knew for sure and to find out how long [I’d been pregnant]. Two days later, I was taken to the hospital because I was bleeding. Everything turned out to be okay (Due date was April 26th, 2016). From our first ultrasound up until December 2, 2015, everything was great. On December 2nd at 18 weeks, my water broke. My coworker at the time took me to the hospital. They ran some test on me and it turned out that in fact my water had broken.

I did not go into labor and so I was sent home 3 days later on bedrest. At this point I was going to my OB doctor specialist doctor every week. [I was] getting blood taken at every appointment to make sure my white blood count was low, because with very low fluid it could [cause] infection and that would be bad for the myself and the baby.By week 24 on January 6th, 2016, I was taken to the hospital again but this time to stay until the baby was born. I was on 24-hour care between monitoring and more blood work, this time every 3 days and anything else needed to keep this baby boy in longer.
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Mom to Lathan Neal

September 20-October 6, 2010

Mom to Baby A Black, Babies D&E Black 

May 2005, September 2009

Jacksonville, Florida


My whole life I had wanted a baby girl. But I wanted a boy first to be the big brother to look over his little sister. The first time I was pregnant, I was young (18) and very excited; it was planned. After being told me my baby looked perfect on ultrasound, and I got my first picture of him (I didn’t know the sex I just had a feeling), I miscarried that night at home.


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Mom to Gemma Grace

Born still August 14, 2012

Portland, Oregon

We tried for a year to have another child, and had two early losses that broke my heart and made me wonder if I would be able to get pregnant.

In February 2012, we had another positive pregnancy test, and began to hope a little. As things went on, my blood levels looked good, I got sick, and we were celebrating. I was sure this baby was a boy, because I felt so different than I had with my daughter. I was taking Lovenox and aspirin because of the previous losses, vitamins, and being generally as healthy and conscientious as possible. [Read more…]



Mom to Easton

Born sleeping March 5, 2012

  Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

We had been married a full month when we found out we were pregnant with our “honeymoon” baby.  We were both so excited and kind of surprised it happened that soon. (I had been married before and we had unexplained fertility and a miscarriage). [Read more…]


Ellersley Grace – August 13th, 2011 birth and death
Louisville, OH
My name is Nicki and I am a mommy to a little lady who dances on the other side of eternity. We found out we were pregnant on February 17th, 2011. We had been trying for about 2.5 years and we could not BELIEVE what we were seeing! We were filled to the brim with Joy and Love for the sweet baby we didn’t even know yet! We went through our pregnancy with flying colors, I was healthy and the baby was healthy. All was well in our world. We came to June and we decided to have a gender reveal party; we cut the cake and the inside color told us what my belly held inside. [Read more…]



Mom to Ryan James
September 17th, 2010
Fort Worth, Texas

March 25, 2010, there were two pink lines and then on another test the word “pregnant”. After taking 3 different tests, I allowed myself to be excited! My husband and I had struggled to get pregnant with our oldest child, so I was shocked to be pregnant within 3 months. The plan was for this pregnancy to complete our family of four.  [Read more…]


Mom to Dexter
March 9th, 2009-March 10th, 2009
Palm Bay, FL
Seeing those two faint pink lines on the pregnancy test was a shock. I remember feeling overwhelmed with so many different emotions. I was surprised. I was excited. I was terrified. My boyfriend & I had only been together a little under 2 years. I had two children from my previous marriage & I was sure that this was a bit soon for us. When I revealed the pregnancy, I didn’t get the reaction I had been hoping for. I had pictured being embraced & told that we could do it. Instead I was met with resistance & fear. I know that he was only scared but it was a rough two weeks where the fate of our baby & our relationship was up in the air. I was pressured into getting an abortion, something I was very much against. I made the appointment, but only with the hopes that my boyfriend would change his mind & not let me go through with it. The waiting period killed & I agonized over the fact I would be leaving my relationship to go raise the baby on my own. Luckily, the night before the appointment, I was met with a car & a onesie by my sheepish looking boyfriend when I got home from work. “Let’s do this”, he said. It was the happiest moment in my pregnancy. & so we were off on a journey.
My pregnancy with Dexter had started out rough, but soon fell into a normal routine. I took my vitamins. I went to appointments. I was still high risk, as my daughter was born with a heart defect & I was also diabetic. But I took my insulin & I kept to my diet. I did everything I could to make sure I had the healthiest pregnancy possible. For a while, everything seemed great. On one appointment at the high risk doctor .. I found out we were having a boy. I took great pleasure in telling his Daddy the good news when he got home from work. Dexter Beckett was on his way. (Beckett was chosen in honor of Daddy’s sister Becky, who died from breast cancer.)
Dexter’s Daddy was so involved. He’d talk to my belly & shine lights on it. He’d anxiously try to feel any movement that he made. I was in love with my two boys right there. We had one more serious appointment for an ultrasound at a specialist .. to make sure that Dexter didn’t have the same heart condition that his older sister had. I drove out to Orlando to find out. It was the one hurdle that I had been waiting for. After a long afternoon .. I got the okay. His heart was PERFECT. All my fears were lifted. Any worries just dissipated. I felt like it would going to be smooth sailing from there. This was January 18th, 2009. Little did I know my world would begin to crumble just over a month later.
We were all so happy. We went shopping for crib bedding, clothes .. the perfect travel system. His Daddy picked out a special little puppy toy for him & lots of cute little shoes. I don’t think I have ever been as happy as I was in this time. & I fear I will never feel that happiness again. We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day & things seemed perfect.
Early morning of February 26th, 2009 .. around 5:30 am, I was abruptly woken from a dream with what felt like someone spilled water. I immediately jumped to my feet & ran to the bathroom. I wasn’t worried. Several times in my pregnancies I have had “accidents” in bed. I didn’t feel like anything was different. Until I stood up from the toilet & the liquid didn’t seem to stop. I suddenly knew something was wrong & I remember saying “No no no no”, over & over again. I called to my boyfriend & told him I had an emergency. My water had broken & I was only 27 weeks pregnant. He asked me what to do & I told him to call an ambulence. The moments laying on that bathroom floor, gushing fluid, were some of the longest of my life. I didn’t feel pain, or contractions, but I knew this couldn’t be good. My son’s father was so brave for me during all this. Helping me get dressed & as I was taken off in the ambulance .. he told me that he broke down & cried.
To my surprise, my labor didn’t start. I was told to calm down & let’s see what happens. I was undoubtedly going to be in the hospital until he was born. My doctor came & told us that each day Dexter remained in my womb would be another percentage added to his survival. He hoped for at least 33 weeks. I prepared myself to do that. I told myself that I could do that. During my 12 day stay on bedrest in the hospital my labor only started up twice. The first time they stopped it with drugs. The second time, I had a fever & it would be time to deliver our son.

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