Mom to Faith Elizabeth and Grace Katherine
Stillborn November 3, 1996 at 26 weeks’ gestation


Thomas Patrick
Born and died July 14, 1998


Tim and I were married in March of 1994. We had a son, Timothy. Two years into our marriage, I was expecting again…and there were many surprises…First of all, everything was different with this pregnancy…there was more fatigue, more nausea, more belly, and more “stretching pains”. At our first ultrasound appointment around 6-8 weeks, the doctor confirmed, after a series of disconcerting “Hmmmms…” that we were expecting TWINS. I had a slight panic attack on the table, immediately overwhelmed with all the additional concerns and possible complications that could come with a twin pregnancy. Tim’s twenty-year-old face was covered in shock, bewilderment, and stunned excitement. I staggered my way off the examining table, and once safely behind the curtain, I began to change out of the napkin gown we ladies wear at the OB, and the fears started to emerge in the form of tears, which gave way to sobs. [Read more…]


Mom to Lara Taina

Born still May 19, 1996

Bronx, New York

Today is May 19, 2012.  Sixteen years ago (1996), I delivered my Lara Taina.  Sadly, she was still born due to umbilical strangulation.  She would have been 16 years old today. [Read more…]


Mom to Savannah Grace Filer

July 2nd, 1996 – July 2nd, 1996

In November of 1995, my husband Chris and I found out that we were going to have a baby. We were thrilled with the thought of being parents. On February 21, 1996, we had a routine sonogram. There was concern that day regarding the abnormal size of the baby. The doctors advised us to do a Level II sonogram with a high- risk doctor. We took their advice and had the sonogram on March 12th. That day the high-risk doctor told us that something wasn’t right. The baby was behind schedule and other warning signs were present. They discussed with us the possibility of a heart defect, chromosome abnormality, or some type of genetic disorder. They also discussed the possibility that the baby could die before birth. We were encouraged to do an amniocentesis. We decided against the amnio because of the slight possibility of a miscarriage. All we could do was wait. During this waiting period, we received many prayers, cards, and encouraging words from family and friends. We know that through the prayers of God’s people, we experienced peace at a level we had never known before. [Read more…]

Mom to 
Jordan Donise, July 27th, 1996
Alexander Michael, May 28th, 1997
Alisia Noelle, November 27th, 2009
and Gabriel Ryan, September 7th, 2010
Lilburn, Georgia

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