Mom to Caden Ryann (April 11, 2011 @ 11w2d)

Brady Thomas (August 9, 2011 @ 10w3d)

Portage, Michigan

My name is Christina and I have been married to my husband, Ty, for 4 years.  Shortly after we were married we conceived our first son, Hayden, who is now 3 years old.  Eight months later we conceived our second son, Connor, who is now 2 years old.  Both of my pregnancies were uneventful and aside from Connor being born at 35 weeks I had no complications. [Read more…]


Mom to Baby #1, lost at 8 weeks on April 19th, 2010

and Baby #2, lost at 10 weeks on April 15th, 2011

Bethlehem, GA

Our first baby was a shock and totally unexpected. At our first appointment we found out our baby didn’t have a heartbeat -a blighted ovum is what they called it.


Mom to Baby Anthony

August 25th, 2011

Taunton, Massachusetts

In July, I started suspecting I was pregnant. I suspected because my body felt… different.  I was unsure, since my periods are so erratic. I don’t get my periods every month, or around the same time, so I figured it would start up at any time.  Since June, I had some spotting here and there. Occasionally, I would see some spotting, and think maybe I was getting my period finally.  It never came. [Read more…]


Mom to Spring

Miscarried February 3rd, 2011 at 10 weeks

and Dove

Miscarried  June 10th, 2011 at 8 weeks

West Jordan, Utah

Spring’s Story:
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

I went in for a regular ultrasound at 10w4d. I wasn’t even supposed to have it- I asked for it because even though I was really excited about being pregnant and we’d tried for this baby, I wasn’t feeling connected to this pregnancy and wanted to see the baby, so my midwife fudged some “left side pain” so I could get in. They couldn’t see me for three weeks, though. I didn’t mind since by then I figured we would be able to see the baby for sure. I have a tilted uterus so that makes it harder to hear the heartbeat with a doppler before 12 weeks or so. [Read more…]


Mom of Baby Angel 1- Lost at 7 weeks

December 9th, 2010

and Baby Angel 2 – Lost at 10 weeks

August 3rd, 2011

Addison, Texas

I married the love of my life on May 18th 2007. From the first day I met him I know I was going to marry him. We married young– me being 19 and him 21. We knew we wanted kids and in Feb of 2008 we decided to start trying.  After many months and negative pregnancy tests, because of course every month I thought I was pregnant… we started to get concerned.  After a year of TTC and nothing went to see my OB/GYN and May of 2009 was diagnosed with PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome)  Instead of taking Metformin we decided to try the natural way first. I’m not a huge fan of perscription drugs. [Read more…]



September 2005

Etna, Maine

My name is Donna, I live in Etna, Maine.  I miscarried with my first child at 10 1/2 weeks in September 2005.  I first discovered Faces of Loss through the Facebook page of a friend of a friend, who had lost her baby to SIDS. [Read more…]


Mom to Glory Baby

Miscarried on June 25th, 2010 at 10 weeks, 5 days

Frisco, TX

I’ve been wanting to write my miscarriage story for a while. It has just taken me this long to find the right words. It all started when my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our very first baby on Mother’s Day 2010. I actually took a positive test on that day, but had to wait and share my excitement with him for a couple days because he was out of town, and that is just not something you share on the phone! We were both pretty surprised, but very excited.
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Rachel Deitz

Mom to Vala Faith June 2010


Jordan Alexander lost to pProm born May 14, 2011 and Passed May 15, 2011

Orange Park Florida


In the beginning of 2010 my husband and got a surprise when he took me to the doctor since my voice was gone.  They did a pregnancy test before they gave me any medicine. She came back in and told us I was around 6 weeks along. I was so happy but scared too cause I was bleed pretty bad but they kept telling me as long as I was not passing any clots me and the baby would be fine.   [Read more…]


Jordan Lee Eubanks

Lost at 10 weeks on June 26, 2009

Gainesville, FL

I am a face of a miscarriage. My little angel started his adventure to earth before Mother’s Day 2009. My boyfriend, at the time, Charles and I were expecting our first child together. We found out on Mother’s Day that we were expecting when I took 3 at home pregnancy tests because I was unable to believe the first one. We called our local health department and made an appointment to confirm the results which was still the same, pregnant. At that moment, they told me I was due January 22, 2010. [Read more…]


Mom to Taylor

Lost at 10 weeks, 1 day on January 2nd, 2011

Ord, Nebraska

My husband and I had decided to start a family.  We were trying to get pregnant when we conceived, so it wasn’t a surprise.  We took a test right away and knew for certain at four weeks.  We didn’t miscarry until 10 weeks and 1 day, so we had 6 whole weeks to get used to the idea and fall in love with our little one.  We found out 13 days before we miscarried that it was not looking good.  I didn’t feel any different.  I still felt pregnant right up until the end.  I didn’t have any tell-tale bleeding, all my pregnancy symptoms were still there, and I really didn’t see it coming.

We had gone in to get an ultrasound picture taken so that we could surprise our parents and tell them we were expecting in a Christmas present.  At that appointment our life turned upside down and our excitement turned into dread.  Our doctor scheduled us for another ultrasound in 10 days.  She was hoping that we had gotten pregnant later than we thought and it was just too soon to see a heartbeat.

Those next 10 days were horrible.  We were torn between hoping for the best and preparing for the bad.  My husband’s attitude was completely positive for the next 10 days while my attitude depended on the day and on which article I had read about our chances.  In 10 days, our worst fear was confirmed.  We were diagnosed with a blighted ovum (a sac had formed, but for genetic reasons a baby never formed) on December 30th.  I was sent home to miscarry on my own. I wasn’t given any options at all.  That may be the part of my care that upsets me the most.  I can’t say that I would have chosen to take a pill or have a D&C, but I still feel I should have had the option.
I miscarried right after New Year’s day, on Jan 2nd in the morning. That day seems like it was yesterday.  I can remember everything about that day.

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Mom to Liberty John, Lost at 10 weeks in November 2004

Elijah Lee, Lost at 6 weeks in September 2007

Eden Sky, Lost at 5 weeks in August 2010

and Journey Peace, Lost at 11 weeks in May 2011

Lakeville, Minnesota

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my babies I could never hold here on earth.  No pictures, no foot prints, no lock of hair to hold onto.  Even when my body would physically heal, my heart would still ache with emptiness.  My baby left my body but never made it to my arms … such a strange sad thing to come to terms with.  [Read more…]


Miscarriage – 2010


My husband and I have two beautiful girls and were not really planning to have any more children.  However when I found out that I was pregnant for the third time I was excited as well as very nervous.  With my other two since we were planning to have them I was watching my diet, and taking better care of myself.  As soon as I figured out I started to make sure I was eating right and taking my vitamins like I should.  [Read more…]

Lost to Early Miscarriage
Toronto, Canada

Do you remember high school health class? I remember a cheerless woman issuing dire warnings about the dangers of unprotected sex, the scariest one of which was getting pregnant. We all knew that if you had unprotected sex once, you’d get pregnant and then nine months later you’d have a baby. [Read more…]

Miscarriage on March 4th, 2011 at 10 weeks
Lexington, South Carolina
January 24th, 2011: Surprise! We found out we were expecting our second child. My husband and I were both very excited and we called our parents right away to share our news. I then called my doctor to schedule my first baby appointment. We were scheduled for February 22nd.
I had the usual pregnancy symptoms; extreme fatigue, nausea and roller coaster emotions. I ended up feeling like I was getting a urinary tract infection (UTI), so I called my doctor. At this point I was 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Because of the UTI my doctor wanted to see me, and as a precaution she scheduled an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech said that the baby was only measuring 4 weeks. I was concerned but my doctor said that it was perfectly fine at this point.

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Mom to
Sweat Pea, Lost September, 2009 at 8 weeks
Baby Girl: Lost February, 2010 at 10 weeks
Baby Girl: Lost September, 2010 at 9 1/2 weeks
Purcellville, Virginia

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Two Miscarriages 
Baby 1- Ectopic Miscarriage at 10 weeks, Death March 16th, 2010
Baby 2- Ectopic Miscarriage at 10 weeks, Death June 9th, 2010
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
My name is AmyLynn.  I lost my first baby due to an ectopic pregnancy.  I was given a needle that would force by body to miscarry the baby. We had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years, with nothing, then all of a sudden I was in the hospital and it all happened so fast. 
After my body recovered from all of that and the loss, I found out I was pregnant May 14th– my fiancé’s birthday.  The following morning I had bleeding.  Not having a normal pregnancy before, I went to the emergency and was told I was having a miscarriage.  3 weeks later I was back in the hospital not even able to move, to find out that I was 10 weeks pregnant and that I didn’t lose the baby.  It formed into another ectopic pregnancy and ruptured and if something didn’t happen I could die. 

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Mom to Jordan
November 10th, 2005
It is November and the rain has come again. My stomach has begun to bloat with a much-desired second child. The boxes of maternity clothes I wore while expecting my first have been dragged out of the dusty stacks in the garage. I’ve been feeling fairly well. Not as nauseated as with my first, when after every dinner I found myself in the bathroom. I’m proud to be starting to show. I love this part, where it becomes obvious that there’s a baby growing within me. I am a creature of comfort, and have been wearing a new pair of grey athletic pants with double pink stripes up the pant legs. When I go out, I look the part of “put-together-stay-at-home-mom,” but once at home I am quick to shed these classy garments, and cozy back into my comfy pants.

I’ve taken to eating fruit in the evenings, while my husband and I watch our television show. Canned peaches are the current favorite. Pears and pineapple have had their turn too. We have been talking about this baby for so long that we’ve already settled on names: Benjamin for a boy (of course I’ll call him Ben), and Sierrah for a girl (the ‘h’ just makes it look more balanced I think, more finished. And of course that way it will go with our first daughter’s name – Hannah, also with an ‘h’ on the end.)

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Mom to Baby Maes #1 – missed miscarriage July 16, 2009 at 15 weeks
Baby girl Maes– missed miscarriage March 11, 2010 at 10 weeks
and Baby Maes #2- Chemical pregnancy August 16,2010 at 4 weeks
Stockton, CA

In spring of 2009 after 7 months of TTC my husband and I were finally blessed with a baby. We were elated to be expecting our first baby. We knew pregnancy would be complicated due to my preexisting diabetes. My OB was on top of it and worked hard getting my insurance to approve a state funded program for pregnant diabetics to control my blood sugars as well as diet.

The pregnancy progressed fine. At 6 weeks we saw our baby heartbeat flickering away. At 9 weeks we saw our baby bouncing all over as we had an ultrasound. The baby was measuring a little small, but my OB said there were no worries. I got into the Sweet Success program and was immediately started on insulin injections and met with the nutritionist to set up my diet plan. In the meantime I was awaiting approval from my insurance to see the perinatologist. I started my insulin and over the next couple of weeks my sugars were under control.

On July 14, 2009 at 15 weeks I went to the perinatologist and have a level 2 ultrasound. I was excited that maybe we would see the sex of the baby. My husband couldn’t get off of work but he told me to find out the sex if they were able and bring home pictures for him. As they put the probe on my belly I knew instantly something wasn’t right.

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Mom to Miscarriage at 10 weeks, May 2001
Miscarriage at 6 weeks, November 2001
Delia lost to Anencephaly May 30, 2010
Kent, Ohio
My husband and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in January. Our first year together we lived through 2 miscarriages. A missed miscarriage at 10 weeks in May, and another miscarriage in November at 6 weeks. We were worried that we would not be able to have children so we asked for tests to find out what was happening. I was diagnosed as having a MTHFR mutation and lupus anticoagulant disorder. We were told a daily shot of heparin should prevent any further problems. We were terrified to try again… so we waited, and then 4 years later and lots of needles in my belly, we had our first child. Sophia was born healthy and perfect after the longest 9 months I could imagine. Another 4 years and a switch to Lovenox, we had our second little girl, Polly.

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Mother of two angel babies
Riley, confirmed on 2/11/10 at 6 weeks (EDD 9/27/10), D&C 2/24/10
Peyton, confirmed on 8/19/10 at 10 weeks (EDD 3/15/11), D&C 8/27/10
Buffalo, NY
My first angel:

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