I am the face of Infertility.

This is my story of HOPE.

I am one of the lucky ones. It may not seem like it as I begin my story, but this one has a happy ending. [Read more…]


Mom to Zeke

November 18, 2001 – January 30, 2002

Sometimes life isn’t easy. I was nineteen when I found out my son had birth defects and might die.  Doctors and nurses urged us to end the pregnancy, but I couldn’t do that to my son.   [Read more…]


Mom of Elijah Jack Schwartz

June 26, 2011 – June 29, 2011

Wrightwood, California

My name is Tami Schwartz. I’m 26 years old, married and live in Wrightwood,CA. My son Elijah Jack Schwartz was born on June 26,2011 and died on June 29,2011.  He was 1lb. 12oz. and 15inches long. I was a high risk pregnancy due to a heart condition called VasoVagal Syncope. I had also already had a pre-term baby whom is beautiful, strong and just turned three. [Read more…]


Mom to Avery Jace

Born still September 5, 2006

Traverse City, Michigan

My name is Adrienne, my husband’s name is Justin. We lost our first born to stillbirth of unknown reasons on September 5, 2006. I had no prior losses and my pregnancy was easy. At my 32 week appointment I measured 35 weeks, an ultrasound was scheduled for my 34 week appointment to see if I was having a big boy. Two days before my appointment, Avery Jace was stillborn. [Read more…]


Mom to Caleb James Hiltz

July 29, 2011 – September 21, 2011

Buffalo, New York

My husband and I have been together since our early 20’s and we got married just one year ago on 11/12/2010. We were so excited to start our family, which was the natural progression after getting married.  So you can imagine my surprise on 3/4/2011 when I got a positive pregnancy test, or two.. Since I did not believe it either.  [Read more…]


Mom to James Dean

Stillborn April 2, 2010

Golden, Colorado

Wow, where to start. We found out we were pregnant with our son in late August of 2009, just after our daughter turned 4. Once we found out we were having a boy we were very excited. We ended up getting some upsetting news in December, just before Christmas. I was at work and got a call from the Doctor saying that the blood tests came back showing that our son had Downs Syndrome. They scheduled me to do an amniocentesis not long after that. We went to have the test done and they were still confident he had Downs Syndrome. In my heart, even still to this day, I do not believe he did have it. Its not just me wishing and hoping that he didnt, it is a gut feeling (call it mothers instinct.) Right away my kids’ father thought we should get an abortion because of him being diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. But the way that I am, I was not going to go for that. I’m the type that no matter what, I will give the baby a chance at life and not take it from them no matter what happens. [Read more…]

Jolon Sherin

Mom to Larissa

Stillborn on her due-date, November 15, 2010

Pittston, PA

It was March 11th, 2010 when the word ‘pregnant’ on a Clear Blue digital pregnancy test changed my life forever.  From that moment on, I was a mom.   [Read more…]


Mommy to Eli Michael McCoy

September 8

Calgary, Alberta

Even as a child, I’ve felt very close to my parents and related in so many ways to my mother early on.  We (my brothers and I) were loved unconditionally and confidently knew we were everything to them.  Innocently, we believed their lives began when we entered and that there were only 3 of us they could love like they do. [Read more…]


Mom to Olivia (7 years) and Marlo

Born still January 15th, 2009

My name is Monica Wilson, I am the mother to Olivia, 7 years, and Marlo, who was born still on January 15th, 2009. Here is my story:
I had a very uncomfortable pregnancy: nothing bad, no morning sickness, or anything terrible, it was just very uncomfortable. I was HUGE. I have never been a believer in inducing. In my mind, your body and baby knows when it is time to come, so that wasn’t really an option for me until I was 38 and a half weeks along, my ever growing belly was just more than I could handle and we knew that this was going to be a big baby. I have never had regular periods, so we could only guess how far along I was by  the measurements in the ultrasounds. My first child Olivia was 6lbs 13oz’s so I was not ready for a 9lb child, but I was going to have one anyway. At my 38 week visit my Doctor asked if I wanted to be induced and all I could think was, “Yes, please!!” That was a Monday and we scheduled an induction for the following Monday. On that Wednesday, I thought I was going into labor. I left work, called my husband and told him to get home, that this was it, it was time. [Read more…]

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