Mama to Corbin David

Still born January 19th, 2011

Sacramento, CA


My second son, Corbin David, was born on January 19th, at 11:10 A.M.  He was beautiful.  Past full term, he was born at forty-one weeks gestation.  A chubby nine pounds and thirteen ounces.  Twenty-one inches long.  Black hair that curled as it dried.  Long fingers and legs.  Sweet turned up newborn nose.   I gush about him like any other new mama. [Read more…]


Ellersley Grace – August 13th, 2011 birth and death
Louisville, OH
My name is Nicki and I am a mommy to a little lady who dances on the other side of eternity. We found out we were pregnant on February 17th, 2011. We had been trying for about 2.5 years and we could not BELIEVE what we were seeing! We were filled to the brim with Joy and Love for the sweet baby we didn’t even know yet! We went through our pregnancy with flying colors, I was healthy and the baby was healthy. All was well in our world. We came to June and we decided to have a gender reveal party; we cut the cake and the inside color told us what my belly held inside. [Read more…]



Mom to Ryland Sebastian Xavier,
Still-born at 36 weeks on October 24th, 2011

Cleburne, Texas

I had a pretty normal pregnancy up till my 7th month. I was due 11/22/2011. I had switched doctors and well my new OBGYN was not happy with my blood pressure. After my first 24 hour urine catch I was shown to have mild preeclampsia So from the end of September to mid October I was being sent to LDR for non stress testing and doing 24 hour urine catches every week. The urine catches for to test for protein in my urine…a sign of preeclampsia and at this point was to make sure it went no higher. [Read more…]



Mommy to Elijah Thomas

Born May 7th, 2009 at 10:13am
Received his angel wings at 11:11am May 7th, 2009

Where should I start? Well I’ll start from the beginning. I went to a routine appointment at 30weeks and the doctor saw that my son seemed to have a cleft lip. The next day I was sent to the hospital to get some more advance ultrasounds. The tech took about an hour and a half and at the end told me to so see my OB/GYN. I went to my doctor’s office and he very calmly told me that my son had some other abnormalities and I needed to go see a perinatologist. I went to get my referral for the perinatologist and had that appointment on a monday. At this time my husband was deployed and I had to call the Red Cross to get him back home before my perinatologist appointment since I had already got bad news that something was wrong with my son’s brain. [Read more…]



 Riley Faith at 6wk4d. Memorial date May 3, 2011

Mom to twins Brielle Grace and Maia Hope at 9wk0d

Memorial date November 4, 2011, birthday November 7, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

My name is Katlyn Hudgins and I married my wonderful husband Andrew February 6, 2010. We knew we wanted a big family with lots of children and most of them adopted. We only planned to have one, maybe two biological children and adopt at least two or three. We wanted to try to start having kids winter of 2011 but to our wonderful and excited surprise we found ourselves pregnant in April of 2011. It was earlier than we planned but we didn’t care, we were over the moon. Things were stressful because we were still both uni students and worked full time but we knew God gave us this baby for a reason. Just a few short weeks later I had some spotting. I knew that little spotting was normal but it was so painful I nearly collapsed on the floor at work. Being blessed that I worked in the same office as my mom I called her on my cell phone and without a word she knew I needed her. She helped me into her classroom and called my doctor for me while I called my husband. The doctor said to go straight to the ER because of the pain. The pain was very sharp and this worried them thinking it may have been ectopic. [Read more…]



Miscarried June 10th, 2010

Ephrata, PA

April of 2010 was not only a shocking time for my then fiance and I but also a joyous time. We learned that we were expecting our first child after an irresponsible night in March. After we got over the initial shock that we were pregnant, joy and excitement came into play. I started to think of names for our little bundle of joy and my fiance started to guess what he thought the baby would be. I was finishing up a semester at college and was out of the state.

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Momm to Bentley Charles

October 18th, 2011 Stillborn at 38 Weeks

Hagerstown, MD

Blake and I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bentley Charles Nalley. We had been preparing so much and we were so ready. It was October 17, 2011, and I woke up that morning and said goodbye to Blake as he left for work. I decided to go ahead and stay awake instead of sleeping  in. I showered, ate some waffles, and got all “pretty” and no place to go really. I walked through my check list of things to take to the hospital and to ensure that Blake and I had bought and packed everything that we would need. I knew we had everything, but I am a control freak when it came to Bentley because I wanted him to have the best. I wanted to ensure that Blake and I were the best parents we possibly could be.  I had an OB appointment scheduled at as a routine 38 week appointment at 4:10pm that day. 
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Mom to Madeleine Grace

September 29th, 2011

Liverpool, England

The ectopic pregnancy was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, but I am trying to take something positive from the experience. Every day it is a struggle. I get out of the shower and run my hands over my stomach, remembering how it felt to know that my little one was there.

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Mom to her little one

D&C November 9th, 2011

Montclair, New Jersey

Our rollercoaster ride began almost immediately after our wedding in late June 2011.  That August, after having not gotten my period since two days after our wedding, I began to see medical professionals to find out why 1. I had not gotten my period and 2. I was feeling so tired, nauseous, and dizzy. I took lots of pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. In mid-September the symptoms had vanished and I got an ultrasound done that confirmed I had a cyst on my ovary and we were told it was unlikely I would be able to ovulate with it there. We were also told to wait a few weeks more and if I didn’t get a period that they would start me on a medication to induce my period to start. I began feeling all those symptoms again and took yet another pregnancy test just to check and it came out positive!  We were ecstatic!  It wasn’t in our plan but after all of this uncertainty it was a welcome, happy outcome.

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