Tammy Ray

Mom to Faith Ann

Last year July 4th at the family get together my Aunt Tammy said that someone was pregnant. We all laughed and said she was crazy.

Our son was 9 months old at the time so I was said its not me. Well when I got home I started to think about what she said and that’s when I noticed a few symptoms that were familiar. So I took a test the next day and sure enough two pink lines. Within the next two weeks both our families and friends knew. Everyone was excited. I was excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. We were talking about what its going to be like having two run around. I marked the calendar with the due date March 17, 2012. We couldn’t wait. [Read more…]



Mom to Isaac Lee
Miscarried April 4, 2011
(EDD August 24, 2011)


Kinslee Nicole
Born and died February 24, 2012
(EDD June 29, 2012) 

Crooksville, Ohio

June 22, 2012. This was supposed to be one of the greatest days of our lives. Instead it will be another day out of the year that’s filled with tears and sadness for my husband and I. This is our story. [Read more…]



Mom to Avery Minnie

Born and died on February 27, 2012 

Blaine, Minnesota

All my life I knew I wanted a family.  I didn’t have a dream of career and money; I had a dream of children and softball games, playing at the park, reading a story before bed.  [Read more…]



Mom to three angels:

Caden – November 2003

Skylar – January 2008

Alex – February 2009

Lynchburg, Virginia

My name is Angela & I am the proud Mommy of 3 angels. [Read more…]



Navia Jean

Born May 26, 2011

Became an Angel baby July 3, 2011

Kittery, Maine

In September 2010, after being told numerous times that the chances of me being able to conceive a child and give birth were slim to none due to some medical problems, I had a positive pregnancy test. [Read more…]



     3 missed miscarriages: 

     March 2011 at 9 weeks

     October 2011 at 12 weeks

     February 2012 at 8 weeks

 Iowa City, Iowa


My Story:

In May 2010 my husband and I decided to ditch my birth control bills and start trying to conceive.  After three months went by with no period, I wasn’t the least bit surprised because I had long cycles as a teenager and always knew something was wrong with me and that someday I’d likely have trouble conceiving.  My ob/gyn ran some blood tests, and in October 2010 I was diagnosed with PCOS. [Read more…]



Mom to Bean Bunny

Lost on February 24, 2012

Decatur, Illinois


My husband and I found out January 7, 2012 that we were expecting our first child. We were so excited and happy.

After my first doctors appointment we learned that my gestational sac was empty and our baby had stopped developing very early on. We waited two weeks for another doctor since the first showed no sympathy, not even a simple “sorry”. So after seeing the second doctor who was much kinder, he informed us that the sac was still empty and now starting to collapse. We had been grieving already for the past two weeks and decided to do a d&c the next morning with the new doctor. I would have been one day short of 11 weeks. I miss my baby so much and it hurts when people think that because the sac was empty that there never was a baby, because there was they just didn’t make it past a couple of weeks. I grieve for my first child and dream of him or her playing in a field of daffodils (my favorite flower) in Heaven.
[Read more…]



Mom to Zachary Conner

Born still on November 10, 2011 at 5:53am at 20 weeks

Due March 22, 2012

Sammamish, Washington

I prepared for nearly a year, getting my body in what I thought would be perfect condition for carrying a baby.

We were more than ready to add to our family and were extremely excited when we got pregnant the first month of trying. [Read more…]



Mom to Hannah Grace

Due June 23, 2012
Went to Heaven December 19, 2011

Fresno, California

My husband and I always talked about having a baby together one day. We have been together for 7 years, married for almost 4 years. Each of us has a daughter from previous relationships so a baby would blend our families completely.  We had not been planning on getting pregnant but on October 8th I found out, I was pregnant. I was a day late and didn’t think it was even possible since we were using birth control. I decided to take a pregnancy test and it was positive. I took three more tests in amazement, all were positive. I told my husband, who at first was in shock himself. When we told the kids, they were so excited about the new addition to our family. I was beyond thrilled because at 38-years-old I didn’t know if I would get pregnant right away because I had already known that I suffered from hormone imbalance and low progesterone. I called my OB immediately and she placed me on progesterone supplements for the first 12 weeks for my pregnancy. I had morning sickness, fatigue and started to show right so it was hard to keep quiet for long. [Read more…]



Mom to Olivia Marie

Born sleeping on May 18, 2011

Portland, Oregon


It was exactly 4 Mondays ago that my life was perfect…and the last time my life was perfect. [Read more…]



Mom to Justin Allen

 April 22, 2008 – August 11, 2008

Roanoke, Virginia


I was 17. Me and my on again off again boyfriend had just found out we were going to have a baby. We had just gotten back together and were completely surprised. I never once questioned what I was going to do. I had wanted to be a mommy ever since I could remember. [Read more…]



  Mom to Guarionex A. Guzman (May 30, 2007)
Baby Guzman (August 23, 2007)
Baby Guzman (June 14, 2009)

 Corpus Christi, Texas


When I found out I was pregnant, I was shocked.  Not because it wasn’t a possibility but I had taken test after test and all had been negative.  My heart started to panic but more than that I felt joy.  [Read more…]



Mom to Unnamed Baby

Early miscarriage January 2005 – February 2005

Previously from Missoula, Montana
Currently from Toledo, Oregon


My story is older, but as I never knew people thought an early miscarriage was much to cry about, I never really did anything about it.  I was just shown this site and thought I’d share.  [Read more…]



Mom to  Zoey Skye

Stillborn January 9, 2012

Sulphur, Louisiana

My husband and I got married May 15, 2010. We started trying to get pregnant the end of January of 2011, and didn’t get pregnant until May of 2011. During that time of trying I would get upset every time I got another negative test. So the morning of June 6 when I finally got a positive test, I was so excited I started crying and shaking and didn’t know what to do with myself. I went and woke my husband up and told him the news and showed him the test. He was just as excited as I was. I made our first doc apt and it was for the beginning of July. At the apt we found out we were due January 29, 2012 and they gave me a paper to go do blood work. Well we ended up finding out that I had Thrombocytopenia which is low blood platelets. Blood platelets are what cause your blood to clot, so an extremely low count can cause spontaneous bleeding out. A normal count is 150,000 or higher. Mine were at 88,000. So my doctor put me on a 6 day pack of steroids (prednisone) to see if they would up my platelets and if they did, then I would get on them again at the end of the pregnancy right before delivery because you can’t get an epidural if your platelets are too low. I had told my doctor that I planned on trying to not get an epidural but she insisted that I would want one. [Read more…]



Mama to Kamryn Avery, bornstill March 11, 2006
Oliver Cullen, bornstill January 17, 2012

Raleigh, North Carolina

My husband and I have 5 beautiful children, Lauren is 13, Hailey is 11, Kaleb is 8, Bodie is 3, & Lilah is 1.  After Kaleb, in 2005, we decided to try and conceive again and were so excited to find out very soon after starting that we were pregnant again.



Noah Alexander 10/2/10

Second Trimester Loss

Madison, AL


After being told at 19 that I had a million to one chance being able to get pregnant I went on to have 4 kids. I was that woman other people teased..we would talk about having another baby and I would find out I was pregnant. I was also that happy pregnant woman. I got as big as a house but I loved it!

[Read more…]



Poppyseed January 2012

San Diego, CA


On December 10, 2011 we got some wonderful news we had two mature eggs. After 4 years of marriage and 2 years of infertility treatments this was only the second time any eggs were seen on our ultrasounds. We were instructed to go home and start trying and take a home test in two weeks. My husband was trying to expect the worst but I was pretty optimistic I kept telling him I knew it would work this time. My family was so excited that I tested right away on Christmas Eve and was very disappointed when the test returned negative. [Read more…]



Mom to Carter Garen

Born and died on June 5, 2011

Lynden, Washington


On February 10, 2011 we found out we were having twins. We had known we were pregnant for a little bit and had been anxiously awaiting our first appointment to see our baby for the first time. Little did we know what a surprise we were in for! Nothing about our pregnancy was routine, normal, or easy. [Read more…]



Luke Hudson, January 19, 2011

 Baby Hays, July 5, 2011

Austin, TX


I am the face of Thanatophoric Dysplasia and Early Miscarriage

It’s so difficult to share the story of loss.  No words seem to do it justice.  Here’s my attempt.

In the fall of 2010 we learned I was pregnant after nine months of trying for our second child. The pregnancy progressed just as nicely as the first. But, 19 weeks into our pregnancy, everything changed. [Read more…]


Cindra Fox
Mom to Cadence Harper Fox
(due May 18, 2009 and lost September 18, 2008)
Riley Arden Fox
(due June 20, 2010 and lost November 23, 2010)
Orange, California

In the summer of 2008, I found myself locked in a bathroom stall, staring at three positive pregnancy tests.  [Read more…]


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