Welcome to Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope.

If you have found this site because you have recently lost a child, first of all we’d like to say we’re so, so sorry you are here, but welcome you just the same. This “babyloss” community is a community no one wants or should ever have to join, but its members are some of the kindest, selfless, most amazing parents you will ever have the chance to cross paths with.

We hope that seeing the faces and reading the stories of others who have been where you are brings you a tiny bit of peace as you begin this journey. Please know you are not alone.

At the end of many of the stories here, contact information is listed for the writer; please feel free to reach out to these parents with comments or e-mails. We are here to help and support each other. 

Over to the right, there is a drop-down menu that you can use to search for stories by location, type of loss, stage of loss, and specific keywords. We hope you’ll be able to find stories similar your own and connect with others who truly understand what you’re going through.

Again, welcome. We are so very sorry for your loss.

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