“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you times a million for your website. For months after my loss, I was dead in the water – then I came across Faces of Loss – and it was like someone had tossed me a life jacket. Your site was the only thing keeping me going, the reason I was able to get out of bed in the mornings and go back to work. Just knowing that I wasn’t alone made all the difference in the world, especially when it seemed like everyone in my life wanted to sweep my loss under the rug and act as if it had never happened. You got me through it. I can never thank you enough.” -Melissa

“I’m not alone now. None of my friends or family have ever miscarried or lost a baby, so when it happened to me I didn’t know what to do or how to grieve. FOLFOH has given me a place to feel normal.” -Christina

“The nurses and doctor made it very easy as far as emotionally and physically, but the most help I’ve gotten so far was from www.facesofloss.com” -Megan (in an article published in the Valdosta Daily Times)

“I just wanted to send a friendly hello and thank you so very much for making a place like FOLFOH. We recently lost our son at 36 weeks. . . You have given me something to work on, a reason to get out of bed in the morning and an organization to become passionate about.” -Leanne

“Talking openly about infant loss is fairly taboo in our society. For those of us who have lost a child, and want to be free to talk about our experience, our dreams, our children–without causing the room to go silent–FOLFOH has been a Godsend. We can talk to others just like us. And they get it.” -Brie

“We can suffer in silence or unite as one voice and be heard around the world!  Thank you for letting my children be remembered.” -Dawna

“Grief is such an isolating and somewhat taboo thing. FOLFOH is paving the way, making it “okay” to grieve out loud. ” -Megan

“Our loss was almost 5 years, and FOLFOH is the BEST resource I have found. This is the most isolating thing to go through and your organization is not only showing all baby loss mothers that they are not alone, but getting us connected with each other. Fabulous!” -Jennifer

“You have shined a great white light on all the pain that I have felt in losing my baby boy at 32 weeks. When i first found the site i was like “oh my God, these are the faces of people who have suffered my pain and just “get it”.” -Dawna

“Faces of loss, Faces of hope has been my support line for many months now!” -Amanda

“You have opened up the line of communication in “our” community. I helps my heart heal a little knowing that I’m not the only one.” -Angie

“Five weeks ago, I delivered stillborn identical twin boys. I was 25 weeks along. In the absolute despair of those first days, I found FOLFOH. I didn’t know anything – how to process what happened, how to move, or how to pick up the pieces (still figuring all of this out, too). This website has helped me to feel part of life again – reading other moms’ stories has helped me to feel not so alone. THANK YOU.” -Sheri

“Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope helped me to see that it is okay to talk about my pregnancy, my baby, and my loss. Without the “I am the Face” campaign I would have NEVER shared my story, sharing the story of my miscarriage not only brought deeper healing to me, but also opened others up to sharing their stories. I pray that through FOLFOH more parents will be empowered to share their stories and find deeper heeling, like I did!” -Maria

“FOLFOH was one of the first sites I came across after I lost the boys. I was feeling very alone and the only person I had to talk to was my husband. He worked a lot of hours though so sometimes when I needed to talk, he was busy. I have met several women through FOLFOH and it feels so good to have others to talk to that “get it.” It was such a release to get my story out and to maybe help others along the way. And also through FOLFOH resource page, I found so much help!” -Trena

“Losing a pregnancy can be so isolating – FOLFOH made me realize that I wasn’t alone (not even close, sadly) and has provided so much support.” -Meg

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