Mom to Chad Michael

February 13, 2016 – February 14, 2016

Chicago, Illinois

So this pregnancy was a surprise to my husband and I because we thought I couldn’t get pregnant. In October we found out we were; Steve wanted to tell everyone that day I told him to wait until we knew for sure and to find out how long [I’d been pregnant]. Two days later, I was taken to the hospital because I was bleeding. Everything turned out to be okay (Due date was April 26th, 2016). From our first ultrasound up until December 2, 2015, everything was great. On December 2nd at 18 weeks, my water broke. My coworker at the time took me to the hospital. They ran some test on me and it turned out that in fact my water had broken.

I did not go into labor and so I was sent home 3 days later on bedrest. At this point I was going to my OB doctor specialist doctor every week. [I was] getting blood taken at every appointment to make sure my white blood count was low, because with very low fluid it could [cause] infection and that would be bad for the myself and the baby.By week 24 on January 6th, 2016, I was taken to the hospital again but this time to stay until the baby was born. I was on 24-hour care between monitoring and more blood work, this time every 3 days and anything else needed to keep this baby boy in longer.

I was in the hospital for 5 weeks and 3 days and in that time I found out I was a gestational diabetic and somehow I got a stomach bug and that lasted almost a week.

On February 12th, I went into labor. I was 29 weeks at this point and I was scared but I was okay with him coming this early because he had a higher chance of surviving and I knew he was in the best hands. On February 13th, 2016 at 8:30 p.m., weighing 2lbs 6oz and 13inch long, our son Chad Michael was born. He was crying and even peed while the nurses were taking care of him. At this point he seemed to be doing good. The next day, the doctors took him off the breathing machine and he was breathing on his own for about 2 hours before putting him back on.

But, that 2 hours was not enough for him or the doctors. My husband and I were called down to the NICU. I knew at that point something was wrong, plus I felt it in my heart and soul that our baby was not okay. We found out that his lungs were not developed due to low fluid. That was my biggest fear the whole we were going through all of this.After the doctor told us what we had to do, we spend the rest of the day saying our goodbyes to our baby boy. We called some of our family members so that they could also say their goodbyes. He knew he was loved as he opened his little eyes to everyone. On February 14, 2016, our Chad Michael gained his wings and was sent home. We were blessed with 26 hours of a short little life. He showed us the strength he had and was shown in his little life just how much he is LOVED!!!! I love you my son for always and forever and I can’t wait to see you again one day and hold you again. You are Daddy’s and my little fighter and trouble maker.

You can email Sarah at sarah.hennessey85@gmail

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry for your loss. It is a club no one wants to be a member of, but know we are all here if you need to talk.

  2. Hi! I’m so sorry for your loss, I can relate heartbreakingly to your story…..it hurts so bad sometimes and I can’t breathe or see anything but loss. I hope you’re in a better place in the grieving process, thanks for sharing the story of your little fighter. My love Adam was also a fighter and fought to give us 2 days of irreplaceably beautiful memories and to let us know that he loves us and knows he is loved! Thank you again.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss.

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