Then I got scared thinking why am I bleeding then. The nurse ordered some blood work to be done and an ultrasound. Blood work came back with positive hcg levels but they were pretty low. Doctor said with when my last cycle was I would be about 6 weeks pregnant at the time of the visit. My hcg levels were only measuring as if I had just conceived. The ultrasound tech came in and started the scan, immediately not finding a heartbeat. I didn’t know at the time that the baby would even have a heartbeat so early. When the doctor told me that what I was passing was fetal tissue, I was devastated. I had just got the most exciting news and the most heartbreaking news all within an hour of each other. At that time I knew I would try later on in life to have a child. I didn’t know then how difficult that would be.

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  1. Reading ur last pregnancy story is like reading my own. I had that bowel movement sensation. And when I stood up from using the bathroom my water broke. 30 min later at the hospital our precious Shalom Nevaeh was already being born. I was 16 weeks…..I am so sorry for your losses…. It’s not an easy road…..

    • I am so sorry for your loss. I had never known this kind of thing happen to so many families until it happened to my own. I am glad to know we can ban together and fight for our little ones. May I ask if you have went on to have more children or if you have considered the surgeries in order to have babies?

  2. I had no idea either this happens to so many people. This was my 4 pregnancy. I had 2 healthy pregnancies/deliveries. 3rd pregnancy was in January of this yr ended at 6 weeks miscarriage. Then 4 months later I was pregnant again. Ended at 16 weeks. I am waiting on a call back from my obgyn for a refferal to a matenal fetal medicine doctor. My obgyn couldn’t tell me what happened. So that is why I wud like to talk with a mfm Dr to see what be thinks happened. I wud definitely consider a cerclage if it wud help. Right now I want to.focus on my body healing before thinking About getting pregnant again.

  3. I will pray for you. I hope the doctor can give you some answers. Keep your chin up and just know that we are all here to support and encourage one another in these hard times.

  4. Lindsay and Nikki-

    I’m so sorry for all of our losses. I too never realized how many people have been in similar situations. It’s so heartbreaking and unfair, i can’t rationalize how any higher being would allow such. Innocent, otherwise healthy babies forced into a world they aren’t given a chance to survive in. Oddly enough, this website is providing some comfort as I struggle to move forward feeling so alone. It seems as the rest of my world has no idea what I am going through. I delivered my son on Jan 2, 2016, at 21 weeks. A short cervix was the cause and we went from hopeful to helpless within 15 days of learning. For all of the things I can and have done in life, this is the first time that i have felt entirely out of control and entirely cheated. I was cheated, he was cheated, my wife, and our families were cheated.

    What are the updates on you two?

    I have met with a MFM MD and a cerclage seems like the only option. Nikki have you had this before? Lindsay have you learned anymore from your appointment? I hope to be able to connect with you two to share updates. Thinking of you all <3

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