Mom to Mercy

Phoenix, AZ

October 22, 2014- April 19, 2015

I was in my 29th week of pregnancy when I found out that Mercy had a hole in her heart.

At first, I was told that it was just a small hole that the hole will close up before she was born. I was sent to a specialist who performed an ultrasound. I will never forget his words as he said, “I have some bad news for you, while it is true that your baby has a hole in her heart, unfortunately this is the kind that doesn’t close up on its own.” I could not stop crying after receiving this news. As the doctor tried to calm me down, he explained to me further that “we see two holes in Mercy’s heart and she is measuring a size smaller than what she should be.” He continued to explain to me “I believe that Mercy may have Down syndrome.” I asked him “what do you mean by, may have Down syndrome? What is Down syndrome? How can we find out for sure?”. He continued on to explain that there was no sure way of knowing for certain if she really has Down syndrome but they can draw my blood and that would tell us if she carries an extra copy of chromosome which is also called Trisomy 21.

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  1. So sorry for your loss, hugs

  2. Thank you for sharing beautiful Mercy with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing. My daughter also had down syndrome and holes in her heart. She had an intense combination of significant heart defects which the cardiologists said they had never seen before yet she defied the odds and surprised us all by making it as long as she did. She loved to kick her legs and wiggle her arms. She ate like a champ and showed us that she was much more than her diagnosis. She passed away due to post op complications after her second heart surgery last month. I miss her everyday but I love that I got to know my daughter, see her strong personality and connect with her. Reading your story, which is so similar to our own, reminds me that we are not isolated in our experiences completely. Hugs.

  4. Thank u Kalle for sharing ur story with me and am so sorry for ur loss. Xoxo

  5. Today is my little Mercy’s birthday. I am trying so hard to be strong, but… I just can’t stop imagining what she would have look like, am sure she would have been tearing up my house by now, lol! Oh I miss my baby so much. Happy Birthday Mercy, mommy, daddy and your siblings love you so much and you are alway going to be in our hearts.

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