Mom to Maddox Tye

July 13, 2014 – October 17, 2014

Columbia, Kentucky

My husband and I found out we were 6 weeks pregnant in March of 2014. We were so excited. Shortly afterwards, I had a few concerns with my pregnancy and I went to the ER. Come to find out I had a placenta abruption. The doctors told me it would either resolve on its own or get worse. Only time would tell. So time went on and things were fine until I was about 12 weeks, I had another round of issues so I decided to be seen again. It was the same problem, it hadn’t gotten worse but it hadn’t resolved either. The doctor sent me home on mild bed rest. Things went well again and we found out we had a healthy growing baby boy.

Things seemed right on track at my 20 week checkup. I went in for my glucose test at 24 weeks and they found out my blood pressure was 190/110 they went ahead and proceeded with my glucose test and checked my blood pressure once again before my visit was over. It was still dangerously high so they decided to admit me in the hospital. They kept me overnight and monitored my urine for protein.

The next day they allowed me to go home. I had a feeling things weren’t right so I had my sister in law to take a couple maternity photos for me. That night I had my cousin who is an RN come over and check my blood pressure, it had gone back up so I went back to the hospital. They hooked me up to the fetal monitors and things were okay, but later that night they decided to start me on magnesium and fly me to the closest Level 3 Neonatal Hospital which was University of Kentucky. All of this took place on Friday July 11, 2014.

They got me stabilized in a room at UK and continued to monitor me and baby. Things were not great, but okay Saturday. Sunday things started to go downhill, my blood pressure starting to shoot up and my kidney function levels were dangerous. Maddox’s heartbeat started to decrease, at that point the took me in for an emergency c-section. At 1:10 PM Eastern Time my son Maddox Tye came into this world weighing only 1 lb 3 oz and 11 in long and fighting. Everything happened so fast and it was all so new. We were trying to take in everything the doctors were telling us and all the new terms and illnesses.

Maddox was 3 days old before I got to see him, but he was the most tiny, beautiful, perfect baby I had ever seen (he looked just like his dad). He was hooked up to ventilator and IV’s and all kinds of machines that looked like foreign objects to us. As time went on he finally opened his tiny eyes at 2 weeks and was eventually able to start feeding on breast milk through his feeding tube, and he started to grow.

Then he developed what the doctors called NEC which could be deadly in these tiny babies. I remember before they were able to do surgery he swelled so badly they had to keep postponing it. Finally through lasiks the doctors were able to get his swelling down enough to do his surgery. Things started to look up, and then the swelling came back only worse. The doctors called this capillary leak which is extremely uncommon in little babies, so there isn’t a whole lot of study on this and ways to treat it.

After he started to swell again, the doctors decided he needed a broviac where he could get all of his nutrients and medicines, which is a surgical procedure but this time they were unable to wait for the swelling to go down. They proceeded with the surgery.

Maddox was never completely himself again after the second surgery, they said he started to bleed out so they had to give him 4 blood transfusions and it was possible he may have had a stroke. They tried different approaches on trying to make him better until all options were exhausted and so was his little body. At that point the doctor that we admired the most came to us and told us that at this point he thought we were doing more harm than good to his little body keeping him on life support.

We decided to let him rest and go to Heaven on October 17th, 2014. Even though it is hard going through every day without him here and we miss him terribly we are at peace knowing he is no longer in pain or suffering. He has a perfect body and he is in Heaven watching over Mommy and Daddy. 

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  1. Michele Foster says:

    There is not much time that goes by that Hanna, Jeremy and Maddox are not on my mind. They are a picture of strength to me. Maddox had more strength and will to strive than most adults I know today. Mommy and Daddy were unwavering in staying right by Maddox through every step of his journey here on earth. I am blessed to have been a part of Maddox’s life. He is my Grandson.<3

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