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February 2015

 Oxfordshire, UK

My last miscarriage was a shock. I was actively TTC with an 11 day LP and at 11dpo I tested and got a negative pregnancy test. The period started on 1st February 2015 and lasted until 6th February. On CD8, 8th February I had ‘ovulation type’ pains, and I thought I can not be ovulating this early, I tested with an ovulation test and that went positive immediately. For fun I used a pregnancy test next and that also went positive. I carried on testing with multiple brands even the digitals and saw ‘pregnant’ after ‘pregnant’ on their screens. I was in deep shock. I have six healthy children and I have never had a period and been pregnant. A few days later I had on / off pains in my right side, I was worried I had perhaps an ectopic. I was reassured this was not the case as I was too early on.

Tests did not progress as they usually would and I eventually went to hospital for Beta HCG bloods. On Thursday 12th February they were at 31. On Saturday 14th February they had dropped to only 24. As it stands I am now getting negative pregnancy tests (very faint if I squint) and I am waiting for the bleeding to start.

This is my 8th loss and doctor after doctor say they are not worried, it’s ”natural selection” and when my body gets it right it can carry to term.

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