Mom to Katie

Born sleeping May 26, 2009

Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

This is for our precious angel, Katie Isobel.

She didn’t have a long life. In fact she never even took her first breath in our world, but despite all of that, she was — and still is — loved by so many.

Our story starts with us. My husband Trev, our two eldest children, Jamie & Sophie, and me. We were desperate for a third child to complete our little family unit and by the time we moved into a bigger house, I discovered I was pregnant!

Things were going smoothly. Jamie was enjoying his new school, Sophie was enjoying her new found freedom and I was enjoying not being constantly sick 24/7!

At 27 weeks, we discovered we were having a girl again. Trev was so happy as he never thought he would get one daughter, let alone two!!

Then on May 17, 2009, at 30 weeks, I started getting back pain along with the Braxton Hicks. A quick visit to the hospital soon proved everything was fine and that she was kicking away, happy as anything. Eight days later, on Bank Holiday Monday (May 25th) I realised she hadn’t moved in a long time. We rushed straight to the hospital and at 10:30pm we were told there was no heartbeat.

Straight away we called up our reverend, who came up to the ward and sat with us, praying. Then at about midnight, I was induced. Trev was able to stay with me in the room as we were put in the sideroom away from the main ward. The following day I was induced again, twice, and at 4:20pm on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, little Katie Isobel was born sleeping, weighing only 3lb 6oz. I was 32 weeks pregnant.

She was so perfect and looked exactly like her big sister. We had her dressed in her brother’s first hat and her brother’s first sleepsuit I bought him. Later that night, it hit me– I was never going to get to see her grow up, play with her siblings, or get married. I would never get to change her nappy, feed her a bottle, or sing her to sleep.

We had her christened the following day, for which she was given by the wonderful midwives a gorgeous little christening cardigan. We kept her in it so she looked pretty for when she got her proper wings. She was also given, by mummy and daddy, a little dragon called Benny to keep her safe and to look after her in Heaven.

We held Katie’s funeral on Friday the 5th of June at Clarach Crematorium and we could not have asked for a nicer day. The sun was shining and the birds….. well I’m sure they were singing. I like to think Katie was sat up there, in the clouds with her family and her new friends watching over us that day.

We now have a little boy, born a year after Katie, her rainbow baby brother, Alex.

* * *

Michelle now lives in Liskeard, Cornwall. She can be contacted at asgardlegomum@gmail.com

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