Mom to Olivia Madilynn

Stillborn November 23, 2011


Asher James September 10- October 23, 2012.

Schaumburg, IL

In June 2011, I found out I was pregnant and I was beyond excited. I told everyone right away and started planning the nursery. I couldn’t wait to find out what we were having, hoping for a little girl. We started picking out names and could only agree on a girl’s name – Olivia Madilynn. On my husband’s birthday, we found out we were having a little girl. I started making cute things for her and for her room. Even though I wasn’t due ’til February, our families had our baby showers in November. We received so many cute things for this little girl. I couldn’t wait till she was here and she could wear all the cute things but that all changed the week of Thanksgiving when I was 27 weeks.

I was at work and knew something was wrong. I called the doctor and told them what I was experiencing (spotting, lost mucus plug) and they told me to go check in at Labor and Delivery. My husband and I went to the hospital and I knew it was not going to turn out good. Several people came in to check our baby girl’s heart beat but each of them kept blaming the machines for not working. Finally the specialist came in and told us the devastating news that our Olivia was gone and that I would have to give birth to a dead baby. We were beyond devastated and we couldn’t understand what happened. To this day we still are not sure why we lost her.

6 weeks after we lost Olivia, I became pregnant again. We were so excited about our second chance at being parents but were so worried about something else happening. I became a high risk pregnancy and was checked every couple weeks throughout the pregnancy. Everything was going great and we learned we were having a baby boy – Asher James. I set his room up and was all prepared for this little boy but at 26 weeks, we learned that Asher had a congenital heart defect called critical Aortic Stenosis. We were given the option of having a fetal intervention to save his heart and to prevent him from having multiple surgeries when he was born. We flew down to Houston a week later but when we got there we learned that his heart was much worse and that without the procedure, he wouldn’t make it. I couldn’t believe this was happening at 27 weeks but I knew there was no way I was losing another baby.

We had the procedure done and everything went great. Asher made it through with no issues at all. On September 10, 2012, we welcomed him into this world. He had to have a procedure done within hours of being born and made it through. When Asher was 4 weeks old, he developed blood clots and although he fought these clots for 2 weeks, he lost that battle on October 23, 2012 at 6 weeks old.

We learned during that time that there was little research and awareness for these clots in children. After we lost Asher we started a foundation in his memory to fund research and awareness in blood clots in children. We are the first and only foundation doing this. Currently adult medications are being used on children. Because of Asher, we hopefully will change this. 

Jen can be reached at: jendebouver@gmail.com

Blogs: www.dearoliviamadilynn.com and www.asherjamesfoundation.org


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