Mom to Caitlyn Joann

Born still August 8, 2012

Dalton, Georgia

Caitlyn Joann Leach was born of August 8th 2012 at 8:14 pm. She weighed 4lbs 5ozs and was 17 inches long. She had a full head of red hair. I got to wash and dress her. I held her for almost 24 hours. I didn’t want to let her go. I thought if I did, then it was really true that I had lost my daughter, and that made me so angry. I remember cursing God and everyone that came near me.

I am tired of people telling me that I am young and that I can always try again…that maybe true that I can always have another baby, but it won’t be the one that I lost.

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  1. Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. My son was stillborn on 9/12/00. I have said a prayer for you that God would comfort you and bring you peace, and that you would hold your daughter again in heaven one day.

  2. Red hair! Sweet little baby girl. So sorry.

    My son was stillborn at 37 weeks. He would be 3 today.

    No one will ever replace Caitlyn – she will always be the one that is missing in your life.

    The pain lessons as the years go on, but the hole will always be there.

    My son changed my life FOREVER and that is what I love about him.


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