Mom to Noel Mary

Born still September 22, 2011

Fenton, Michigan

I am 36 years old, and my husband of 2 years is 34.  We have been together for a long time and he decided 3 years ago to make an honest woman out of me.  John is my best friend…he has been for almost 12 years now.  We share everything and can hide nothing from each other.  We are very much in love still and when we found out on January 14, 2011 that we were going to be parents after only trying for a couple of months to conceive. We were elated.  My pregnancy was okay as far as they go, until the last 4 weeks or so.  I had a very active baby girl in there and she was always on the move.  She loved to listen to me talk and when I did start talking she would move up in my belly just to be closer to my voice.  She would literally dance when a good song came on the radio, she had a knack for kicking or punching the beat out, my doctor thought this was me being CRAZY until she actually felt it for herself on a regular OB visit in the summer.

Basically I went through the hottest part of the year here in Michigan with a huge baby inside of me, was I miserable, yes, but only when I wasn’t in air conditioning, which thank God I have at home, at work and in the car.  Noel was a big baby; I’m not a small girl so it seemed to balance out that I would naturally have a larger baby, THEN we found out I had gestational diabetes, and as you can imagine I was petrified.  However, I was able to manage my blood sugar to near perfection about 3 weeks after I found out that I had a sugar problem, and this didn’t overly affect my daughter’s size or health.

About 4 weeks before my due date my doctor decided that I needed to be at home and on marginal bedrest due to a slight increase in my blood pressure.  My doctor decided on Sept 16, 2011 to induce me, and she set me up for the following Wednesday at the hospital for the induction to begin at 9pm. WE didn’t make it to that appointment.  I woke up that Wednesday morning and felt a gush of fluid; my mucus plug had disintegrated sometime during the night.  I THOUGHT it was my water breaking.  As you can imagine, my husband and I were in a serious state of excitement as we threw the bags and the new car seat into the car and drove up to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital and went through the registration process we still had no idea that anything could possibly be wrong, we were just too happy and full of hope to even THINK something was wrong.  As I stated before I had an active big baby in there just waiting to be born.  The nurse showed me to the triage room and advised me to get undressed and put on the hospital gown.  I did, and then she came back and started to hook me up to the monitors.  Now we were really getting somewhere.  If you do not want to read what happened next please stop reading now, this is where the story gets very sad.

The nurse attempted to hook the monitor up to find the fetal heartbeat.  She couldn’t seem to locate it.  She went for another nurse and then finally a resident.  NO one could find my sweet babies heartbeat.  They brought in an ultrasound and the picture and the information turned out to be the worst news my husband and I will ever receive.  Noel had died.  John realized the awful truth about a minute before it registered in my brain.  HOW could a baby that the previous night had been kicking and ALIVE all of a sudden be dead?  HOW could this happen?  The one and ONLY outcome we were not prepared for, had NEVER even discussed had happened.  Our daughter died only about 24 hours before she was to be born.  John and I never thought for a second that the active, moving, thumping, baby in my belly could die before she even had a chance to live.  This is now our living nightmare, our reality, and our heart break and pain.

The hand we were dealt by the powers that be was not one we would have gambled on.  While some say God has a plan, that she is with God, that she is happy and not in pain, that she doesn’t have to deal with the bullshit life throws at you daily.  You know what I say to that?  She was MINE, I don’t care what plan there is or that she is with the Almighty, or that she will never experience pain and heart ache.  I want her here with me, she was my life, we gave her life because we wanted her, we wanted to share all we have with her and raise her to be a wonderful, vibrant child.  I don’t care that some PLAN took her from me…Then I sit back and realize that maybe I’m a selfish person, that she is better off, but then I get mad and angry again and I want to scream.

Our daughter was taken from us by a cord accident; her umbilical cord was tied into a knot, a TRUE KNOT is a rare occurrence in a normal and healthy pregnancy.  The doctors and nurses told us that once a knot is tightened and blood and oxygen are cut off from the baby, they have 6 minutes that they live.  Even if we had been at the hospital the result would have been the same, they wouldn’t have been able to save our daughter.

Well, we now knew what we were up against. I wanted to do a vaginal delivery, because I wouldn’t have to wait forever to get pregnant again, that after a couple of months we could do it all over again.  Of course that is NOT how it went, after almost 24 hours of waiting for my cervix to fully dilate, nearly 2 hours of hard labor and pushing, I ended up having to have a c-section.  What is worse is even after I was opened up, Noel’s head was so wedged in my pelvis that she would NEVER have been able to be born vaginally.  My doctor had to her head back through the birth canal to get her out of the incision.  NO one would ever guess (because of my size) that I would of had this kind of experience giving birth but I did, and worst of all I don’t have my baby to show for all the pain I had to go through to have her.

My husband and I are very optimistic people by nature, neither of us dwell in the past much, we don’t necessarily over plan our future, we live in the here and now.  I am never going to tell you that John and I are healed.  I don’t think we will ever truly heal from this.  However, I can tell you that we have moved into a better place with each other, we talk about our feelings we talk about the emptiness we both feel.  But we also talk about the future…that we are going to try again for a baby in a couple short months…that we have every intention of trying it again and hoping for a different outcome.  No other baby will take Noel’s place.  She is/was our first child.  Our other children will know about her.  I will make sure of it.  I have to try again; I have a deep need to be a Mom, to have a child of my own.  I know that life doesn’t always turn out how you envision it, believe me I do know.  But when I do find myself going to a place that is dark inside my head I can somehow someway pull myself back and re-evaluate the thoughts and NOT go there, never, you can’t you have to pick up your head, you have to go on.

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  1. Natalie, I am so sorry for your loss. My first child was also still born on 9/12/00. You will never get over it, but you will find joy again. I have said a prayer for you that God would give you comfort and that you would hold your sweet baby in heaven one day. {{hugs}}

  2. Amanda Lucas says:

    Thank you for sharing your story of your princess with us. I lost my Grayson one day before my induction date as well. I suffered a placental abruption and had an emergency c-section. I know all too well that feeling to be pregnant again and NOW! Not to replace our baby by any means but to have one of our own to share our love with. It took my husband and I 2 years to conceive and used Clomid. I’m 32 and fear time is wasting if we don’t try again ASAP.

  3. natalie, i am so sorry. my daughter was also stillborn thanks to that damn cord… 12.28.11
    we named her Fiona Q Wisler and she was beautiful. she was born at 38 weeks and i will never EVER underestimate how wonderful it will be when we get to heaven to see them.
    Noel and Fiona <3 i am so sorry for your sadness, i send you hugs, strength, comfort and angel kisses. <3

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