Mom to Angel Baby 1 – August 2, 2010,
Angel Baby 2 – May 6, 2011, and
Angel Baby 3 – January 6, 2012


About a month before A’s first birthday we got an unexpected BFP. Although we had not been trying, we had not been preventing a pregnancy either. We were shocked, scared, happy, you name it, we felt it. Days before her birthday I began to spot, since it was so early in the pregnancy the doctor did not think anything of it. In the very early hours of August 2nd 2010 we said good bye to our first Angel Baby.

That marks the beginning of our TTC journey.

We began to TTC right away. OPKs, BBT, charting, legs in the air after BD, you name it we did it. After 7 long months of BFNs we finally got a BFP on 3/9/11 with an EDD of 11/14/11. We were elated and the doctor said there was no reason for this pregnancy to not be full term. We even got extra ultrasounds.

I started spotting on 4/29/11 and the doctor prescribed me Cyotec to help me pass the baby at home, this was our second missed miscarriage. The first dose did nothing and a week later on 5/6/11 I took the second dose and we said good bye to our Second Angel Baby at home. After this loss the doctor ran some tests. It appears that I’m healthy, other than my numbers being slightly off for a blood clotting disorder, which I now take baby aspirin for daily.

On 12/4/11 we got our third BFP since A. After everything we have been through it was hard to be anything but scared. The doctors saw me right away to get blood work done. We got an ultrasound right before Christmas and for 2 weeks after. On 1/16/12, just 10 days after seeing a healthy baby and heartbeat, we saw no heartbeat and no movement. On 1/26/12 I had a D&C. I will never have a D&C again. I feel I made a selfish decision to “get it done” because I was worried about it happening at school. The D&C was so final and really didn’t give me the closure the natural miscarriages did.

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