Mom to Easton

Born sleeping March 5, 2012

  Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

We had been married a full month when we found out we were pregnant with our “honeymoon” baby.  We were both so excited and kind of surprised it happened that soon. (I had been married before and we had unexplained fertility and a miscarriage). I was apprehensive but eased up after the first 3 months.  We had 4 ultrasounds and each one the doctors told us everything was fine and they showed us our perfect little boy each time.  I nicknamed him ninja monkey, because he jumped around like a little ninja monkey.  He also hid his face each time the tech would try and get us a picture of him.  I instantly fell in love with him.  His little feet and hands were moving around in there and he was perfect.

I had contractions at about 26 weeks, the doctors observed overnight and sent me home saying that they were mild and I had to take it easy.  At 29 weeks I had cramping pain and contractions and went back to labor and delivery.  They gave me a shot to stop the contractions and said his heartbeat rate was normal and sent me home, again telling me to stay hydrated and rest.

About 4 days later, I wasn’t feeling my normally active little guy moving, I got scared and thought I will call the doctor’s office in the morning.  That night I went into labor, little did I know.  I was having contractions every 15 minutes.  My Husband and I went to the Doctor’s office and the Doctor couldn’t find his heartbeat with the doppler.  Usually, as soon as they put the doppler on my belly, we could hear his little heart like a choo choo train.  She tried for what seemed like 5 minutes.  I just started to cry.  I tried to keep my hopes up, but I had a bad feeling.  We went to ultrasound and when I saw him on the screen and no heartbeat, no movement, it was like someone ripped my heart out.  I seriously wanted to melt into that table.  Everything is sort of a blur from there.  Thank god for my husband.  He kept it together, better than I ever imagined.  We had our son Easton on March 5th, my dad’s birthday.  He had died due to the cord being wrapped tightly around his neck.  The cord kinked and cut off his oxygen.

The only way I can describe this is, it was the best and worst moment of my life.  I got to see and hold this beautiful baby boy that I had been dreaming about for 7 months.  He was perfect and looked just like his daddy.  He had my fingers and toes.  I have never loved anything so much.  The worst moment, as you can guess, was that I had to say goodbye to my baby boy.  I wouldn’t get to hold him again.  I wouldn’t get to hold his hand, rock him or snuggle him. He was born an Angel.  A perfect Angel.

We had a small funeral with family members and it was such a nice service.  Our Minister did such a nice service.  We were able to find a plot close to my husband’s sister who had died 3 days after she was born, 33 years ago.  The fact that he was close to his Aunt Jenelle was comforting.  We took time the 2 weeks after he was born and spent time holding each other, crying and talking about whatever came to mind.  I really don’t know if we spent more than 30 min away from each other in those 2 weeks.  I believe that is how we dealt with everything.  If one of us was having a hard time the other was the strong one.  Being able to talk about whatever feelings I was having helped me greatly.  I feel I’m so blessed to be married to someone so amazing and caring.

Now, we are faced with life as we know it.  We had such big plans for this little guy.  Dreams and hopes.  We came home without our baby though.  I have met such positive people in this journey. People that have suffered loss and in a strange way, it made them a better person.  Easton, my son, has done this for me.  I believe he can see me from Heaven.  I want him to see me and be proud of me.  I know I will not be able to be strong every day.  But, I try every day to make my son proud of me I have suffered from depression before and vowed that I do not want my son to see me that way.  Allowing myself to fall into that deep dark place, won’t bring my son back to me.  So I fight everyday to stay positive.  Some days it works and others, not so much.  But, I know that the dark clouds do not stick around forever.

I think even though people do not mean to upset me, they do.  I have never been a fan of pity.  Now I almost get offended when someone gives me the pity look.  I am proud of my family.  My husband and I are parents to an Angel, it’s not how we imagined it, but we are proud of him anyway.  We have a perfect son.  If we have more children, they will know about their brother Easton and we will share his pictures and tell them about how much we love him.  Easton lives in our hearts forever.

I am the face of loss.  I will carry my son with me forever, in my heart.

“My love will fly to you each night on Angel’s wings.”

 Dawn can be reached at dawnshannon25@gmail.com.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Easton will always be with you. I know the pain you are feeling and I think your attitude is amazing. Being strong for your little boy and being strong for yourself and each other.

  2. Dawn, I understand this 100%. My son Jacob, was born still at 23 weeks and 5 days. I was blessed with an angel and know he’s watching his momma and daddy from Heaven. :)

  3. I am so sorry about sweet little Easton. I lost my baby boy, Wiley on February 17 at 32 weeks from the same thing. So many of the things you described are my thoughts exactly. Know that Easton is proud of you and loves you. You will always be his Mommy. I have been blogging and reading other blogs and that helps to know there are people I can relate to.
    Thinking of you! Btw, I love the name Easton, It was on our list for baby boy names!

  4. So sorry for the loss of your precious son, Easton. Your in my thoughts and prayers. I share your pain. Today our son, Aidyn would have been 7 months old. On Sept. 5th, 2011 Aidyn died shortly after birth at 39 weeks 4 days. Just remember you’re not alone.

  5. Dawn, Reading your story brought tears to my eyes… it was so similar to mine. We lost Gary at 31 weeks after an otherwise active, healthy pregnancy due to the cord being wrapped tightly around his neck. I, too, had reduced movement the day before we found out and had a sinking feeling when we went to the doctor that day. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. I like to think that all of our angel babies are happy and healthy playing together up in heaven.

    • Lindsey, I’m so sorry for your loss. There are days where I just can’t believe he is gone. Where I try and go over what happened searching for an answer. I know I won’t find one. I know our boys are playing in heaven and smiling down at us! God Bless

  6. Catherine says:

    Dawn — I just read your story and feel so compelled to comment because I can relate so closely. We just lost our son, Gabriel at 29 weeks to cord prolapse. Unlike your Easton, our son was not healthy and we were told at 19 weeks he would not survive due to early loss of amniotic fluid and an intestinal blockage. I cannot even imagine how you felt to see your baby’s heart not fluttering that day… I imagine it’s similar to how I felt when the doctors called my son’s condition “incompatible with life,” both shock and devastation overwhelming to say the least.

    My heart breaks for you as I read your story. Your baby sounds so precious and 29 weeks is a horrible time to lose a baby… I feel so robbed of those 11 additional weeks, some days I just want to scream.

    May God Bless you and your baby and may he one day bless us all with a world where no baby is ever taken from his mother’s arms.

    Love, Catherine

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