Mom to Her Little Beans

February 2001 – 7 weeks
August 2004 – 7 weeks
November 2011 – 10 weeks

Fort Worth, Texas

My husband and I are high school sweethearts!! We’ll celebrate 9 years this May. I’m grateful to have him as my Rock. I suffer from Stage IV Endometriosis, and I have also have been diagnosed with recurrent miscarriages. It has been a very turbulent ride, but I like to think that we have been made stronger by each experience. It sounds cheesy, but sometimes it’s all you can say to get through the difficult times.

My first miscarriage was at 17. I was a senior in high-school. We had no idea what to do, and while trying to figure out what to tell our parents, I miscarried. To us, at the time it was a blessing in disguise, because we were so young and I was still in high-school. We never told our families. My 2nd miscarriage happened in 2004, and after that we started trying!! We did not have any luck, but decided not to pursue help because we were not in a rush. We felt we were still young and had plenty of time to start a family. As time went on, I realized there was a serious problem.

I had an emotional meltdown at the end of 2009, and finally went to my girly doctor. I broke down and sobbed like I had never sobbed before. I was given a prescription after some hormone testing, and did 5 rounds of Clomid – all of which were unsuccessful. I was then referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist, otherwise known as an RE or fertility specialist. I wound up having to have surgery in July of 2011 for a cyst on my left ovary, and that is when my Doctor discovered Endometriosis. It was like a little bomb went off in my baby making oven :( The Doctor cleaned me up as much as possible, got most of the cyst, cut a few adhesions and she was done. After surgery, I was advised to wait a month and then try immediately!! We tried in September 2011 with our first IUI/Letrozole procedure and got pregnant for the first time since 2004!! We were shocked and over the moon :) Sadly, I miscarried my little Bean on November 9, 2011 at 10 weeks. I was truly heartbroken… just so sad, and so angry. My husband and I plan to do our 2nd IUI in February 2012. I have much excitement shadowed by much fear – I will not give up!

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  1. I’m sorry for your losses. I also have endometriosis. It sucks! I’ve added your blog to my feed.

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