Mom to “Little One,”  lost at 6 weeks

Wesley Major, born at 25 weeks and 4 days on
January 5, 2011 and lost January 7, 2011

“Baby Angel” lost at 9 weeks

My husband and I went to our infertility specialist after 4 years of marriage and struggling to become parents. I was diagnosed with PCOS. We decided on an IUI and were pleasantly surprised to find out we were pregnant on the first try! We were over the moon and I was very cautious. When we went in for our first ultrasound we saw there was no heartbeat, and I naturally miscarried a week later. It was devastating.

We didn’t go back until a year later. After two more cycles, we were blessed with a second pregnancy. Everything was perfect and we were released to a high-risk OB-GYN. I took the best care of myself and did everything I could to keep my “little bird” safe. I had some spotting at 13 weeks. After a horrible ER visit where they didn’t even bother to do an ultrasound and where they told me to go home and expect to miscarry, we went to our doctor and all was well. Every ultrasound was perfect and he even showed us he was a boy really early!

At 25 weeks and 3 days, which was a Tuesday, I had some light spotting and called the doctor. She said to rest and come in the next day for my scheduled appointment since I wasn’t having any cramping. The next morning I started cramping so hard! I was actually contracting every 2 minutes by the time I made the 30 minute drive in. I went in at 9:30, and was rushed to the hospital and given magnesium to stop the contractions. Wesley was born at 1:20 that afternoon. I’d had a full placental abruption. Wesley had to be airlifted to the children’s hospital 2 hours away. He spent a day and a half in the NICU but was not strong enough to stay with us.

Six months after we lost our son we tried again. After two more cycles, I came up pregnant again! There was no heartbeat and I was trying to naturally miscarry, but it was taking a very long time. I went in for severe pain and we found out I had an ectopic pregnancy. That afternoon I went in for surgery and they removed my fallopian tube.

To have been blessed with 3 pregnancies and have no children to show for it is heartbreaking, but our journey continues…

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