Riley Faith at 6wk4d. Memorial date May 3, 2011

Mom to twins Brielle Grace and Maia Hope at 9wk0d

Memorial date November 4, 2011, birthday November 7, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

My name is Katlyn Hudgins and I married my wonderful husband Andrew February 6, 2010. We knew we wanted a big family with lots of children and most of them adopted. We only planned to have one, maybe two biological children and adopt at least two or three. We wanted to try to start having kids winter of 2011 but to our wonderful and excited surprise we found ourselves pregnant in April of 2011. It was earlier than we planned but we didn’t care, we were over the moon. Things were stressful because we were still both uni students and worked full time but we knew God gave us this baby for a reason. Just a few short weeks later I had some spotting. I knew that little spotting was normal but it was so painful I nearly collapsed on the floor at work. Being blessed that I worked in the same office as my mom I called her on my cell phone and without a word she knew I needed her. She helped me into her classroom and called my doctor for me while I called my husband. The doctor said to go straight to the ER because of the pain. The pain was very sharp and this worried them thinking it may have been ectopic.

My husband took me to the ER and after all the tests it showed that my HCG was way too low for being nearly seven weeks. They told us that we had a 90% chance of miscarriage and there was nothing we could do. I passed major clots a few days later and bled for about nine days after that. Our hearts broke that God took our little one home so early. At six weeks four days our first baby was gone. We wanted to name the baby to always remember him so we named him Riley Faith. Riley means valiant or lion-hearted. Whenever I see little lions I think of our first baby Riley.

We decided to try again for a baby four months later. The doctor said that two or three cycles would have been fine but emotionally I was not able to handle it. After four months we didn’t really “try” to get pregnant just decided to stop using any protection and see what God did. Well October 1st we were thrilled and nervous to see a positive pregnancy test… more like three positive tests. Things were going great at first. I welcomed every symptom because I knew it was a sign that things were going well. Until I had a bit of spotting at about seven weeks and went to the ER but they said that they saw the baby and sac was there but just a bit smaller than seven weeks. They said I shouldn’t be too worried that conception had just happened a little later than we thought. My doctor saw me and said that it was likely nothing because the bleeding hast stopped but she wanted an ultrasound just to make sure. This ultrasound was a few days after the ultrasound at the ER. There was 0 growth. She said that it was likely our baby had already stopped growing but they could have measured it wrong at the ER and she wanted us to wait another week. The next week on the ultrasound we saw the tiny heartbeat and the baby had grown! We thought that this would be our miracle baby. It was the following ultrasound on November 4th that we saw the baby’s heart had stopped. I declined the cytotec wanting things to happen as natural as possible. Three days later I physically delivered the itty-bitty nine week old baby after laboring almost three hours in our bathtub at home.

We were devastated. Two very loved babies lost in six months. We named our second baby Brielle Grace. Brielle means “heroine of God” and we view her as our little glory baby, basking in Gods glory in heaven.

About two weeks after the bleeding had stopped I was looking at the ultrasounds we saw of our baby. I noticed that in the pictures of the early ultrasounds there were two circular shapes of yolk sacs instead of one. I asked a L&D nurse what that could be (wondering if we could know what caused our babies to die) and she said that it was the babies twin. What, twins, TWINS?! No one told me that there were twins. I called my doctor and wanted another ultrasound. They said that everything had already passed but I had four follicles in one ovary and one in the other that were ready to ovulate. I said I just wanted to know if there were twins. She nurse confirmed this saying that the first twin was already gone by the ultrasound before the heartbeat so they didn’t tell us there were two. So we learned that we lost twins. We named our surprise twin Maia Hope. Maia means “close to God” and we know that she and the rest of our babies are sitting on Jesus’ knee until we all get Home.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I woke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

 Katlyn blogs at: http://weareunderthesamesky.blogspot.com/

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  1. Chase Ferrara says:

    I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with twin girls that we are planning on naming Ainsley Brielle Aloe and Hadley Alexandria Aloe. I am so sorry to hear about your losses.

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