Mom to Avery Jace

Born still September 5, 2006

Traverse City, Michigan

My name is Adrienne, my husband’s name is Justin. We lost our first born to stillbirth of unknown reasons on September 5, 2006. I had no prior losses and my pregnancy was easy. At my 32 week appointment I measured 35 weeks, an ultrasound was scheduled for my 34 week appointment to see if I was having a big boy. Two days before my appointment, Avery Jace was stillborn.

We went into the hospital Monday, September 4, 2006, because I hadn’t felt him move in a couple hours. The nurse couldn’t get a heartbeat; our worst nightmare began, we lost our sweet little boy. I was induced and Avery Jace Kimbrell was stillborn on Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 10:22am.  He was 6lbs, 8oz, 18 inches long and completely perfect.  I was able to avoid a C-section, but did decide to have an epidural.  We spent time with him, holding him, taking pictures, etc. The autopsy, placenta and blood tests all came back normal. Avery was cremated and is here at home with us.

Things like this are not supposed to happen. His due date was October 15, 2006. I found, I lost it. October 15 is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. My baby’s due date is the same day we remember babies that have passed. The nurse dressed Avery in a little outfit, hat and wrapped him in a knitted blanket donated to the hospital, took pictures, did footprints and a mold for us; he had a little bit of hair so we got some clippings.

We had a dedication ceremony at our house on Sunday, October 15, 2006 (his due date) with approximately 145 people. We handed out blue and pink ribbons, a tree was donated and everyone planted a tulip bulb around it. My dad made Avery’s urn out of Oak and Cherry wood. It is 3 baby blocks stacked on top of each other with his initials. I have a scrapbook that I started when I found out I was pregnant with Avery and continue to add pages. Each day is different, but Avery is missed EVERY day. Avery should be here so we can watch him grow.

I did get pregnant soon after Avery was born.  His little sister’s due date was on Avery’s 1st birthday (9-5-07).  Our little girl, Teagan Janell was born August 27, 2007.  She looked a lot like Avery when she was born.  After Teagan, we had another boy in 2009.  His name is Jace Randall.  He has his big brother’s middle name as his first name and he and his daddy share a middle name.  We went on to have our 4th child, a little girl named Tatum Michele who was born earlier this year (2011).  Teagan, Jace and Tatum are all doing well.  We look at them and know we are so lucky to have them here.  There is always an emptiness in our hearts and in our home.  Avery will be missed and loved forever.

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  1. Adrienne, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Avery. We have very similar stories. My first son was also stillborn on 9/12/00 at 33 weeks. I have said a prayer for you, that God would give you his joy and comfort and that you would hold your son again in heaven one day.

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