Mom to Mary Elizabeth

March 30th, 2011

Manhattan, Kansas

We first found out something was wrong at our 20 week anatomy scan. The sonographer suddenly got very quiet, but I was so busy looking at my beautiful girl that I didn’t really notice. When she asked if we had an appointment with our OB that day, I knew there was a problem. Mary had a few abnormalities and she wasn’t swallowing the way a baby at that stage of gestation should.

We went to the perinatologist soon after. All he could tell us was that we wouldn’t know how she would do until after she was born. Because she wasn’t swallowing, a lot of amniotic fluid was building up making it hard for me to feel her movements and difficult for me to breathe, even if I was just walking. At the perinatologist’s I had some of the fluid drained to make me more comfortable. I could feel her movements much better. It was wonderful. I was told to expect to have a harder time feeling her move as the fluid built back up again, and I did.

One day at work I had pain in my back that came and went, getting worse as the day went on. I called my OB and she told me to go to Labor and Delivery. They couldn’t find her heartbeat with the Doppler so they called in a sonographer. I couldn’t see the screen but I could see the sonographer and the nurse and they weren’t smiling. At that point I knew my baby had died. After my husband arrived I was induced. Mary was born shortly after 2pm the next day, March 30 at 26 weeks gestation.

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