Mom to Dakota Blakely

Born to Angels May 24th, 2011

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

I suffer from a serious condition during pregnancy called Cholestasis. I found out I was getting it again with my daughter a few days from my doctor appointment, so I waited. I went in and they did the blood test and called me back a few days later to come in for a NST.

Monday May 23, 2011, every thing was normal Dakota was a lively baby kicking and jabbing me in my ribs as always. I went to Womack Army Med Center to have my NST done. Everything was fine. She was healthy and moving and being what I started to call her feisty self, like mommy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011…I started active labor but I wasn’t aware. I was in the process of deciding if it was Braxton Hicks or the real thing. I was induced with my son for the same condition. I didn’t know.

My husband came home, after picking up her car seat, and I told him that I thought it was time to go. We get to the hospital and they are hooking me up to the fetal monitor and the nurse is searching frantically for a heartbeat. That was nothing new, Dakota moved around so much it was hard to pinpoint her. Then they wheeled in the ultrasound maching with the tech and the doctor.

My life changed forever at 7:32pm when I was told “We’re sorry sweetie but your baby has died.” My husband and I started to make phone calls to family back home. My sister arrived shortly after the news. At 1047pm I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen. She came into the world with out so much as a breath. A part of me and my husband died that day. She was perfect 36 weeks 3 day gestation, 4 days from induction, after being perfectly healthy not 24 hours prior. She weighed 5 pounds and 15 ounces and was 19 1/2″ long, looked just like her big brother when he was born.

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  1. Thank you for your involvement in trying to educate the public about stillbirth and for your support of others who have lost a precious baby this way. On December 23, 2007, my granddaughter Caroline Kathleen Higgs was born still 12 days before her due date. This has been an unwanted journey for my family but during it we have met wonderful people and heard inspiring stories. Following is a link to an online clip that will blow your mind. As a college basketball fan, I was watching the prelude to the Final Four at the end of March when this clip was shown. I have since been in touch with the producer, Sarah Rinaldi, and sent it to many people. It is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Thank you, Joan W. Higgs, PA

  2. Thank you. I am willing to do anything I can in order to raise awareness for this cause. people need to know that it can happen to them and that it DOES happen everyday!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Amber xxx

    A friend of mine’s baby girl was stillborn just a week before my own daughter was born in March of this year and it was so heartbreaking. She had a relative tell her to get over it not even a month after her baby girl had passed.

    There needs to be so much more awareness made about it, and other infant and pregnancy loss as well.

    *hugs* I will think of you and pray that you get your take home rainbow baby soon! xxx

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