Mom to Rae

Miscarried June 1, 2011

and Avery

Miscarried July 22, 2011

Chandler, Arizona

On April 29th, 2011 my world changed forever. I was pregnant, my husband and I were thrilled! Filled with joy and excitement the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy everything seemed to be going fine, but on June 1st, 2011 everything changed. It was a day spent in the ER, a day spent in tears and a day that crushed our spirits. That evening we said goodbye to baby Rae as I suffered a natural miscarriage.

On July 9th, 2011 we had the biggest surprise of our lives; I was pregnant again! We were shocked and blown away. Our spirits were renewed; we felt so much hope and excitement. On Friday July 22nd I woke up and knew that I was again suffering a miscarriage. Rae now had a sibling to play with in heaven, Avery.

I sit here in tears as I share and reflect on my story and the events that occurred this summer. But, it makes me smile to think about my two little angels together in heaven. One day I will see them again, but until that day they will always be close to my heart as they are some of my sweetest most precious memories.

 Hannah blogs at http://rubies-pearls.blogspot.com/

She can be contacted at rubiesandpearls@live.com

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  1. Hannah, so sorry for your losses. So glad you found Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. Rae and Avery are beautiful names! I know what you mean about imagining our babies playing together in heaven. We also lost two babies to miscarriage this summer. Such a lonely and exhausting journey …

    • Katie Mark says:


      Seeing you take a tragedy and choosing to selflessly lay aside your hurt and pain to make a difference in others that are hurting is just one more thing that make me so very proud of you. Rae and Avery are so blessed to have you as there Mommy. I anxiously await the day that we are all together forever. You are incredible, you are my princess and you are loved so much!! I Love you, Rae and Avery circles!




    • Ann McDonald says:

      My Sweet Angel Hannah,
      You make me so very proud! You are a woman of great courage and faith. I so love that you have shared your story and your testimony. I know that you and Brent reading the “Revealing Heaven” books certainly allowed you to receive quicker healing, knowing that will see your children and raise them in heaven. You two are so special to me and I love you so much!! I know papa Les is enjoying Rae & Avery and watching over them until you and Brent get to heaven. :) XXOO

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