Mother of Jackson Thomas

February 2nd, 2010 – April 25th, 2010

and RyleeJane Hope

Lost December 13th, 2010, Due May 17th, 2011

Los Angeles, California

On our 3 year wedding anniversary May 27, 2009 we found out we were expecting baby #2…we were so excited and yet so scared we had a 13 month old son already. We had a rough pregnancy bleeding on and off until 19 weeks but once we passed that hurdle we were good to go and Jackson Thomas was born on February 2, 2010. He was beautiful and looked just like is older brother…we were so excited to have 2 boys 21 months apart…brothers so close in age…who would grow up to be the best of friends, or so we thought.

Our world was rocked on April 14, 2010…it was like any normal day I was gonna head off to work, Jackson was 10 weeks old…I nursed him and laid him back in our bed so that I could go pump for his next feeding and then get ready for the day. My husband Daniel and I were in the living room and I said to him something doesn’t seem right he should of woken up by no… cause he was fussing when we left him. So my husband went to check on him and within seconds come running out of our room with his lifeless body in his arms. He had found Jackson facedown and blue in our bed…my husband immediately started CPR while I called 911. It seemed like forever until they came but in reality it was minutes…they came in and took him and ran out and my husband went with them.

At the ER they got his heart started and transferred him to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital where we soon found out that because he was without oxygen for what they believe to be over 10 min he was brain dead…he could barely breath on his own but that was it. Our little boy was gone…he wouldn’t grow up with his brother…I wouldn’t have 2 little boys 21 months apart…my husband and I had to make the decision to take him off the life support. So on April 25, 2010 we decided it was the day our little boy would enter heaven…so surreal as a mother who go to chose the day he came into the world (planned c-section) and the day he would leave. We took him off the machines and my husband held him until he passed 4 hours later…it was determined that it was SIDS…we got lucky most SIDS patients are found too late they can’t revive their hearts…we were able to and we able to get 11 extra days with him and I am eternally grateful for that.

After Jackson we decided we needed to have another to fill the void in our lives…we got pregnant in September 2010 again and we found out it was a little girl…we were going to name her RyleeJane Hope…because she was our hope. Everything was going great, I was feeling great, all my appointments were great, no complications at all. Then on Monday December 13th I just had a feeling something wasn’t right…at this point I trust my instinct as a mother…I couldn’t find her heartbeat on the doppler and I just knew…I called my OB she got me in right away did an u/s and we couldn’t find a heartbeat.

So on December 17th I had a D&E and little RyleeJane was born she was perfect…10 toes and 10 fingers…we had all the testing done and she was perfect, no issues at all. My husband I were in shock we didn’t understand how in 8 short months we could lose 2 children…that just doesn’t happen or seem real.

It was at the point that we decided to give it over to God if he wanted us to have another then it would happen. And in April 2011 almost a year to the day we lost Jackson I found out I was pregnant again…amazing GOD!! It’s a little girl and her name will be Ella Grace Denae….and the best part is I will be having my c-section a year to the day we found out our RyleeJane had passed away…God is good!!! There is hope…I miss my little boy like nothing else and losing RyleeJane made me miss my Jackson a 100 times more…but I am looking forward to the day when I am with all my babies again in Heaven.



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  1. I’m so sorry for the losses you had endured. Nobody should have to lose one child, much less two. It must have all seemed so unreal while you were going through it, especially since it happened so quickly. I hope you have a lot of love and support surrounding you.

    Congratulations on your current pregnancy and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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