Mom to Cameron “Cam” Henry

Miscarried October 27th, 2010 at 5 weeks

Orlando, Florida

My story is a tough one.  You see, I’m only 19 and I was 18 when I lost my son.  I was in a short relationship with my abusive (now ex) boyfriend and he raped me.  I ended up pregnant from this, and despite being afraid and unsure what the future would hold, I was determined to keep my baby because I already loved him more than anything. 

I remember rubbing my still tiny stomach, talking and singing to my baby and even putting a headphone on my stomach so baby could hear the music too.  I only got 5 precious weeks with sweet baby before he became my sweet angel on 10/27/10 (EDD was 6/22/11). Obviously, I didn’t know for sure the gender but I had a strong gut feeling all along that my baby would be a boy, and I believe he is.  I named him Cameron Henry, or Cam for short. 

3 months after my loss, I met an incredible guy who, a few months later, became my boyfriend.  Cam didn’t have a true Daddy, only a biological father, and Justin loved and missed my son like his own.  So, I decided to ask him if he would like to be Cam’s real Daddy, and he was SO excited!  I’m so proud that even though Justin isn’t his biological dad, my son has an amazing man to call “Daddy” from up in heaven.  I truly believe that God and Cam brought Justin and I together because we needed each other and that God gave my little Cam to me as a precious miracle angel to “borrow”.  Cam is, and will always be my baby boy, my angel, my heart and my world.  We both love him so much it hurts and miss him every minute.  I can’t wait to finally see my little boy in heaven someday!

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