Rachel Deitz

Mom to Vala Faith June 2010


Jordan Alexander lost to pProm born May 14, 2011 and Passed May 15, 2011

Orange Park Florida


In the beginning of 2010 my husband and got a surprise when he took me to the doctor since my voice was gone.  They did a pregnancy test before they gave me any medicine. She came back in and told us I was around 6 weeks along. I was so happy but scared too cause I was bleed pretty bad but they kept telling me as long as I was not passing any clots me and the baby would be fine.  

About a month later I started cramping really bad and had still not stopped bleeding so my husband took me to the Emergency Room. They did a u/s and the tech just went Oh no softly and took me back to my room.  The doctor then came in and said my levels were low and the u/s showed nothing.  My husband said he felt that we were carrying a little girl and we named her Vala Faith.

After Christmas we decided to try for a baby again by January we got a positive. We enjoy all the doctor’s appointments getting to see our baby grow.  At 15 weeks we found out that we were having a boy. We were on top of the world. We decided to name our little boy Jordan Alexander. At 18 weeks I started having sever cramps my doctor sent me to the Emergency room.  The doctor there said I had a cyst and sent me home.  I woke up on Mother’s day 2011 to my water braking my husband rushed me into the ER where they admitted me for 3 days.  They did a scan and my fluid level was 0, but our little Jordan was still moving and giving the nurse a run for their money. When I didn’t go into labor they felt it safe to send me home on bed rest. At this point I was 19 weeks. I went for my weekly check up and Jordan’s heart beat was strong and he was moving higher up, we had hope. The next morning at 5am I woke with strong cramps. By 8am I couldn’t walk my husband rushed me back into LandD to find out I was in active labor.

At 11:12 pm May 14th at 20 weeks to the day our beautiful little Jordan arrived. The doctor told us he wouldn’t be able to breathe and not to expect more than a few moments with him, but he came out kicking and punching, he was a fighter. Even though he was breathing on his own they refused to do anything to help him since he was only 20 weeks. Jordan fought for almost 2 hours before his heart stopped. At 12:59 am May 15 2011 Our Jordan got his wings and left us here to watch over us from above. He weighed 10 oz and was 9 1/2 inches long but he was the most peaceful and beautiful baby I had ever seen, looking very much like my husband.  When I went back for my check up my husband and I got no answers other then they believe I have and incompetent cervix.

Currently we are TTC again and hope that in 2012 we will have a beautiful baby in our home.

You can contact Rachel at rlrobinson81@gmail.com


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Alyssa Vargas says:

    Rachel thank you for sharing your story, just like you my son Abel was born at 20 weeks 07/25/2011. I had a previous miscarriage last November and my daughter Abi was born asleep at 17 weeks. I was also diagnosed with having an incompetent cervix, which broke my heart, I felt as if my body betrayed me, but reading your story and of many others give me faith and hope that one day I will be able to carry a baby to term even if it is with medical help. Have faith and believe that all is possible, you and Jordan will be in my prayers. <3

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