Baby lost to Ectopic Pregnancy

May 2011

Logan, Ohio

On May 5,2011 I got my positive home test. I was so excited, me and my fiance were talking about having another child but we really didn’t expect it to happen this soon but it did, and we were willing to do whatever it took to make ends meet. I called an OB to schedule my first appointment. They had told me to come in on May 18th at 2:30pm. May 14th rolls around and I noticed that I was having some horrible sharp pains down in the lower part of my stomach on the right side. I had no clue what it could be, and with the biggest fear which was I thought I was miscarrying I drove to the hospital with Michael at my side. They took some blood, did a urine test and gave me a ultrasound. The blood and urine came back positive, and the ultrasound looked ok to the ER doctor. So he told me that I had a cyst on my right ovary and it is possible that was causing the pain. Told me to take some tylenol and if the pain got worse or if I started to bleed to come back.

I went home, sat down and rested myself, took a tylenol and I started to feel a little bit better. Next morning I woke up, went to the bathroom and what do I see? Spotting, and even though they said spotting was normal I was really worried because I didn’t have that much spotting with my one year old son. I do what Michael tells me to do, sit down relax and try not to be on my feet much. I spotted for 4 days straight.

On May 18th I went to the doctor like I was supposed to. I drove all the way to Lancaster just to be told he couldn’t see me because I am deaf and I MUST have a sign language interpreter with me. Confused I asked why and he said it was a law that I MUST have one there, so I had to reschedule even though I told him I was spotting for more than 3 days. I was told that they would have an interpreter at the next vist so I agreed to come back. That doctor sent me for a blood test. I went back to the doctor on May 24th, and almost wasn’t seen again because the staff was so confused on what this doctor wanted, and there was not sign language interpreter in the clinic. Finally I get back to a room to be seen. The doctor walks in, looks at my blood test and says “I think you’re miscarrying, your HCG levels rose a little bit but didn’t double.” He then tells me I need to have a DnC done. He walks out of the room, and tells me to go get more blood work done. So I do as he told me to do.

The next morning the phone rings, and it’s the doctor. He tells Michael that he called in a prescription for me at Kroger’s and I need to go have it done ASAP! Asking a few questions with no answers he tells Michael to tell me to go have it done. I’m like say what?! I am NOT going to get a shot when I don’t know what it is for. The shot was to “clear me out because he thinks I am having an Ectopic Pregnancy” Ok I have heard enough, I was thinking he needs to at least run a ultrasound to make sure his diagnose is right but he just told me to go and get the shot done. My reaction? Ummm NO! I wasn’t about to have it done until I knew what was REALLY going on.

I have Michael call Athens for me to find me another OB to see if I could get a second opinion just incase that doctor was wrong. I had an appointment for 9:15am and they asked me what I was there for and I went through everything with them and they told me he was full of it, he should have done some test to make sure he was right. So they sent me for an ultrasound, and they did some blood work to see about 2 different levels. 5 hours later, after going over the ultrasound, and the blood work, it comes out it’s Ectopic Pregnancy. I am so devastated, and hurt, was hoping for the best but was prepared for the worst. So they want me to go back tomorrow which is May 27th so they can give me the shot to pass everything so my tube doesn’t rupture.

In my eyes this child is still my child. I have my son, and I have an angel baby. No one will ever tell me different because the moment I saw the positive on the home test, was the time I was a mother again. This baby would have been due Jan 19, 2012 and I will always have that circled on my calendar. :)

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