Mom to Liberty John, Lost at 10 weeks in November 2004

Elijah Lee, Lost at 6 weeks in September 2007

Eden Sky, Lost at 5 weeks in August 2010

and Journey Peace, Lost at 11 weeks in May 2011

Lakeville, Minnesota

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my babies I could never hold here on earth.  No pictures, no foot prints, no lock of hair to hold onto.  Even when my body would physically heal, my heart would still ache with emptiness.  My baby left my body but never made it to my arms … such a strange sad thing to come to terms with. 

Our first miscarriage occurred at 10 weeks in Nov 2004, our baby’s due date was July 4th 2005, so we named the baby Liberty John with the help of our living children(ages 2, 6 and 9 at the time).  Then we lost Elijah Lee in Sept 2007 and Eden Sky in Aug 2010 and Journey Peace in May 2011.  Just like each of our living children’s births have formed and forever marked our lives, these angel babies have left lasting imprints on our family’s heart and lives.

This journey is long and tiring but there is hope and we have experienced peace along the way.  Finding others who have walked the journey of loss has been key for us.  The differences between our first miscarriage and our fourth are huge … by the time of our fourth we had found places of support and people who acknowledged what a loss we were experiencing.  We did not feel so alone.  We were encouraged to grieve instead of just “moving on” with out talking about it.  Healing from each miscarriage has been different  (just as healing from each live birth has been different).   Places like Faces of Loss Faces of Hope,  and IRIS (Infants Remembered In Silence), and BabiesRemembered.org,  and www.october15th.com have blessed us by connecting us with other moms and other families who have walked this road of loss and grief.  We know now that we are not alone and there is support.  Our love and thanks to the women responsible for starting and supporting such organizations.

Heather blogs at www.memoriesfortoday.blogspot.com

and www.growing-in-rejoicing.blogspot.com

You can contact her at ahsauerbrey1@msn.com

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  1. Many many prayers. Miscarriage is so hard. <3

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