Mom to Jayla Rae Krenzel

Born and Passed January 22nd, 2011

Garden City, Kansas

My boyfriend Latrell and I were only together a couple months when we first found out we had gotten pregnant. We were very excited yet very nervous. So I started to get my insurance and everything situated then out of no where 3 weeks later we had a miscarriage. I was so devastated I was only 8 weeks along and it came out of nowhere. So I started looking up online about getting pregnant again and the one thing I kept coming across was most women get pregnant almost instantly after having 2 normal periods. Well I guess they were right almost exactly 2 months later we got pregnant again with our daughter Jayla. My boyfriend was at work the night I found out, so I went straight to his job to show him the test. We were more than excited we had another chance.

I started going to the doctor and trying to cut back on my sugar like she told me. Everything seemed to be going fine. Then one day I wasn’t feeling her move like she normally would so I had told my mom. She told me to relax and play with my belly she was probably just sleeping. Well after 15 minutes of messing with my belly she didn’t budge so my mom drove me to the hospital. They took me straight up to a room and started hooking me up at first her heartbeat was fine but then it dropped. The nurse asked me if I felt any pain the moment her heart rate dropped I had told her my back started to hurt so she checked to see if I was dilated, I wasn’t. then it happened again and the same thing with my back the nurse decided I was having contractions so she said we should go ahead and put in a full catheter just in case then I started freaking out. I had my mom by my side but my boyfriend wasn’t there he was 3 hours away at his mom’s. I started having trouble breathing so they put me on oxygen and since her heart rate had dropped a third time they told me that we were waiting on the ultrasound tech who worked on the machine to see if they baby was in distress, the bad thing about this was she was about 45 minutes away in another town. Now by this time it had dropped a fourth time only this time it didn’t come back up. They said “Chaeri we can no longer wait we are taking her now!” I started crying I was so scared I knew something was terribly wrong. My mom just held my hand and followed me in the operating room. Then she had to go. They put me under. She was born at 3:27pm.

I woke up 3 hours later. I remember laying there with all the doctors and even the hospital lawyer I asked them where my baby was my mom came up and told me she didn’t make it. She told me that as soon as they got her out of me she wasn’t breathing she said they worked on her for 30 minutes. I also found out I almost died on the table with her they had to intubate me– I had completely stopped breathing. I had extreme pre-eclampsia. When I finally sat up in my bed the doctor asked me if I wanted to see her and I said yes right away, then she came in my Jayla Rae 3 lb. 11 oz. 17 and a half inches long. She was 7 weeks and 2 days early. She looked exactly like her dad and had the biggest cutest feet I had ever seen. The doctors and nurses left and let me and my family enjoy her as long as we could. they came back into the room at 9:30 and told me they were going to take her I begged them not to so they told me if they let me keep her that her skin would turn a dark brown color almost black and that her body would start to stiffen up and harden. I told them I didn’t care I wanted her with me as long as possible. By this time my boyfriend and his mom were on their way to the hospital.

I kept waking up throughout the night just to look at her and cry. Her dad kept getting lost and didn’t make it to the hospital till about 6 in the morning. As soon as he came into the room he was crying and he came over and hugged me and kissed his daughter. He took her out of my arms and all I could do was stare at them and cry. He would have been an amazing father– you could see the love on his face, you could feel the love in the room. At 8:30 am the nurse came in and told me she had to take her to get the autopsy done I cried my mom pretty much had to pry her out of my arms. I didn’t want to say goodbye I will never say goodbye to her I told her I would see her soon.

2 weeks later we got the result of her autopsy she was completely healthy. Come to find out my placenta is what killed her the last 2 weeks of her life I guess pieces of my placenta were starting to get blood clots and dying off its something they called Antiphospholipid syndrome. Also if I were to get pregnant again there was a more likely chance it would happen again unless I saw a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and took a drug called heparin to keep my blood from clotting.

There is not a single minute that goes by that I do not think of my precious daughter. I love her with everything I am.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. You went through so much. I am sure it was very scary for your boyfriend and mother to almost lose you as well. I will be praying for you as you continue to work through this horrible experience.

  2. Aww, I’m sorry. I delivered my baby girl Kylee at 33 weeks, 4 days due to severe Pre-e (not to mention a midwife who ignored my complaints for weeks) that nearly killed both of us as well. Our babies stats were quite similar as well, Kylee was 3 pounds,10.6 ounces, 17″ 3/4 long. She lived for 7 1/2 months.

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