Mom to Baby Ratliff
Missed Miscarriage January 2008 at 13 weeks
Chemical Pregnancy in May 2010
Midland, Texas
My husband and I started to try for a family in October 2007. I was so excited and did not expect to get pregnant on the first month of trying. I couldn’t believe it we were going to be parents. I also felt like I was having a smooth pregnancy with absolutely no morning sickness and more energy than expected. 

My first doctor’s appointment was at 9 weeks and was a nursing appointment. I did not get an ultrasound but rather just information about what to except and the hospital. At my 12 week appointment the doctor could not find a heartbeat on the Doppler and so she brought in small ultrasound machine. She asked me how far along, did I say that I was and that I might not be as far along as I thought. This ultrasound machine was not one that detected a heartbeat and so they were going to schedule me for an ultrasound in 1 week. The machine was located at a different office and they could not get me in that day. I knew something was wrong by her expression when she asked me how far along I thought I was. The next day I called and asked to see if another OB/GYN at a different office would see me and do an ultrasound. They agreed and as it turns out I had a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks. I then was scheduled for a D&C the following Monday.

We moved and switched jobs that spring 2008 and so we didn’t try for another baby right away. Finally we did start trying again and no success month after month. My new OB/GYN was not concerned since we got pregnant once and just keep encouraging me to try. I knew something was wrong and so I called a RE myself to schedule an appointment. The first appointment was in April 2010. I described my medical history and that my mother had given birth to a baby with anencephaly. She is the only doctor that caught on that I might have a MTHFR enzyme mutation and put me on high dose folic acid based on my mother’s history. I was to be on it for a minimum or 2 months. Then in May 2010 I started bleeding heavily before I had even missed my period and I had severe cramping. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I called the RE and they confirmed my pregnancy. I was then put on aspirin and progesterone over the weekend and had to recheck my beta on Monday. It had dropped and continued to drop. Since this was my second miscarriage I was worked up for recurrent pregnancy loss. The results: Asherman’s syndrome, scar tissue in the uterus caused by my D&C in 2008, uterine polyps, compound heterozygous for MTHFR, and Anticardiolipin Antibodies. In other words, I have two problems with my uterus and two blood clotting disorders. I have been devastated by these losses and this is not the journey I envisioned for myself. However, part of me is relieved to at least know the cause. 

I pray to have a story of Hope to write about next year.
You can contact Tammy at Tamraider22@hotmail.com
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