Mom to Twin Angels, Brayden & Alyssa
November 20th, 2009
Boxford, Massachusetts

August 2009 was such a happy time for us, After 3 yrs of trying to get pregnant we finally got pregnant, with Twins! My son who was 4 at the time was so happy to be a “big brother”.

The pregnancy started out normal, then in October i was working, and realized I had started bleeding, my husband came and rushed me to hospital.

I was rushed into ultrasound and i was expecting the worst, And i looked up to see the twins were still there and moving about, I was told I had 2 spots of bleeding on my uterus. I then had an ultrasound every week. Everything seemed fine and I was told the bleeding would stop at some point in my pregnancy.
About 3 weeks later I got really sick and felt like I had the flu, was down and out for 2 weeks. Then started feeling better, returned to work, two days later I was working and got the bad chills and couldn’t stand, and was vomiting very badly. Called my husband and off to the emergency room we went again. I had bad feelings the whole way there but was trying to stay positive.

I was admitted into E.R with a fever of 104.7, so at 17 weeks pregnant with twins they had me to go ultrasound, And that when my world crumbled.

The ultrasound tech had seen me a few times before, and when she started the ultrasound all I had to do was look up at her and I knew something wasn’t right, And when I looked at the monitor I saw what I most feared, And I looked back at the tech and asked “whats wrong”? and a tear came into her eyes and she said “Honey you lost the babies” My husband and I cried so hard, and all I wanted to do was go home and be with our son who was at home, But i was Toxic from losing the babies and I was very sick.
My heart was so broke, not only for the loss of our twins, but the loss my son was gonna feel when we had to tell him “his 2 babies were not gonna come home….And that was gonna be a hard thing considering he was only 4 yrs old. But very much looking forward to having 2 babies at home.

It has been almost 1 yr since the loss of our twins and the loss was a test to our marriage But we made it through, And are closer than ever since our loss. I am most thankful for the gift of my Angel on Earth Aaron and our two angels in heaven Brayden and Alyssa.
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  1. Butterfly843 says:

    Sending hugs, so sorry for your loss. I lost twins 11/13/09 at 19 weeks.

  2. Ourboys2010 says:

    So truly sorry for your loss. We lost our twin sons on 8.4.10 at 19 1/2 weeks to incompetent cervix.

  3. I lost twins to IC on November 10th, 2009. So sorry about your loss. Hugs, Lizy

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