Baby Bean 
October 31st, 2006
Sarnia, Ontario
My period was due October 5, 2006. I kind of had the feeling I was pregnant, had taken a pregnancy test, and it was negative, that was October 4. The next day I started to bleed, and of course, rubbed it off as my period.

Then on October 16 I woke up around 6AM and I’m spotting. It’d never happened to me before, but I ignored it anyways. I thought maybe it was break through bleeding between periods. The spotting eventually stopped throughout the day.
October 20, 2006, the bleeding begins again. Ashton was going to his great nana and poppa’s for the night, so Dustin and I decided it’d be best to go up to the ER and find out what the heck was going on with me. They had me back in a room within 30 minutes, and asking me a bunch of question (about my LMP, ovarian cysts, family history, etc). Then the pregnancy question popped up. I thought it was going to be damn near impossible for me to be pregnant being as I had just had my period, but to be safe they did a blood test on me, and sent me home saying they’d call me when they got the results.
At about noon the hospital calls me back and tells me that they got the results back and that the hcg hormone was detected, and they needed me back at 1:45PM that day to give me an ultrasound, being as I was spotting. 
So, we head back up to the hospital, and at around 2PM they get me back in the room for a ultrasound. The tech couldn’t show or tell me anything, and I knew that was bad right away. When she was done I went back to the ER, and at around 2:30PM. The doctor came in and told me there was three reason for the bleeding. They were either 1. Normal first trimester bleeding 2. Miscarriage 3. Ectopic pregnancy. He then told me my uterus was completely empty, that ruled out option 1. He thought it was a miscarriage, but decided to call the on call OB in the next town over to get an opinion. At 4:30PM she finally called back and told the ER doctor that it was just a miscarriage because I’m not bleeding, or in enough pain for it to be an ectopic.
So, they doctor sends me home with an order to return on Friday for more bloodwork, to make sure my levels were going down.
So Friday I go to have my blood drawn, and on Monday I called my family doctor to find out what was going on. They said my levels went down by about 150, and they had gotten me an appointment with the doctor so he can watch over me.
The day I went to the Dr.’s– he figured I’d gotten pregnant after my LMP in September. So it would’ve made me due app. June 17 2007. He did an internal on me and gave me a blood work paper and told me to go on Monday. He also told me to return in a week. The appointment was scheduled for October 31, the day after my blood work. 
October 31 (in the middle of the night) I ended up in the ER, again. Still spotting and in ALOT of pain. The idiot doctor told me it was all miscarriage related. I didn’t believe him for one second. I mean, this pain was pretty much equal to labour!! He gave me something for the pain and he sent me home.
On October 31, we were running late, and got to my appointment about 10 minutes late. Dr. looked concerned when he got me back into an exam room. He told me my levels were starting to go back up, and that wasn’t good. Being as we’d already confirmed that the pregnancy wasn’t viable, that we were either dealing with an incomplete miscarriage, or ectopic. He was pissed that the doctor in the ER hadn’t called him the night before when I was there. He said it should’ve been dealt with when I was in there in the amount of pain I was in, because it wasn’t normal. He did another internal on me to check my tubes. He didn’t feel any lumps or tenderness so he was hoping it was just the incomplete miscarriage we were dealing with. He told me I needed emergency surgery. I needed a D&C, laparoscopy (to find out if it was an ectopic), and possibly a laparotomy. I, of course, agreed to all the needed surgeries.
So at about 9:30PM that night they wheeled me into the surgery room, and put me under.
When I finally woke up they told me the pregnancy was in my left fallopian tube. As a result to it, I lost the usable half of my tube, and only have half of it left. The fetus completely ruined my fimbria.
While he was in there, he also found scar tissuing on both my left, and right tubes, which more then likely caused the tubal. He told me he fixed my right tube up for me.
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