Mom to Triplets
Tristan, July 25th, 2007, lived for two minutes
Izabella, August 3rd, 2007
Tyler, August 3rd, 2007
Savage, MN

I found out I was pregnant in March of 2007 shortly after my birthday, In May I found out that I was expecting triplets. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Multiples do not run in my family so I had no idea it was even a possibility. 
Everything was going good as far as I knew until I went in for a level 2 ultrasound at 18 weeks gestation. At this point I found out that I was having two boys and a girl. I also found out that my cervix was severely shortened and that I needed to have a cervical cerclage placed, this happened the same day less then 3 hours later. I stayed in the hospital overnight and then went home. I placed myself on bed rest and did little to nothing for 20 days. 
On day 20 I woke up to vaginal bleeding. I went to the ER and was blown off as being overly paranoid. Once they actually examined me there was suddenly 4-5 doctors in the room. Apparently Tristan (Baby A) had broken through the cerclage. A few hours later I went through surgery for another cerclage to be placed, but I lost Tristan as he was too far out of the womb to be saved. He was 21 weeks gestation, he lived for 2 minutes. He was 12.9oz and 10 inches long. I was able to hold him and take pictures as well as hand and foot prints. 
At this point I was reclassified as being pregnant with twins, they both survived the surgery and were doing very well. I was put on hospital bed rest until they were mature enough to survive outside the womb. On the 31st of July I started to develop severe pain in my lower back and hips. For 3 days I laid in agonizing pain being ignored by my doctors. They kept telling me that I needed to get up and walk, they never once checked me abdominally or vaginally to see if anything was causing the pain. 
On August 3rd around 5-6am a new OB started and was doing rounds. She came in my room and said “Oh My God” because she could tell immediately that something was not right. I had an ultrasound and Tyler (Baby C) had no heartbeat and Izabella (Baby B) barely had one. 
A lot of things happened during this period that I either don’t remember or blocked out. I remember that they drew blood work and were telling me that the babies were not going to survive. I also remember that I was adamant that I call my dad and tell him what was happening. 
I went in for another surgery were they cut the cerclage and delivered Izabella and Tyler. They were 22 weeks and 2 days old. Izabella was 14.8 oz and 11 inches long, Tyler was 13.9oz and 11.5 inches long. Afterwards they told me my uterus was nothing but pus and that I had a severe infection that nearly killed me and ended up killing my children. 
On August 17th I buried my 3 children together in a 18inch casket. Seeing a casket that small being placed in a hearse is something that will forever be engraved in my memory.
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